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No of delivered pictures to the client


Provide both edited and raw pictures in soft copy format

Yes (Just the edited ones)

Cancellation policy

Not Available

Wedding Shooting experience

1-3 years

Time taken to process the pictures and have them delivered

1-3 months

Additional Services Offered

Candid Photography,Wedding Films,Traditional Photography,PreWedding Shoots,Albums



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  • booked her for wedding worst photographer ever

    Reviewed on 21/05/2017 by bhawna pawar

    if i could give them half star i will do that. she spoiled my wedding day instead of worrying about the things i should have worry about i have to cry because of her. firstly she is extremely sweet at the time of booking she makes false promises which in the end she could not fulfill. we both agreed on 1 lakh seven thousand for 3 functions, this included teaser video of each function and wedding albums of 40, 40, and 50 sheets for 3 functions, candid and traditional photography and traditional videography . she said there will be a team in all the functions and she will come on the wedding day for candid photography. we paid 42 thousand in the first function in advance as she told us that we have to 40% in the beginning, then 40% on the wedding day and 20 percent in the end when we will receive everything from her. so the first function went well. after that we kept on asking for the pictures and videos. she delayed it and gave us the video and album after 3 months almost. then on the wedding day in the morning she messaged us saying she is not coming to cover our wedding. then another shock came there is no team in the for the morning function only one photographer when i asked him why he is only there and why there is no team he replied by saying that he doesn't know anything and sona asked him to go. i told him that we want a videographer also because the morning functions are very important. then i called her repeatedly for almost 2 hours after which she picked my call and started fighting with me by saying that i misbehaved with her team member i told her that i have asked him very politely about everything and i have not misbehave with anyone. she said that "dusra photographer kr lo apko problem h to meri team vapas bhj do" and also she said that i have not made any promise to cover your wedding. then in the end for the wedding function she sent a videographer who doesn't even know how to hold the camera. he was sleeping all the time and there was no team. only one photographer and videographer and one assistant. we didn't paid anything on that day because of all the tensions that came our way. then we paid her again 15 thousand for the raw data only and photos. we in total paid 57 thousand and said we did not want any albums and videos. to this she replied by saying that we should have asked her to cover our wedding for free. i suggest everyone not to book this person at all. she is not at all professional and arrogant. after reading all this if you still want to book her then take a chance. you can book a better photographer then her in this amount. thnx.

    Date hired:01/02/2017
    Spend on this vendor:57000
  • Worst Experience Ever !! Don't commit the mistake of hiring them !

    Reviewed on 05/05/2017 by Vikas

    Don't book them. I haven't got my content event after 6 months and the reason is same as you read in Kiran's review. Phone calls are not picked up and you won't get responses for your messages. She doesn't have a professional team of her own and she reaches out to local photographers in the region in which your wedding function is scheduled. They are just paid a nominal price but I'm sure all of you have heard a quote of more than a lakh rupees from her. In my engagement, I asked for 4 photographers but only 2 reached the venue and when we called her (phone was picked after trying 20 times) then an excuse was ready that they are stuck in traffic. Function started around 3:00PM day time , so have you ever seen it in the history of delhi that someone was stuck in traffic and wasn't able to reach the venue even by late night(10:00PM). The worst happened on the wedding day, just 2 photographers came (1 of them came 1 hour late when most of the initial ceremonies were over) and the videographer was trying to run from the venue after covering half of the function. Once again, when we tried to reach her , our phones were not picked up and all the functions were spoiled just because of such photographers. I would say that you can get much better photographers at a much lower price. Wedding is one of the most important event in an individual's life and if you don't want to see it getting ruined by such photographers, then hire someone whom you know well or any local photographers because if you will see the team sent by her (and the cameras which they are carrying), then they are even worst than you local nearby photographers. Even if someone is thinking about hiring them, DON'T PAY ANYTHING IN ADVANCE.I have paid more than 50% amount in advance and I didn't get my content even after 6 months. Once again, I'm saying that they don't have any professional team and you can get much better photographers at a lower price. So if you want to enjoy your wedding in peace, then stay away from such photographers. I would like to repeat two things : Check for other photographers who can be hired at a much lower price or if you are thinking to hire them, then DON'T PAY ANYTHING IN ADVANCE !! It's a message for those who don't want to waste their hard earned money and spoil their wedding by hiring such photographers.

    Date hired:25/11/2016
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