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The Wedding Prologue Wedding Planners   Mumbai
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Wedding Photography, Videography, Grooming, Skincare Hamper, Cards Design
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The Wedding Prologue
Starting price for 3 day package : Rs. Price start at Rs 2.5 Lakhs or below, and can go higher based on requirements
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About this Vendor

6-12 months before every perfect wedding, our little elves work with your family to create perfect memories. We work with you on the bride’s look, including her glowing skin, making her look her best, capturing her moments of romance, family, bachelorette, wedding itineraries, invites, personalised hampers, beautifully crafted gift ideas, special theme photography for the countdown and the perfect decor to the wedding. We also take care of the health of the immediate family while doing so, because we want, just like you do, for everyone to have calm nerves and perfect health to enjoy the family wedding. In short, it’s smooth, good fun and everyone looks amazing to be able to create the best wedding pictures! So contact us, and make your wedding flawless in every way.



Working Commercials

We charge a percentage of the wedding cost

Policy on decor

We have inhouse decor by our team, but we are free to work with other decorators as well

Style USP

Capturing and designing the process to a wedding. We plan the best wedding countdowns.

Key cities where previously planned wedding




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