Wedding Day Couple Poses that You Just Can’t Miss!

Couple Poses

From candid to poised or pre-planned, your wedding day couple poses can make or break your wedding album! Here’s a selection of some “Must Try” poses to get over the same old cliched ‘smile please’ pictures at your wedding.

If ever there was a perfect list of wedding day couple poses – this is it! From mushy mushy to fun and quirky, get ready to explore new ideas for your wedding album…

Wedding Day Couple Poses – #1 The Royal Couple!

Couple poses
Pretty in Pink

Picture Courtesy: Plush Affairs

Nothing beats the classic royal couple portrait. When you both are dressed in your wedding finery, you can’t NOT show off your royal vibe!

royal couple pose

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

After all, you both are the king and queen of each other’s hearts and this one’s for hanging on the walls for eternity!

#2 Romantic Overdose

Couple Poses
Much in Love <3

Picture Courtesy: Dhanika Choksi photography

Now, you seriously can’t get ‘over’ romantic on your wedding day, can you!

Couple Poses
In the Moments

Picture Courtesy: Shutter Films

Posed and lit to perfection – go all out and floor her for these super captures!

#3 Cutely Candid!

Couple Poses
Blissfully Yours

Picture Courtesy: Morvi Images

Yes, its your candid wedding photographer’s job to find these cute moments in between all the wedding madness going on around!

Couple Poses
Kiss of Love

Picture Courtesy: The Con Artists

Cos after all, these are the moments you’ll live and love forever!

#4 Yay – we’re excited!

Couple Poses
Let’s do some Bhangra!

Picture Courtesy: Rachit Photography

No you DON’T need to tone it down – it’s your wedding day and you Can’t KEEP CALM!

couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Israni Photography

Forget about what others may think, and let your inner craziness flow!


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#5 Can’t Wait to get together!

Couple Poses
Hotness Overload

Picture Courtesy: Little Big Weddings

It’s true you’ve crossed mountains and seas, and waited forever for this day… so why not capture your feelings in some intensely candid shots!

couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Lumiere Wedding Company

#6 ‘Kahaan Phas Gaye’ Pose!

Couple Poses
Simply Pose

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

A li’l bit of tongue in cheek humor never hurts… add fun and humor to your wedding album with these melodramatic poses!

melodrama couple pose

Picture Courtesy: Artfoto Studios

#7 Couple Swag!

Couple Poses
Say ‘Hi’ but with Style

Picture Courtesy: Safarnama Films

This couple has arrived and there’s no better way to announce!

couple swag pose

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Files

But of course, every girl has to have her poison.. the wedding can wait!

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#8 Black and White Beauty!

Couple Poses
Black N White N Everything Right

Picture Courtesy: Ombrebyhj 

Sometimes, you don’t need colors to portray your feelings. Honestly candid pictures in black and white are just the dose of class your wedding album needs.

black and white couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Dhanika Choksy Photography

A classic black and white picture says it all with finesse.

#9 The Couple Twirl

Couple Poses
Blooming in Love

Picture Courtesy: Fine Pixel Studio

There are only some ways a girl expresses her happiness better than twirling around in her gorgeous wedding lehenga. Add a love-struck groom to the equation and you’ve got a beauty of a pic!

Couple Poses
Twin & Twirl

Picture Courtesy: Fine Pixel Studio

Isn’t this evergreen wedding day pose just perfect to stay in your hearts forever!

#10 Those Essential Ritual Pics

Couple Poses
That ‘Varmala’ moment

Picture Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

From varmala to sindoor to pheras to vidai, your wedding album isn’t complete without gorgeous pictures of you two performing these rituals!

Couple Poses
Vermilion for Life

Picture Courtesy: Saurabh Rungta Photography

Just remember to smile and let your real emotions show for the bestest captures.

#11 Just Married!

Couple poses
In Your Arms

Picture Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan Photography

Sublime lighting and both of you glowing together gives a perfect start to a blessed journey… a must capture moment we say!

couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

The ‘just married’ glow speaks a language of its own, doesn’t it? Nothing beats the sheer exuberance of these shots!

#12  First Dance!

Couple Poses
Dancing Away

Picture Courtesy: VS Studio

Whether you love dancing or barely get your steps together, your first dance as husband and wife must be captured in full glory… And how!

couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Yashika Khatri

#13 First Kiss!

Couple Poses
Sealed with a Kiss

Picture Courtesy: The Creative Lens

Don’t hold back… cos it’s official now and you may kiss the bride! And it would be a sin to not capture this stunning moment <3

Couple Poses

Picture Courtesy: DotDusk

Our pundits don’t really say these words for you to freeze your first peck together… but you can always count on your gang to have your back as you two rock this moment!

couple pose

Picture Courtesy: Picture Perfect India

#14 Tenu Leke Main Jawanga

Couple Poses

Picture Courtesy: E M Photography

And in true blue Bollywood style, the hero lifts up his heroine in his arms to carry her home!

Couple Poses
Up-Lifting LOVE be Like 😉

Picture Courtesy: Sachi Anand Photography

Let your chemistry take over to show how you feel… Cos if you’re both game, it’s a moment worth capturing!

Couple Poses

Picture Courtesy: Dhanika Choksi Photography

#15 Off we Go!

Couple Poses
Let’s get adventurous

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

Done with our wedding shenanigans and off to our honeymoon.. That’s what these cute pictures say!

couple poses

Picture Courtesy: Lumiere Wedding Company

Steal some moments from the wedding craziness and make sure you capture at least a bunch of these must have wedding day couple poses on your D Day. Which couple pose is your favourite? Share with bae and leave comments below!

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