Why we Can’t get over the #DulhanWaliFeeling by Mohey!

Alia Bhatt Mohey

Have you seen the latest Mohey bridalwear campaign with Alia Bhatt? If you still haven’t, drop everything you’re doing and check it out now!

Alia Bhatt Mohey
Can’t Get Over

Gushing with happiness inside, yet donning that newfound shyness on her face… Nervousness fluttering in her tummy, yet carrying her gorgeous wedding lehenga with utmost confidence and grace- that’s Alia Bhatt, the new face of Mohey.

Alia Bhatt Mohey
Sooo Pwetty

As she walks down the aisle, all those memories with her loved ones flash before her eyes. Still, she takes each step with perfection and ultimate swag. She not just embraces traditions with her beautiful wedding lehenga, but all the dreams and aspirations of her new life ahead! With this campaign, Mohey talks about the Dulhan Wali Feeling… And boy is it real!!!

Her stunning rani pink bridal lehenga with intricate zardosi on luxurious velvet  celebrates the classic but upbeat look. The lehenga oozes love for life, affection and warmth. The magnificence of the zardosi work on velvet brings out her radiant glow and makes it the perfect wedding ensemble.

Alia Bhatt Mohey
Beauty Personified

Your wedding day might as well be that beautiful turning point in life… And you’ll probably be going through a roller coaster of emotions so perfectly portrayed by Alia! This new phase comes with new relationships, bonds, people, events and you’ll obviously be anxious thinking about it all.. but just like her, you’re sure to pull yourself together without tears showing on your face!


We loooouuuuve how beautifully this Dulhan of today is emotional but won’t cry, might be nervous but won’t be shy! She’s tender at heart, but ready to take charge. Dressed in her dream outfit, armed with a confident smile and all set to embrace the #DulhanWaliFeeling.

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