The Ultimate Indian Prewedding in London – Watch & Swoooooon!

Looking for a candid photographer in London or the best photoshoot locations there? Our lovely couple Shreya and Nikhil had the Ultimate Indian prewedding in London that you JUST CAN’T MISS!

Get ready to fall in love with these mesmerizing pictures along the serene Thames, iconic Big Ben, Tower Bridge and much much more… captured beautifully by Rahul Jagani Photography, this is one Indian prewedding in London that’ll make you go wow!

When Shreya met Nikhil!

Indian Prewedding in London

Happy Twirl

There’s always something special about falling in love and getting hitched to your ‘best friend’… Isn’t there? Our chirpy girl, Shreya hails from Mumbai, and Nikhil (the super caring guy) is from Kolkata. They met for the first time through a mutual friend in London.

Indian Prewedding in London

Love in London

And soon they became the best of friends. But honestly, when cupid has other things planned – can you be friends for long!

Indian Prewedding in London

Eyes Speaks All

Soon love blossomed and Shreya and Nikhil ‘officially’ started dating!

Roadblocks in Love!

Indian Prewedding in London

Glowing Beauty

But as fate would have it, Nikhil was leaving for India after finishing his studies and Shreya had to stay back in London. Doesn’t this remind you of Raj and Simran from DDLJ!

Indian Prewedding in London

Finally she returned to India, but even after that they couldn’t meet frequently, as they were based in different cities. But when you are ready to walk that extra mile, distance is just a number!

Indian Prewedding in London

Love is… being with you!

Shreya reminisces, “It’s been great, a lot of fun and full of travelling as it’s always been a long distance relationship for us!”

The Fairytale Proposal!

Indian Prewedding in London

Always In Service

Just imagine… getting proposed by your sweetheart on the world’s tallest building – Burj Al Arab! Nikhil planned a trip to Dubai for a surprise proposal for his lady love, and we’re loving everything about it <3

Indian Prewedding in London

Only Love

He booked a private yacht which would sail from Dubai Marina to the Burj. Taking opportunity of the lovey-dovey scene as they approached the magnificent Burj, he was about to pop the question – but at that exact moment they had to step back inside the boat due to high tide!

Indian Prewedding in London

Marry me?

Not giving up easily, he then booked an ultra romantic dinner for two at Atmosphere, Armani (Burj Khalifa), with special arrangements on the 1st of January. Shreya discovered a ring in the champagne glass and before she could react, he quickly popped the question!

Indian Prewedding in London

Not to miss the kiss

Lo and behold… She said ‘Yes’ and who wouldn’t! What a dreamy proposal idea… so if you’re looking for wow ideas to propose to her, get all your inspiration right here.

Indian Prewedding in London

Princess Feels


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The Iconic Prewedding shoot in London!

Indian Prewedding in London

You & me!

Why the prewedding in London? “London is our all time favorite city” quips Shreya! And why not… its where they met for the very first time.

Indian Prewedding in London

“We literally made a list of locations we wanted to cover and what kind of outfits we wanted to wear. We wanted to keep it more casual and natural and realistic”.

Indian Prewedding in London


Their looks varied from casuals to traditional Indian, even western gowns and suits. Now those are some cool ideas to use for your own prewedding shoot, aren’t they!

Indian Prewedding in London

Love Blossoms

Over their five day shoot, they covered some cult locations and even rocked desi looks at videsi locations! 😜

Indian Prewedding in London

Pro tip by Shreya – “Choose your locations and clothes wisely and make a list of it all.”

Most Memorable Moment during their London Prewedding?

Indian Prewedding in London

Cycle Love

“When we were shooting in Hyde Park, I fell off while cycling – and the way he cared for me. Oh I would fall a hundred more times for that love!”

Their LOL Moment!

Indian Prewedding in London

“Everyday there used to be many funny incidents, especially the arguments between Rahul Jagani (our Photographer) and Nikhil when he was asked to give expressions on camera! (which boys are not really great at!) and then those umpteen retakes!”

Wedding in Kolkata… after the lovely Prewedding in London!

Indian Prewedding in London


Shreya and Nikhil tied the knot in December, at the Holiday Inn, Kolkata and their memories were beautifully captured by Saurabh Rungta Photography.

Indian Prewedding in London

Two to Tango!

Shreya’s wedding shopping was a crazy ride and she picked most of the outfits from Mumbai and Delhi. For her wedding, she chose an evergreen traditional bridal lehenga from Anita Dongre’s new gotawork collection.

Indian Prewedding in London


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After the wedding, what’s next? Of course the honeymoon 😉

Indian Prewedding in London

Silhouette Love

And our couple chose Australia and Fiji for their honeymoon – exactly a year after the proposal in Dubai!

Indian Prewedding in London

Let’s Promise

Advice for the other Brides-to-be?

Indian Prewedding in London

Head over Heels

“Be sure of what kind and color of wedding lehenga you want to go for, as it saves time and prevents confusion”.

Indian Prewedding in London

Happily Ever After

Aren’t you swooooooning over these lovely pictures by Rahul Jagani Photography! We can’t help but fall in love with their cutesy love story, the romantic proposal and lovely pictures <3


Indian Prewedding in London

Sheer Love

What did you love most about them? Let us know in comments below and don’t forget to share with bae 😉

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