Real Wedding Of Vinirika – A Tale of Seven Years!

Vinit & Niharika were from different cultures & dating for 7 long years. So how does their “Happily Ever After” take place? Must watch Real Wedding pics tell their story!

Real Wedding

Say Cheese!

Real Wedding

The King & The Queen of Hearts!

 Meet The Real Wedding Couple – Vinit & Niharika!

They say, if a relationship lasts for seven years, it’s for keeps! Niharika and Vinit met in college –  she was in 1st year and he her smart senior, and then love struck…

This Sindhi guy and Marathi mulgi finally took the plunge 7yrs later!

Real Wedding real love story

Love Going Strong!

Real Wedding Sangeet

Dancing To The Tune Of Love!

Cross Cultural Fest – The Real Wedding!

How did the Marathi family accept the Sindhi business family boy? As soon as Niharika convinced them to meet Vinit, it was a ‘Yes’!

For a match made in Heaven, the wedding planning was overseen on earth by the lovely couple themselves… And guess what – “Half Marathi- Half Sindhi” – but from Haldi to Mehndi to Sangeet & Reception – it was all just perfect!

Real Wedding

Look at my Pretty Mehndi!!

Real Wedding

Mehndi isn’t for you guys!!

Real Wedding

I’ll take you Everywhere no matter What! 😉

Real Wedding

Happy Family!

Real Wedding

College Sweethearts!!

The Bride’s Take on Her Wedding Preps…

“Vinit and I were running around managing everything till right before our Varmala – it seemed our family and guests were enjoying more than us!” laughs Niharika.

Real Wedding

Getting Handsome!

Real Wedding

Doll me Up!

Real Wedding moments

The Varmala Moment!

Real Wedding pics

Sindoor & Blush!!!

Beautifully covered on camera by Rhythmic Focus

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