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Confetti films Photographers   Mumbai
At Confetti Films, we provide creative film and photography services for we...
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Confetti films
Price (per day): Rs. 25000
Candid Photography Cost (per day): Rs. 30000
Cinema Cost (per day): : Rs. 40000
Studio Photography Cost (per day): : Rs. 20000
Pre Wedding Shoot Cost (per day): : Rs. 30000
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About this Vendor

Confetti Films captures those special candid moments and beautiful expression among the crowd that becomes the most treasured possession for the couple and the family.
They know every wedding is different and unique and thus the expectation also differs. Since weddings are all about the bundle of joys, waves of emotions and memories that stay with us for years to come. They weave a story shot by shot, moment by moment and present a film that reflects love in its most purest and innocent form.





No of delivered pictures to the client

Less than 300

Provide both edited and raw pictures in soft copy format

Yes (Both edited and raw images)

Cancellation policy

No money can be refunded

Wedding Shooting experience

3-5 years

Time taken to process the pictures and have them delivered

Less than 1 Month

Additional Services Offered

Candid Photography,Wedding Films,Traditional Photography,PreWedding Shoots,Albums



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  • wedding photography and film

    Reviewed on 11/10/2018 by Vinika Vij

    We booked Confetti Films for our wedding photography and video, but in hindsight we should not have. They were reasonably priced amongst the multiple photographers our wedding planner found but it would have been wiser for us to go with a reputed company who has been in business for sometime and has good reviews.

    Long story short....they lost our wedding videos and they did not even tell us about it until 6 months after the wedding. The contract we signed stated that the "videos will be delivered within 45 days of the wedding.” 45 days came and went and they kept telling us that videos are in progress and they take some time to edit. Finally, after repeatedly reaching out to the multiple people that we had worked with who would not give us a proper answer, we reached out to the owner of the company (Rubina) who said she will look into it and get back to us. She did get back to us to let us know that all the memory cards and the laptop with the videos got stolen while in transit to the studio. Now what kind of a company would not have any backups of the memory cards? If they would have cared to give us videos in the first 45 days then today we would be able to watch and share memories of the most significant day of our lives. Not only did they lose our wedding videos but they also lost the groom's haldi pictures. They didn’t take any pictures of the groom getting ready either.

    They are the worst company to deal with with horrible customer service. Go ahead and book them if you would like to wait a long time for your pictures, get videos after a year if they don’t lose the memory cards, or if you are high-risk taker and don’t mind losing the memories of the most significant event of your life. They may try to convince you that this was a one time mishap but you never really know if they have appropriate processes in place to backup the media and deliver in the agreed upon time frame. If you’re going to hire them for your wedding or any other special occasion, be prepared to ask your relatives for photos/videos from their phones and live with that for the rest of your lives because Confetti will likely not back up and may overwrite the memory cards or have another mishap. It would be wiser and a lot less stressful to go with another reputed company.

    This company is the worst ever, we wouldn’t recommend them even if they refunded our advance deposit. Very sad because we could never have our special day again.

    Date hired:19/02/2018
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