Top Wedding Photographer - TIPS to make your Wedding Album Click!

How to get your Wedding Album right? Wedding Photographer Artistry Photography shares their Ideas!

What does it take to create a memorable wedding album? To find out, we spoke to wedding photographer Shubham Chauhan of Artistry Photography, and here’s everything he’s got to say from behind those lenses…

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to posing in front of the shutterbugs. So here are tips, ideas and insights that you can actually use to make your wedding album a stunner – straight from wedding photographer Artistry Photography!

1 When and how did you think about becoming a wedding photographer?

Couple Poses

It started from my interest in sketching, which gradually developed into my passion for photography. During my IIT Delhi years, I used to get paid for taking part time classes for junior students. This served as an opportunity to get hold of my first ever lens and there began my journey of photography.

2 Three most important things a couple needs to do for better pictures at their wedding?

Couple Poses

  • Be Comfortable
  • Provide enough time to your photographer
  • Overeating and drinking should be avoided

3 What’s are the top trending pre-wedding shoot destinations?

wedding photography

Udaipur, Kasoli, Mumbai, Jaipur and Jaisalmer

4 What’s your favorite couple pose or bridal portrait pose?

Couple Poses

While I always leave it to my clients to choose their own poses…

couple poses

Eyes only for you!

I think conventional poses like “Varmala” and gazing into each other’s eyes never fail to work as great couple poses!

wedding photographer

For bridal portraits – brides in a veil have a classic timeless appeal and a certain old world charm that never fades!

wedding photography

wedding photography

How difficult is it to get grooms to pose the way you want? 3 things that can help?

It’s important to understand the chemistry of a couple, spend some time with them to get to know them and make them comfortable with us. Instead of posing suggestions, we suggest they forget about the camera! 

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While the first few pictures maybe a waste, but gradually things turn out to be better with these tips –

  • Communicating effectively
  • Giving them some time together to be comfortable with the camera
  • Sharing posing guides so that they can choose what works in their comfort zone.

A lot of couples are opting for cinematic film style videos these days! How do you go about the theme, song selection and execution for that?

wedding photography

Any wedding consists of many events like haldi, mehendi, sangeet and more. Usually we ask our couples to choose their preferred theme song. And the final execution involves editing the song beats according to the different scenes and moments. 

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This process helps us to come up with an outcome that is custom-made for each couple with our touch of professional cinematic effect!

What NOT to do 1 week before your wedding or pre-wedding shoot – for the best pictures!

Couple Poses

Avoid injuries and avoid getting too much sun a least a week before the shoot so you don’t end up looking unusually tanned in your pictures! 

wedding photography

Get sufficient sleep and rest so you look fresh and energized in your pictures.

If you were to shoot a couple for their destination wedding, what 3 props would you recommend them to carry?

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While props may vary according to your destination or wedding theme, some things always work!

wedding photography

Candles, fairy lights, colour and smoke bombs, crystals etc are things you should pack along!

Top 5 things a person must ask the wedding photographer before they book?

wedding blog

  • Take a look at their past and recent shoots
  • Check or inquire about their time management skills so that you’re sure they’ll cover all the events
  • Don’t forget to ask about the final print albums and videos
  • Always confirm the Payments method in advance
  • Make sure the Delivery process and timelines are clear to both you and the photographer.

These insights and tips from Artistry Photography are sure to go a long way in making your wedding memories last forever. For everything else, you can keep following us! 🙂

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