Epic Bride Entry Ideas that will make your Groom & Guests Go Gaga!

Bridal Entry Ideas

Gone are the days when the nervously veiled bride awaits her Prince Charming on the typical horseback… Tables have turned and now we see the dear groom eagerly looking forward to his sweetheart’s beautiful bride entry! If you are the bride-to-be and looking for some amazing and epic bride entry ideas for your big day, you have hit the right space! From simple and sophisticated bride entry ideas to a cool dhamakedar entry – here’s some of our handpicked fav’s…

Bride Entry Idea #1 – With Your Gang of Veeres!

Bridal Entry Ideas
The Bride Squad!

Picture Courtesy: amarantelifestyle_studio

Can you even imagine your wedding without your veeres?! Walking down the aisle with your girl gang is a top favourite among brides and a classic bride entry idea that never fails.

Bridal Entry Ideas
Your Pillars for Life!

Picture Courtesy: jagphotostudios

Are they ready? Hint them to color code and complement your outfit and make sure to practice this entry – lotsa laughter & fun guaranteed!

#2 Pet Pug!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Your Pet Leads the Way!

Picture Courtesy: design_aqua_studio

For all pet lovers out there, this is the best idea ever! When they’re always there for you, why make them feel left out on your big day?

Bridal Entry Ideas
Vroooom in!

Picture Courtesy: Weddingnama 

Doesn’t this ‘zooming in with your pooch’ make for an adorable and jaw-dropping entry that’ll be remembered for years to come!

#3 Dulhan di Gaddi!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Riding the car!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak studios

Yes, we’ve all seen grooms zoom in on their favorite cars, but why should boys have all the fun 😉 If you’re game for a bold statement entry, why not get inspired by this bindass bride and seat yourself on top of a luxury convertible!

Bridal Entry Ideas
‘I’ve Arrrived’ Moment!

Picture Courtesy: timeshutterz

Or an open door ride-in like this bride above!

Bridal Entry Ideas
The Rockstar Bride

Picture Courtesy: fotografia9_india 

And what’s cooler than a bride waving away outta her open window!

#4 Golfcart Trip

Bridal Entry Ideas
Ride on Wheels!

Picture Courtesy: Dipak studios

If you’re getting married at a lavish resort with golf greens, nothing better than dolling up a golf cart for your most exciting ride!

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Picture Courtesy: rolling canvas

A color coded gang and a few fun shots are sure to make this ride to the mandap the most memorable ride of your life!

#5 Dancing Bride Entry

Bridal Entry Ideas
Nachle Nachle!

Picture Courtesy: abhisakshi_photography 

When you’ve got that spring in your step and you just can’t keep it to yourself – just choose your song and dance on in!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Shava Shava!!

Picture Courtesy: coolbluezphotography 

As you dance down the aisle – include your bride tribe, nieces, nephews, auntyji’s and uncleji’s to join in along with you and make it special!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Balle! Balle!

Picture Courtesy: theweddingcrasherofficial

And if you love the idea of swinging in your own baraat, choose wisely from among the slow romantic bride entry songs to to OTT Punjabi dance numbers out there. So choose your perfect song, practice your moves and groove along!

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#6 Cuteness Overloaded with Li’l One’s!

Bridal Entry Ideas

Picture Courtesy: shutterdownphotography 

When you’ve got a cutie pie nephew or niece who loves you to the moon, give them a prime role and let them lead the path to your supercute entry!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Sign on!

Picture Courtesy: Picture Perfect India

Isn’t this munchkin setting goals for your glam bride entry 😍

#7 Fireworks Ahoy!

Bridal Entry Ideas

Picture Courtesy: gautamkhullarphotography

Honestly, this the biggest celebration of your life… Then why not light up the path with sparklers and fireworks!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Light Up the Aisle!

Picture Courtesy: photographick

If yours is a night wedding or you’re thinking of the post wedding reception, entering hand-in-hand to the burst of sparkles is a great idea!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Light & Sounds of Life

Picture Courtesy: theweddingsalad

As your friends and family light up your entry tunnel, this simple yet photo friendly entry idea will be a memory to cherish!

#8 Autorickshaw Entry!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Make it Kitschy!

Picture Courtesy: aanalsavaliya

Can you imagine how a simple autorickshaw can add to the quirkiness of bride’s entry? Leave aside the age old paalki and vroom on for the ride of your life!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Bride Ride!

Picture Courtesy: studiokellyphotography

All said n done, make sure you do a few trial rides to feel totally comfortable getting in and out of the rickshaw in your heavy bridal lehenga!

#9 Phoolon Ki Chaadar

Bridal Entry Ideas

Picture Courtesy: blacktieproject

Phoolon ki chaadaar might be an age old bride entry style, but you can always give it your own twist! So make sure the flowers on the chaadar complement your lehenga – if you’re wearing ivory, the chadar should be pristine white and green too!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Colorful Chaadar!

Picture Courtesy: flgroestudios

Make it more interesting by playing just the right bride entry song as you walk in!

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#10 Grand Paalki or Floral Carriage!

Bridal Entry Ideas
The Beauty of a Palki!

Picture Courtesy: rahuldecunhapictures

Every girl’s childhood dream is to arrive in a palki. And if you’re a lover of retro style or you like to keep it simply traditional, we’ll say go with a palki and live up your dream!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Think Grand

Picture Courtesy: thephotodiary3

Love the paalki but want something more grand? The modern version of a palki is an exquisite and stunning flower decked open carriage! Love it, don’t we 😍

#11 Under my Umbrella!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Sunshine & Beauty

Picture Courtesy: safarnamafilms

Hey beautiful… It need not be raining for you to carry an umbrella! Especially if its a hand-crafted floral umbrella that’ll easily replace your phoolon ki chaadar…

Bridal Entry Ideas
Origami Umbrellas!

Picture Courtesy: weddingtulips

Sophisticated and super glam – these beauties are the perfect prop to add oomph to your bridal style!

#12 Orange Juice n Lemon’s!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Where’s the Bride!

Picture Courtesy: pixelknot photography 

Remember playing those ‘orange juice n lemons’ games when you were a kid?!! Well, its a fabulous idea to get your best buddies to build an entry tunnel and watch your groom lookout for you as you make your way through a giggling #teambride!

Bridal Entry Ideas
HereI Am!

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

It’ll not just be a laugh riot practicing this entry with your besties, but you’ll relive a thousand memories every time you look back at this picture for years to come 🙂

#13 Bike Love!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Ride in Style!

Picture Courtesy: bhumiandsimran

Love being the biker chick or simply love the thrill of a bike ride? Then a bike as your bride entry ride is the coolest idea ever!

Bridal Entry Ideas
Who Cares!

Picture Courtesy: camerawaalebaraati 

Cover Picture Courtesy: Weddingnama 

All that you need is a bike, and a helluva carefree attitude to make this one click!

From traditional to trendy, sophisticated to rockstar – every entry style is possible with a bit of planning and perfect execution! And, trust us, these fabulous bridal entry ideas are all you’ll need to make a dream entry. Looking for more? Check this out too!

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