11 Must Have Prewedding Shoot Ideas You just Can’t Miss!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

So you’re thinking of getting a Prewedding Shoot & looking for Ideas? We bring you our Top 11 Must Have Prewedding Shoot Ideas you Just Can’t Miss!

Rock your Prewedding Shoot with these beautifully kick ass poses and themes – watch, steal, share & enjoy! 🙂

#11 – You, Me & Us!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
My Humans are getting Married!!

Picture Courtesy- Cupcake Productions

Add the ‘awwwww’ factor to your album with your adorable pet!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Just looking out for my Besties!

Picture Courtesy – Flashbakc Studio

Trust us, you just can’t go wrong with this 🙂

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Picture Perfect Cute!

Picture courtesy- Shevan J Photography 

#10 – You’re my Destination!

Indian Wedding Blog
Royally in Love!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

When you’re ready to go the extra mile, go get your Prewedding Shoot done at the picturesque Udaipur, heavenly Kashmir or stunning Leh Ladakh!

Indian Wedding Blog
Truly, Madly, Deeply!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

A little getaway before the wedding is definitely an added charm! 😉

Indian Wedding Blog
Perfect Shot

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

#9 – The high & low Tides of Life!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
The Colours of Love!

Picture Courtesy – Edit Master 

There’s nothing quite like being together on a boat in the middle of nowhere!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Love Blossoms in the Middle of Nowhere!

Picture Courtesy –Weddings by sweekar Dinesh & Avinash shetty

Add on the mystery of an aerial shot – & you’ve got yourself a masterpiece!

 #8 – The only Wonder of my World!

pre wedding shoot
Love in Paris!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

Nothing, and absolutely nothing symbolizes love more than the epic Taj Mahal or the charming Eiffel tower!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Monumental Love!

Picture Courtesy – Infinite Memories 

This one is forever, so go timeless with a black and white shot!

Classic Love. Classic Shot!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

# 7 – The Prewedding Shoot where you Take the Plunge!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Anything for you!

Picture Courtesy – The Photo Diary

Ready to take the plunge? Well, take it then!!!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Be mine?!!!

Picture Courtesy – Bhuvnesh Mutha

… & hold your breath while you hold hands underwater to get that perfect shot!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
Fairytale Proposal? Check!

Picture courtesy – Wedding Nama

#6 – Magically Together!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Love is Magical!

Picture Courtesy- Cupcake Productions

Unleash the magic and imagine how your love makes you fly… then go get it shot!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Love isn’t Everybody’s Cup of Tea!

Picture Courtesy – Reels and Frames

# 5 – The Prewedding Shoot that Says ‘Love is Crazy’!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
When you’ve found your ‘Bakra’!

Picture Courtesy – Bhavesh Shinde Photography

Having fun & being crazy together is what makes you click!

 Indian Wedding Blog
Let’s fly Away!

Picture Courtesy – Little Big Weddings

& Don’t forget to add a shot of what you do best.. pulling each other’s legs!

Prewedding Shoot Ideas
God Save Him!!

Picture Courtesy – Mehang Desai

#4 – Those Stunning Aerial Photoshoots!

Prewedding Photography
When in Love, look up & Smile!

Picture Courtesy – The Wedding Story

Nothing quite as romantic as a shot from up above!

Prewedding Photography
Love Blossoms!

Picture Courtesy – Tej Nookala

Gives your love a whole new perspective, doesn’t it!

#3 – The ‘Can’t Wait to Kiss You’ Shot!

Prewedding Photography
The Irresistible Spiderman Kiss!

Picture Courtesy – SignatureVivaah By Prasad Devrukhkar

That sizzling stunning shot which says, everything else can wait… but I just can’t wait to Kiss you!!! 😘

Prewedding Photography
Love that Stops you in your Tracks!

Picture Courtesy – Sona Sachdeva Photography 

#2 – The Prewedding Shoot with a Theme!

Prewedding Photography
Charmingly Yours!

Picture courtesy – Hitched & Clicked at The Perfect Location

Bored of the same old locations and poses? Go role playing!

Prewedding Photography
Drunk on You!

Picture Courtesy – Infinite Memories at The Perfect Location

Think out of the ordinary and add a vintage romantic flavor to your love!

Prewedding Photography
Old is Gold!

Picture courtesy – Infinite Memories at The Perfect Location

#1 – Falling in Love!

Prewedding Photography
Love, Water & Pure Chemistry!

Picture Courtesy – Banga Studios

This one is our absolute favourite! 😘

Prewedding Shoot Ideas

Picture Courtesy:  Renata Pineze Fotografia

There is absolutely nothing that spins a magic as raw & romantic as being together in a stunning waterfall!

Prewedding Photography
Knee Deep in Love!

Picture Courtesy – Banga Studios

For more inspiring Prewedding Shoot Ideas don’t forget to look at these awesome shots & let us know your favourite in comments below!

Gallery Pictures Courtesy:  Rahul Jagani Photography Capture Memories, The Creative Eye ProductionShutterink, The Cheesecake Project,  Photobooth9, Studio RDP, Knotty Days, Flgroe Studios,  Reels and Frames, The Metal Farmer, Mehang Desai

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