Top Trend - Floral Hairstyles for Brides this Wedding Season!

Top Trend – Floral Hairstyles for Brides!

Magical & mesmerizing… that’s what your bridal hairstyle should be. If wedding bells are around the corner, these trending floral hairstyles and floral buns are stuff you MUST Check Out!

Confused about your Wedding Day hairstyle? We bring you the ultimate trending Floral Hairtsyles to get inspired and go gaga over!😘

Floral Hairstyles #1 – Full Floral Buns a la Anushka Sharma!

Floral Hairstyles

Tuscan Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: georgiougabriel

While we love every piece of heritage Sabyasachi Mukherjee jewelry that Anushka Sharma wore for her big day. But what stole the show was these lush Tuscan hydrangeas dolling up her bun! 

Floral Hairstyles

Full Floral!

Picture Courtesy: margisakariya

Of course our mums and daadi’s dolled up their hair in fresh flowers in their time, its none other than Anushka who’s brought back this trend into the limelight!

Floral Hairstyles

Floral Bowl!

Picture Courtesy: sahibbakanand

And if you’re ready to go OTT, why not try this floral bun with different flowers and hues to add fun to your bun!

Floral Hairstyles

The Richness of Red!

Picture Courtesy: 

Love Classy? Nothing beats the sheer opulence of this red roses floral hairstyle for the most romantic milestone of your life!❤

Outlined Floral Buns!

Floral Hairstyles

Mixed Flower Art!

Picture Courtesy: thecheesecakeproject

If you love floral buns but don’t wanna sport a full bun, these simple and elegant styles of ‘outlining the bun with fresh flowers’ are perfect for you!

Floral Hairstyles

Think Jasmine!

Picture Courtesy: facestoriesbyleenabhushan

Looking for more style and less structure? This sorta messy side-swept bun with exclusive seasonal flowers is just perfect to go with your cocktail or sangeet look!😍

Floral Hairstyles

Go Stylish!

Picture Courtesy: aanalsavaliya 

Flowers on the Side!

Floral Hairstyles

Pink Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Pooja Khurana

Getting engaged or planning your cocktail look? If you’re going for a stylish updo, add on the classic touch of real or faux flowers for the right dose of grace!

Floral Hairstyles

A touch of Red!

Picture Courtesy: Pooja Khurana

Love how these red roses draw all the attention towards her sheer glittery blouse!

Fish Tail Braids with flowers!

Floral Hairstyles

Fresh Breath!

Picture Courtesy: coolbluezphotography

Fishtail braids have come a lonnnnnnng way! All your messy nest needs is a hint of delicate fresh flowers like baby’s breath for a pretty princess effect😍

Floral Hairstyles

Garden Fresh!

Picture Courtesy: Morviimages

Add a hint of delicate hair accessories or faux flowers to your braid to complete this look.

Floral Hairstyles

Glow Away!

Picture Courtesy: Roma Ganesh Photography

Floral Hairstyles

Messy Merriness!!!

Picture Courtesy: Roma Ganesh Photography

Don’t these color coded baby’s breath in her hair completely complement her pretty pastel outfit and jewelry!💚

 Floral Tiaras!

Floral Hairstyles

Floral Heaven!

Picture Courtesy: Ivy Weddings

Who doesn’t love tiaras? Wear them with the right flowers and in the right shades to feel straight outta heaven!

Floral Hairstyles

Fairytale Love!

Picture Courtesy:

The trick is to give it a messy natural look – add the tiara on top but leave the rest of your hair loose in a refreshing sideswept way.

A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

Isn’t this tiara totally worth a shot!

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The Traditional South Indian Long Floral Braids

Floral Hairstyles

The Embellished Jadai!

Picture Courtesy: Roma Ganesh Photography

We louuuuve the traditional south Indian bridal hairstyle with stunning temple jewelry and fresh flowers!

Floral Hairstyles

Royally Red!

Picture Courtesy: Roma Ganesh Photography

When you’re wearing a gorgeous nine yards saree silk sari, all you need is a perfectly lonnnng braid with fragrant fresh flowers in red and white to complete your classy look!

Floral Hairstyles


Picture Courtesy: Focuz Studios

This netted floral braid below a heavenly floral top is another great idea. Whether you’re looking for traditional floral hairstyles or contemporary floral buns, mark this article as your hairdo guide! So, what’s your favourite pick? Let us know in comments below!

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