Dreaming of an Udaipur Wedding? Planner Magic Lights reveals why it really is as Grand as it sounds!

Jodhpur Wedding Planner

Dreaming of a magical Udaipur wedding in this colorful city of palaces and deserts? It takes a thousands things to fall in place perfectly for a dreamy destination wedding in Rajasthan! Worry not…

We’ll introduce you to – Magic Lights of Udaipur. Stay tuned as budding planner Sonu Sharma takes you through his latest experiences with Udaipur weddings, trends, decor ideas and other destination wedding experiences.

Please tell our readers more about Magic Lights and your range of services as wedding planners!

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
Walk of Life

Magic Lights Wedding Planners was started by Sonu and her friends in 2012. We have organized more than 100 weddings in Rajasthan as well as other parts of country since then.

Jodhpur wedding planner

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Our services include the whole gamut of wedding decor, guest management & logistics, catering, venue booking, selecting other vendors like photographers and make-up artists and special arrangements like elephants, bachelor parties etc.

A Udaipur wedding is best planned by a planner based in Udaipur – Right or wrong? Which cities have you recently planned weddings in?

jodhpur wedding planner

Not Really! Very recently we’ve planned beautiful weddings in Udaipur, Jaipur and Jodhpur among others.

Where do you get your design inspirations from?

Jodhpur wedding planner
Carry On

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

We take our inspiration from nature and various art forms like paintings and graphics created by magnificent artists. Our team knows how to blend and balance color, space and aesthetics to bring inspirational ideas and designs to life.

Jodhpur Wedding Planner

For every wedding function, whether it’s a part of the main ceremony or other ceremonies like sangeet and mehendi, our professionals choose backdrops, décor elements and lighting in accordance with the theme chosen by client to transform the wedding venue into a center of grand celebration.

Which decor elements or wedding themes are expected to rule the upcoming wedding season?

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
Floral Mandap

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Flowers can create a beautiful ambiance like none other! Minimalistic mandaps decorated with drapes and fresh flowers are very popular these days.

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
Sooo Colorful

Eye-catching decor elements like swans and other birds made of fresh flowers and bouquets spilling over with flowers are expected to be favourites in upcoming spring summer seasons!!!

Wedding planner
Vintage Touch

Antique decor elements  like decorated carriages and vintage cars are also favorites of couples who are planning to get married at palaces and royal destinations.

Why do you think more and more people are going for destination weddings these days? 3 reasons why it makes sense!

Firstly, hospitality industry in India has seen a boom in recent years. Nowadays a large number of palaces, hotels and resorts across budgets are available to people for organizing destination weddings.

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
Padharo Mare Desh

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Social media, Google and leading wedding platforms have made it easy for people who live overseas or anywhere at all to find genuine vendors and organize a destination wedding without going crazy!

Also, everyone is addicted to social media these days, and couples want to share their pre-wedding and wedding pictures on social media. So weddings and preweddings at exquisite venues are becoming more and more popular.

Which is the most stunning wedding you planned last year?

Wedding Planner
Let’s get Married!

We planned a destination wedding for Priyanshi and Chintan at Ramada Resort & Spa last year. Our bride Priyanshi loved the colour pink and wanted everything to revolve around it.

So we used it as the overbearing theme and it was beautifully offset by dark stone structures of Ramada resort.

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
All Lit Up

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

We added hints of yellow and green on the drapes along with yellow daisies to keep it all floral and fresh. For the seating area, we used light pink with white and gold fabric and lovely hangings.

Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner, what extra do you need to take care of when planning a destination wedding?

Jodhpur wedding planner

For us, its a necessity to stay updated with current trends and create something unique for each wedding. Also, tricky and unexpected situations can arise anytime when you’re managing a wedding – so for us, having well trained and experienced staff available at all times is very important.

Jodhpur Wedding Planner

As the client, it is important that you book the right place at right time. Make sure to book well in advance to get the desired venue at the best prices. Also, if you’re asking for split out accommodation and different ceremonies at different venues – it’s important that your wedding planner helps you choose a combination of venues that is easy to manage and fits your budget!

Have you ever faced a last minute crisis at any wedding? How did you overcome it?

Jodhpur wedding planner

This year we had organized a destination wedding at a resort in Udaipur near the end of rainy season. Mandap and catering arrangements were made at a beautiful garden (but thoughtfully enough, we had also reserved sufficient space indoors in case it rains!)

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
Finally Yours

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Unfortunately, it started raining on the wedding day and we requested both families to shift the wedding ceremony inside the resort. Everyone except the groom agreed! (he was too upset and didn’t want to go indoors)

Wedding planner

Our tents vendor came to our rescue at this desperate time and arranged for a waterproof tent over the mandap, sufficient to cover the mandap and its immediate seating. Catering and food arrangements were shifted indoors and thankfully everything went smoothly there onwards!

Your funniest memory from a wedding ever?

During a wedding in Udaipur this year, our hospitality team was very hungry and just leaving for lunch. Just as their cab arrived they spotted famous actress Bhumi Pednekar who had come as a guest at the wedding.

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
Lovely Couple

Our ladies forgot their hunger and rushed to get selfies with their favourite actress who was kind enough to oblige!

Which are the hottest Destination wedding venues in India this winter?

Udaipur is the hottest wedding destination in India right now! Its beautiful lakes and heritage palaces make it the most exotic destination in India for weddings.

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Top Wedding Destinations in India to get hitched-Decoded!

Celebrities like Raveena Tandon got married in Udaipur and then we saw the prewedding festivities of the Ambani wedding in Udaipur that has increased it’s popularity to a new level!

What should a person keep in mind while choosing their wedding venue?

Firstly, if you want your wedding ceremony and accommodation at the same venue, then choosing a hotel or resort with a large number of rooms and event spaces is vital.

Jodhpur wedding planner
Craziness at it’s height

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

Secondly, you must choose a venue which is convenient for your relatives and friends to travel to. It could be closer to your hometown, but even if its far – it should be well connected by flights.

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Thirdly, if you are choosing a luxury hotel or a palace for the main wedding ceremony, then it is wiser to make arrangements for accommodation at other hotels – so plan and book early.

3 things you must know as a wedding planner before you start working for a client?

Jodhpur Wedding Planner

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

1. Budget and number of guests.

2. Whether a wedding venue has been selected or do we need to find one?

Jodhpur Wedding Planner

Picture Courtesy: Hitesh Shivnani Photography

3. Client’s preferences for decor and accommodation.

3 questions every to-be bride or groom must ask their planner before they finalize one!

Jodhpur wedding planner
Magic under the stars

1. Can you arrange our wedding at the venue of our choice?

2. Can you provide wedding decor and all other services according to our preferences?

3. Can you do 1 & 2 within our budget?!

We loved Magic Light’s insights on everything you need to plan an Udaipur wedding – from tips to trends to crisis management. What do you think about choosing Rajasthan as a wedding destination – isn’t it perfect for a royal wedding of your dreams!

Jodhpur Wedding Planner
Going Royal

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