Wedding Jewellery Trends this Season – Revealed by Arjun Talwar of Talwar jewellers!

Jewelry trends

Gold, diamond, kundan, platinum, ruby, pearls?!! Jewelry shopping for your wedding is no easy task… So, we are talking to Arjun Talwar of the famous wedding jewellery brand Talwar Jewellers to find out what’s trending for brides this wedding season!

Your wedding jewellery is one thing that’ll stay with you forever… Look around, research, listen to the experts and then go spend your moolah!

First of all, tell us about your brand’s history!

Wedding jewellery

Since 1954, Talwar Jewellers has been an emblem of excellence with our extra ordinary quality and distinctive style, a balance of classicism and modernity.

Founded by Tarsem Lal Talwar, this legacy is now been carried forward by his sons, and his grandsons, Rajat Talwar and me – Arjun Talwar.

How is jewelry shopping different for the modern bride?

Wedding Jewelry
Everything that Glows!

The modern bride doesn’t look at jewellery the way generations before her had. It isn’t something you wear once or twice in your life and then keep in the locker forever. Today’s bride looks at jewellery in terms of functionality and design.

Jewelry trends
Trending Jewels!

For instance, most brides now purchase two to three smaller sets which they wear together on the wedding day, but separately for other occasions.

Wedding Jewelry
Forever Pieces!

In addition, they ensure that the accessories they team up with it be it bangles, earrings, tikkas etc are designed in such a way that they stand out individually as well.

What are this season’s biggest Wedding Jewellery trends?

Jewelry trends
Royal Chokers!

This season’s biggest bridal looks are definitely Polki chokers and Passa’s.

Wedding Diamond jewellery
Royal Princess!

Another major trend we are seeing this season are of diamond and polki fusion sets.

What’s your latest collection all about?

Gold Wedding Jewelry
Gold in Trendy Avatar!

Our latest collection has a lot of traditional Gold jewellery set in contemporary design. This is not just a great investment but something you can wear over and over again!

Wedding jewellery
Rani Haar!

We also have a lot of beautiful polka this season ranging from Chokers to Rani Haars.

Wedding Jewelry
Pretty hands!

Beautiful ways to enhance your look by MathaPattis and Hath Phools.

What’s the latest trend in kundan jewelry this wedding season?

Wedding jewellery
Pastel Bloom!

Heavy Kundan Sets with modern designs are a big trend this season.

Kundan Wedding jewellery
Kundan Glory!

Heavy Maangtikkas, mathapattis are all the rage!

After over-sized nose rings & maangtikas, what’s the next big thing in bridal jewelry?

Jewelry trends
Delicate haar!

Handmade long necklaces with Kundan and stone and enamel work seem to be the future of the bridal collections next year.

We often get this question – how should a bride decide her look? Jewelry first or outfits?

Trousseau Shopping Ideas
Royal Bride!

Always Wedding Jewellery first as its more expensive than clothing! Plus jewellery takes much more time to be customized as compared to clothing.

Which is your hottest selling MaangTikkas style?

Wedding Jewelry
Tikka Love!

Big MaangTikkas in Kudan do really well. Even big Passas in Polki have done well this year.

Which accessories are a must for every bride this season?

Jewelry trends
Trending Now!

Big Diamond Cocktail Rings in real Rubies and Emeralds are a must for every bride to match with her jewellery.

What trends to look for in engagement rings?

Engagement Rings
Be Mine?

White Gold and Rose Gold settings with solitaires settings on the designs are in for engagement ceremonies

What kind of diamond jewellery should every bride include in her trousseau?

Jewellery Trends
Glittering Diamonds!

Every bride should keep functional diamond jewellery such as a nice pair of solitaires, diamond hoops, a tennis bracelet and a cocktail ring.

Diamond Wedding jewellery
Everything that Shines!

These accessories can be worn easily from day to night, from office to parties and it’s a lifetime investment that never goes out of style.

What is that one piece of jewel every groom must care for?

jewelry Trends
Shining Men!

Diamond and Polki Cufflinks are in trend this year!

Thank you so much Arjun for sharing your insights and latest jewellery trends with us!

Wedding Jewelry Men Bring Color to Life!

We’re totally smitten by their stunning Polki, gold & diamond collections – all we need is a wedding to start splurging!

To get your dose of jewellery inspiration or to buy your favourite pieces, visit Talwar Jewellers stores in Chandigarh  or Mohali. For any enquiries or to know more about the designs featured in this post, contact them on +91 9814922000.

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