How Do Girls Propose? Find out with Saloni & Dhananjay’s Hatke Love Story!

We’ve all seen guys propose in the usual “roses-ring-wine-dine” way! But how do girls propose? Let’s find out with Saloni & Dhananjay’s Real Love Story!

Meet The ‘Hatke’ Couple – Saloni & Dhananjay!

What happens when Saloni Malhotra –  sooooo outgoing, meets Dhananjay Bharadwaj – the soft-spoken man at her office? They fall in love instantly and then starts their typical Facebook ‘friendship’…

Unusual wedding proposal

Saloni finds her Superman!

Twirling Bride-To-Be

Twirling her heart out…

Real Wedding Story

The Perfect Couple

Pre Wedding Shoot

Its Raining Love!

From The Groom…

“When I first met Saloni four years back, I had no idea that she would create such a gentleman out of me!”

How Do Girls Propose? 

Usual story – Guy proposes, girl goes ‘oooh’ & ‘aaah’ & says ‘Yes’. One fine day, Saloni decided to break this “stereotype”!

So, they’ve been friends for four years. Imagine his big surprise when, in front of her mother she asked him – “Look here’s my mom. She wants a son and I want a husband, so what do you think?”

There it was and everything just fit in!

Girls propose

Save this Guy & Save the Date!

Girls Propose

Leading the Way!

Girls Propose

Happily Married!

Girls Propose in Love Story

The Unusual Love Story

Photographer: Yash Bharadwaj

Yash Bharadwaj gave us beautiful pictures that we’ll cherish our entire life. The pre-wedding and invitation video was marvellous!

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