Getting Married? The 6 Months Wedding Checklist for Every Bride!

The 6 Months Wedding Checklist!

Planning get hitched in the next few months? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you have no idea where and how to begin your wedding preps, this 6 months Wedding Checklist is going to be your bff!

Here’s a month-by-month timeline that will tell you what to do and when, with minimal stress!

Wedding Checklist – 6 Months to Go!

wedding checklist

Love Shower!

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Your first step should be to figure out the basics. Start with these Super 6-

1. Setting a budget

2. Picking a Couple of preferred Dates

3. Deciding your Venue – Date

wedding planning checklist

Go Venue Hunting!

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You’ll need a wedding planner who will connect you with the right vendors at the right price.  Remember, your date is officially set only when you book your venue, so check out the venues available and book the best one asap! ( Or simply chat to your ZoWed Wedding Assistant to get all of this done!)

Your next big hurdle is –

4. Figuring out your guest-list!

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While there’s a huge difference in the number of guests at a destination wedding vis-a-vis an in-town wedding; also keep in mind that the trend is moving towards smaller more intimate gatherings – where everyone actually enjoys. Rather than having a big fat affair where that chachi ki padosi ki daughter ka friend is going crazy over your kebabs! 😉

5. Book your Caterer – you already know the number of guests and basic functions, so get cracking with food sampling and compare price quotes before you book!

6. Book your Wedding Makeup Artist – Their slots get filled fast – so get your makeup trials done and book your favourite before its too late!

beauty wedding checklist

Glitter & Glam!

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5 Months away from the D Day!

Now that you’ve figured out the basics, its time to move to the Big 5!

1. Finalize your photographer & videographer – See whose photography you like best, get quotes and use your pre wedding shoot to try out the experience before booking your wedding photographer

wedding checklist

Doll it up!

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2. Bring on board the Decor Artist – You can’t have the wedding of your dreams unless its done up beautifully just like you’ve always dreamt! S0 check out whose work you like, read reviews – meet the decor artist to see if he/she gets your theme and book.

3. Start shopping for your trousseau! Start by defining the colors and styles you’d want for each function and looking for them – online and in-stores

wedding checklist

Lehenga Love!

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4. Kick off your Beauty RoutineIts the right time to make skincare and fitness a BIG priority!

5. Start looking at Wedding Invitations & Finalize

4 Months To Go!

wedding checklist

Your Time is Coming!

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With four months to go for your Wedding Day, we have four big things on your Wedding Checklist!

1. Theme it Up! This is the time to sit together with your family, wedding planner and decor artist to discuss and finalise everything from function themes to décor ideas to flower preferences – and making sure it fits in your budget!

2. Wedding Jewelry Shopping – We advice buying the jewelry NOW. Since you already know which kind of outfits you’re wearing when, its better to start narrowing down your jewelry. Trust us, go for evergreen or layered and flexible pieces – that you can actually use even after your wedding day.

wedding checklist

Dazzle & Shine!

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3. Finalize your Wedding Outfits! – Just do it, sweetie 🙂

4. Plan your Sweet Honeymoon! Get together to map out and book for your honeymoon, before the prices soar up!

wedding checklist

Sweet Honeymoon!

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ONLY 3 months away! 

3 Big Things –

wedding checklist

Music to my Ears!

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1. Book your Sangeet choreographer – and get your tribe together to start planning and practicing for the big day!

2. Shop for Accessories and get a Haircut – Yay, you’ve ordered that lehenga and bought that gown:) Now go buy the knick knacks you need to make it magical. And if you’re planning a change in hairstyle for your D Day – try it NOW.

wedding checklist

For Everything Else, there’s Family!

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3. Shopping for a New Home! Whether you’re moving into his parents house or a new place, you’ll need lots of ‘your own’ stuff! So look around, go window shopping with your girls and buy with your mum 😉

Learn to Delegate – honestly, please understand that there isn’t enough time to do everything yourself! So get on board some trustworthy besties and family to help with other important stuff like hotel reservation for guests, shopping for wedding favours, delivering invites, sending whatsapp reminders, and collecting what you’ve ordered and shopped all across town.

2 Months to Go!

With 2 months to go, there should be only 2 things on your Wedding Checklist!

wedding checklist

Dancing Along!

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1. Go Party & Dance – Now’s the time to release your stress and let your hair down with your bachelorette party. This is usually planned by your bride tribe so you can sit back and let them do all the running around. Finalize songs for your sangeet, entry and couple dance – and make sure you both practice together!

2. Pack up! Its time you packed up your trousseau,  your outfit sets – with accessories and shoes for every function, and for your honeymoon.

2 months away

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1 Month to go for your Wedding Day!

There’s only 1 task YOU need to do – take your outfit trials and RELAX!

Time to be Merry!

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For everything else, fall back and delegate to your family and friends. Here’s our list for them –

  • Check in with all vendors and make sure everyone knows what is expected of them, when, where, how.
  • Confirm the dates and times of your hotel, photographer, parlour, mehendi and other bookings and make sure advance payments have been made to all vendors.
  • Line up transportation for your family as well as out-station guests.
  • Start the process for your marriage licence and registration.
  • Make your Bestie prepare your D Day emergency kit – including things from safety pins to makeup touch ups, any sos medicines & your favourite chocolates!
wedding checklist

Say Cheese!

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This Wedding Checklist is all you need to be the chilled out bride we’ve all heard of! So, follow the plan and enjoy like you should 🙂

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