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Adorrah Jewellery by Kanupriya Jewellery   Delhi
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Adorrah Jewellery by Kanupriya
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About this Vendor

Adorrah is derived from the latin word ‘Adora’ which means ‘to adore’. Adorrah aims to stand true to its name and ensure that every piece of jewellery crafted by us is truly adored by our clients. We specialise in classic & eternal designs that are light-weight, match a variety of outfits and never go out of fashion! Every piece is designed using American & Italian techniques only known to highly skilled & trained jewellers. Our art of jewellery making produces affordable jewellery without compromising the size, beauty and quality of individual pieces. Since they are affordable & wearable, they are not wasted being locked in the safe!
Strict quality control and excellent client servicing are very important to us. Also, our custom design jewellery feature i.e made-to-order jewellery, undergoes high attention to detail at every step by our designer. This has really enabled us to build a loyal clientele.



Type of Jewellery (Speciality)

real jewellery

Gold hallmark or Diamond certification




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