Top 5 Must Have Wedding Desserts On Your Menu!

Wedding Desserts Driving you Crazy? Check Out our Top 5 Picks This Season!

No matter how gorgeous the decor or how sophisticated the arrangements, what really matters is the food – especially, your yummmy Wedding Desserts!

So here’s our list of Top 5 Must Have Desserts on your Wedding Menu to keep your guests finger-licking-happy 😛

Wedding Desserts Trend #5 – Bite Size Little Treats!

Wedding Desserts

Pop in Those Yummy Macaroons!

Picture Courtesy: Tea Time Tale

Wedding Desserts

Eclectic Eclairs!

Picture Courtesy: The Sweet Boutique


Pick Your Favourite Flavour!!

Picture Courtesy: Krazy For Chocolates

People love little handy desserts – easy to just pick up & eat every time they pass by your yummy desserts station! Think macaroons, colorful eclairs, tarts, mini cupcakes, pies and ombre cake pops.

The Innovative & Indian Sweets Story!

Bored of the age old jalebis & pista barfis? Check out these delish Indian sweets with a modern look, taste & twist – perfect to keep your own and your mama-chacha generation’s sweet tooth satiated!

Wedding Desserts

Chocolate Coated Pistachio-almond Nougat!

Picture Courtesy: The Sweet Boutique

Wedding Desserts

Nutty Magic!

Picture Courtesy: The Sweet Boutique

Wedding Desserts

Trendy Choco Log!

Picture Courtesy: Very Berry

Or think innovative looking desserts like this Choco Log that simply nobody can resist!

The Classic Multi Tier Cake!

Wedding Desserts

Beautiful Tiered Cakes!

Picture Courtesy: Paris Cafe


A Classic Golden Tiered Cake That’s Too Pretty To Cut!

Picture Courtesy:Krazy For Chocolates

Your Wedding Cake must be epic -it is going to be the center piece of your wedding desserts bar, till the moment when you get down to cutting it & posing for those yummy clicks.  Think classic like this Golden Glory or think trendy a la different flavours on different tiers!

Picture Perfect Hand-finished Cakes!

Wedding Desserts

Berry Delight!

Picture Courtesy: Butterfly Wedding

Wedding Desserts cakes

Yummy Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Your Lovely Wedding

Sheer vintage rustic charm & yummy desserts do go together… Check out these Picture Perfect hand-finished layered cakes. Sooooo pretty, it’ll pain you to cut them!

Wedding Desserts Trend #1 – The Ultimate Bride & Groom Cake!

Wedding Desserts Cake

The Beautiful Couple Cake!

Picture Courtesy:Krazy For Chocolates

Wedding Desserts cakes

Off We Go!!!

Picture Courtesy: Signature Cake by Shweta

The Couple on Top wedding cake in all its modern avatars has made a grand comeback in Wedding Desserts! From cute, cuddly to elegant romantic, just choose your style & doll it up.

Yummy, picture perfect & delish – these are our Favourite Wedding Desserts for this season! Seen, tasted or loved something better? Leave your comments & let us know too!

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