Wedding Photographer of the Month: Our Favourite - 42fps Productions

Favourite Wedding Photographer of the Month – 42fps Productions!

If you’re hunting for a wedding photographer in Mumbai, its not easy picking your needle in the haystack! Worry not, we’ll introduce you to one of our recent favourites Weddings by 42fps!

Recently, while flipping through Instagram, we came across Weddings by 42fps and were really impressed by what we saw! We digged deeper.. checked out their portfolio and got talking to their team. Sukriti of Weddings by 42fps tells us why, how and what they do best!

Wedding Photography & Cinematic films are your forte now. But how did your Love Affair with Wedding Photography Start?

wedding photographer

All Smiles!

We started off with a couple of weddings in our family and people started liking our work… and before we knew it, weddings became a big part part of what we do!

wedding photographer A sea full of romance!

A Wedding Photographer focuses on the faces in front of the camera… What about the faces behind your team?

wedding photographer Love that never lets go!

There’s Adityaraj & me, Sukriti who run this together. While he handles most of the creative work and films, I handle the photography and client aspects.

wedding photographer

Love shines through!

Weddings is one of our major focus areas, but we’re also into lots of other Digital & TV Content!

What do you Enjoy more – Weddings or Pre wedding Shoots?

Honestly, I love weddings more!  All the emotions are so raw, so pure and everything beautifully falls in place at the right moment.

Here’s a beautiful beach wedding film that captures the essence of a wedding and a couple’s most delicate moments and makes you go “I want something just like this!”

indian bride

Love, by the beach!

We do take a lot of couple shots at weddings, but for pre wedding shoots we look for couples who are ready to experiment and do something different!

What’s Most Important to you when you’re clicking pictures – Frame or Expressions?

wedding photographer

Framed in love!

I think, the moment and emotion is everything. While light quality and other technical details are all important as well, but eventually when a couple see’s their photographs, it MUST  bring them back to how they felt at that very moment 🙂

In  candid photography – there are no retakes!  So how do you guys actually work with a couple and capture the real moments?

wedding photographer

This story begins today!

We really try to stay out of the way! Sometimes, it gets tough to do that in the chaos of Indian Weddings, but just being out of the way and not constantly having cameras in front of them  really works!

Your Favourite wedding from 2017?

wedding photographer

Stolen moments!

Has to be this beautiful, intimate, eco-friendly wedding we shot at an ancient temple in Kerala and then their lovely post-wedding party at the beach!

wedding photographer

That look of love!

The serenity and simplicity of it all completely touched our hearts and showed us what’s truly important in a wedding!

wedding photographer

Love lights us Up!

Your all time Favourite Couple?

wedding photographer

Love at sundown!

Most of the couples we have worked with are now like close friends & family, so its really tough t0 pick one!

Your Top 3 Tips for Brides-to-be?

indian bride

Bridal glow!

1. Please keep aside time for pictures! Everything that’s good – takes time and keeping a separate slot for bridal and couple portraits is very important.

wedding photographer

Twirling away!

2. Try to involve your wedding photographer during decor and lighting decisions! We’re more than happy to help with things that translate well on to the camera 🙂

wedding photographer

All smiles before the big moment!

3. Just enjoy yourself and don’t sweat over small stuff!

Thanks Sukriti for such honest inputs, we’re sure it’ll help many a brides-to-be! And tbh, we are totally in love with these stunning bridal portraits and the way they capture the pulse of a couple on their lenses! How about you? If you love it too, check out their portfolio, and for Bookings – contact them on +91 9833033647

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