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About this Vendor

Photographians is an award winning photography studio offering a full range of premium photography services from creative candid wedding photography to documentary photography, lifestyle photography, cinematography, premium photo-book design and print as well.

Photographians was founded in 2010 when a few super creative minds got together and decided to embark upon this. They met while studying engineering together, back in 2002-2006 and the foundation was laid. Now, Photographians is based in Bangalore and in Kolkata, and has a super dedicated small team of ace photographers, cinematographers, designers and collaborators.

With a network of artists from photographers to designers, Photographians is a boutique studio, in the area of wedding photography and cinematography, which has the ability to react artistically and capture the aesthetics right from the most trivial detail of the wedding and depicts the relationship between the core characters and create an original, beautiful visual story, which gains it’s importance to customer over the period of time.

Although Photographians is known for its candid, documentary approach and pared down aesthetic, the studio prides itself on its ability to immersed in client’s inmost mind.

Photographians works Nationally and Internationally for a diverse range of clients, from individuals to wedding planners, from low budget to high budget to big, fat weddings. As long the wedding is interesting and as long as there is freshness in the story, Photographians is ready to travel to the farthest part of world to capture it in their signature style.




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