Wedding Photography on your Mind? Get Candid with The Wedding Saga!

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When it comes to preserving your precious wedding memories, you really can’t take chances! So here’s an introduction to one of our handpicked wedding photography experts – The Wedding Saga.

Based in Mumbai and travelling world over, The Wedding Saga is known for their talent to capture real wedding moments just like you’d imagine them in your head!

wedding photography
First Kiss!

Here we’re in talks with Sanjeev Bathija, one of the key names behind The Wedding Saga who tells you what makes them click when it comes to candid photography.

How did you get into Wedding Photography?

wedding photography

We were already in the photography industry with 3 stores across Mumbai. Then as opportunities came by, our work and passion spoke for itself,  and we gradually worked our way up the ladder and things fell in place!

wedding photography
A Family Affair!

We capture what is Real, and real is always beautiful! 

What’s more fun – preweddings or wedding photography?

wedding photography
Sun, Sand & Life!

You can’t separate one from the other! Prewedding shoots give us creative freedom without the pressure of a D-day shoot. Plus the couple gets time to be comfortable in front of the camera… ice is broken!

wedding photography
Don’t Let Go!

On the other side, wedding photography runs high on emotions while the couple and their families go through endless and elaborate rituals and traditions.

wedding photography
Here comes the Bride!

There is a lot to cover in the day which seems to pass very quickly, continuous shooting mode is on and the memories last forever!

wedding photography
Much Love!

For a Wedding album, do you focus more on emotions or the frame?

wedding photography

We capture emotions, the mood of the person in front of the camera. It can be very tricky but a good photographer knows when to catch the right moment and give you the memory of a lifetime.

Candid wedding photography
To New Beginnings!

Girls love posing, but how difficult is it to get the guys to pose? Any tips?

It does take more time to break the ice with them but then when they see their beautiful bride going along they too join in.

wedding photography
Candid Love!

India is known for its opulent weddings and their love for Bollywood style so even if couples are initially hesitant, but soon it comes naturally to them! This further leads to beautiful captures.

Which is the most challenging shoot you’ve ever done?

destination wedding photography
Magic of Love!

The most challenging shoot was a wedding we covered in Bangkok on a bright summer day which changed to a rainstorm as soon as the bride stepped in!

wedding photography
Love & Togetherness!

The rain Gods descended on us in a matter of minutes but as it is said “The show must go on”. We all donned rain gear – held umbrellas along with our cameras and shot the entire wedding.

wedding photography
Everything that Shines!

What’s your experience and top tips for people considering destination shoots?

wedding photography
Love & Life!

Destination shoots are an amazing way to connect not just for the couple but with your photographer’s team too.

candid photographer Mumbai
On Top of the World!

A destination shoot has a different atmosphere and energy it plus when it is at a beautiful location, that adds to the beauty of the shoot and creates a perfect mood as everyone is relaxed & comfortable.

The couple gets the time to bond and if it’s a destination wedding the whole family comes together as one!

Your Favorite wedding from last year?

Our favorite is our bride Akansha Jumani.

candid wedding photography
Team Bride! 

She was not only a delight to shoot because of her spontaneous and amazing expressions and looks it was a total package of drama, beauty, fun and a lot of Bollywood style innovative ideas which we shot around.

wedding photography
Sheer Style!

The pics of her shoot have grabbed a lot of attention and were also picked up for a feature by ZoWed!

One mistake people make while booking a wedding photographer?

wedding photography
The Glow of Love!

Today, people go out of their way to plan elaborate weddings with the perfectly co-ordinated clothes, themes and venues but still come down to putting a mark down price on wedding photography!

Candid Photography in Mumbai
Glowing Away!

They need to understand that it’s a non tangible thing – your memories cannot be priced. The ability to provide people with a collection of amazing memories is a great gift, and we love being able to capture this amazing time of your life forever.

wedding photography
Mehendi Mania!

Your Top Bridal portrait pose?

wedding photography
Blooming Bride!

If the bride is camera shy, you may find the classic poses nerve-wrecking to shoot. Should she smile or be serious or pensive?

And here we’re expected to work our magic and get her comfortable to get pictures which are candid and natural.

candid wedding photography
Say Hellooo to the Bride!

So sometimes props and a friend, or even a pet helps in getting great pictures as the bride connects to the camera and her body too gets in sync with the atmosphere to give the perfect shot.

If you were to do a celebrity wedding next year, whom will it be?

wedding photography
Glitter & Glam!

We are doing Shri Praful Patel’s daughter’s wedding which we’re looking forward to.

What’s the one accessory every bride/groom must carry for an outdoor shoot?

wedding photography
Dance with Me!

The one accessory every couple needs to have for an outdoor shoot is confidence. To keep and open mind to not only enjoy the experience but make the best of it for life at the beginning of their #weddingsaga!

Candid wedding photography
Let’s Celebrate!

Well, we love their work n we’re sure you love it too! To book them for your wedding, contact them on + 91 9820303028.

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