Real Love Story behind An Arranged Marriage! Sakshi & Kunal (Bangalore)

Can a Real Love Story thrive behind the facade of an arranged marriage? Let’s find out… 

Real Love Story

Classic Love!

Real Love Story

Love Over Hot Chocolate!

It all began when Sakshi’s parents launched a ‘Groom Hunt’ for her… and in a few weeks Kunal & Sakshi were chatting over a cup of Hot Chocolate!

Real Love Story Pics

You, Me & Love!

Real Love Story Pics

The Sun Never Sets on Love!

Real Love Story of Kunal & Sakshi!

Fast forward to a couple of dates later, and you’ll find the Bangalore couple on a 150km bike ride leading to a romantic Hilltop Proposal and voila – it was a ‘Yes’!

Real Love Story

Finding your Better Half!

Real Love Story

It’s Raining Love!

The Bangalore couple is like chalk n cheese – Kunal loves his ‘dhaba wala’ khana while Sakshi is your sophisticated Italian ‘fork and knife’ foodie.

Kunal loves his English movies and adventure sports while Sakshi is all about Bollywood romances and dinner dates by the beach!

Real Love Story Pics

Love is in The Eyes!

Real Love Story Pics

The ‘To Be’ Couple!

What we Louuuve about their Story?

Kunal & Sakshi might not have known each other for years, and don’t appear to like the same things either… but they are totally loving the experience of getting to know each other one day at a time!

Their Love Story reminds us of the ‘Forest Gump’ funda – ‘Life’ is like a box of assorted chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get! So, just keep unraveling each chocolate & enjoying life as you go…

What do you believe in – Arranged Marriages or Love Marriages? Do share your views, likes & comments!

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