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In conversation with Image Graphers , our favourite wedding photographer of the month! Lets find out what tips and tricks, this artist has up his sleeves for you!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Delhi, Mumbai or Pune – Devinder Singh Bagga of Image Graphers is your guy! Here’s why…

Why Candid Photography?

wedding photographer
The way they look at each other!

I feel people are real in their expressions and gestures when it is candid, impromptu and natural – that’s why it creates such memorable moments!

What do you Enjoy More – Pre Wedding Photography or Wedding Photography? 

Indian wedding blog

I think both have their own significance. In prewedding photography, it revolves around a couple and their chemistry – which can be phenomenal!

wedding photographer
Here comes the Bride!

While in wedding photography it is crazy! You need to capture so much in the middle of a huge crowd, minutest details and rituals, emotions all around! Its a fun task but I approach both with different work modes.

How should a Couple decide the Theme for a Pre wedding Shoot?

wedding photographer
Connecting Hearts!

It can be something related to couples journey.  Like this shoot we did with a surgeon couple was so much fun even with their surgery clothes and accessories!

wedding photographer
Together, in health & in sickness!

Or it can be based on their likes, or hobbies… I mean a couple can be quite funny and crazy or all romantic and classy; so it depends on how and what they feel works best for them!

As a Wedding Photographer – What are your Top 3 Posing Tips for Couples ! 

wedding photographer
Proposal goals!

I believe candid photography comes out best when the subjects are natural in front of the lenses. So I’d suggest personally interacting closely with your photographer so that you’re comfortable with him or her around.

wedding photographer
Enchanted Love!

Secondly, and most importantly – just try to be yourselves and have a good time together!

What’s your All time Favourite Pre wedding shoot Destination?

wedding photographer
Riding in Love!

I think your pre wedding shoot is first about the story and your chemistry as a couple – then the location.

wedding photographer
You, me & the whole wide world!

So first choose your theme or style, and then you can work it out at any location from a farmhouse to a library to your neighborhood park to Leh Ladakh!

One Mistake people make while Booking a Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographer
Let’s get Mushy!

I think the biggest mistake is simply choosing the one who quotes less! I think these memories are worth much more than saving a few thousand here or there – so study their past work, read their client reviews and have open discussions before you decide.

Indian wedding blog
Mehendi Mania!

You spend so much on the wedding – all functions and rituals are done with such extravagance and then if you compromise on the photographer…

Indian wedding blog

What is left with you after the wedding is over and you’ve got yourself an album full of mediocre pictures? So guys please, take informed decisions!

Which is your Favourite Bride Pose? 

wedding photographer Delhi
Bridal glow!

I think after a girl gets ready – she exudes such charm and elegance that all poses come out magnificent!

wedding photographer
Classic portrait!

But a few favourites are ‘solah sringaar’ or getting reday shots , Bride’s entry and the evergreen twirling pose!

Which are your Top 3 locations for a shoot in Delhi or Mumbai? 

wedding photographer
Kiss of love

While we keep shooting at newer locations everyday, I think all time favourite spots are India Gate and the ITC Grand Bharat in Delhi.

wedding photographer
And she said Yes!

And the Bandra Fort in Mumbai…

wedding photographer

Which is the Most Challenging Shoot you’ve ever Done?

wedding photographer

My most challenging shoot was an exquisite wedding at The Taj, Nasik and Sula Vineyards for the couple Swati and Shreyas!

wedding photographer
To happily ever after!

It was grand wedding – one of a kind! Everything from the decor to the food, lighting, rituals – it was soooooo lavish.

wedding photographer
So floral. So pretty!

And to make it all come across perfectly through my photographs & film, was a big challenge!

wedding photographer
Twirling into her new life!

Your Favourite Wedding from last year? 

wedding photographer

These intricate details!Neeru and Anil’s wedding shot at the paradise on earth – Kashmir!

Not only the location, but the couple, their family and friends were so humble and treated us like their own. That was a great feeling 🙂

Loved his work? Check out more on his portfolio, and for Bookings – connect with him on +91 88264 93333 !

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