Wedding Gifts & Favors – Top 10 Unique Mehendi Favors!

Mehendi Favors

Everyone loves wedding gifts! But when it comes to mehendi favors, Indian brides are looking for something cute as well as budget friendly. 

Today, mehendi favors are way more than just colorful bangles! Here’s a sneak peek into the latest trending mehendi favors for your near ones.

Mehendi Favor Idea #1 – Cookies & Cupcakes!

Mehendi Favors
Henna Cookies!!!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

Mehendi themed cookies are the custest nibbles and takeaways for your guests. These colorful cookies can be custom made to your taste and theme and last long even for destination weddings!

Mehendi Favors
Fun & quirky!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

And if you’re doing a pastel mehendi party – gold & pastel cupcakes with fun quirky designs can be just the perfect favor!

#2 Potlis & Clutch Bags

Mehendi Favors
Beautiful mini Potli bags!!!

Picture Courtesy: Bespoke Designs

Again, depending on your theme, choose bright or pastel hued potli bags or stylish clutch bags as irresistible mehendi favors!

Mehendi Favors
Go blingy!

Picture Courtesy: Dolcegabbana

From high end crystal studded D&G clutches to make your besties feel extra special to more pocket friendly custom made ones – there’s something in every budget and style!

Mehendi Favors
Pretty Pink & Gold!

Picture Courtesy: Lovetobag

#3 Skincare & Doll up Kits!

Mehendi Favors
Organic Gift Favors for your special ones!!!

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto Events

Whether your mehendi guests are 16 or 60 – who doesn’t love a bit of skin and makeup pampering!

mehendi favors
Oh so Luxurious!

Picture Courtesy: Alanna 

Gift them a get gorgeous kit that they’ll thank you for every time they use and glow!

#4 Shawls & Stoles

Mehendi Favors
Color Blast!

Picture Courtesy: Adirag

No matter which season or city the wedding is in, a colorful stole is a perfect gift for guests who love to dress up!

Mehendi Favors
A little bit of snuggle!!!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

And if its a winter wedding, a shawl is just the right choice of mehendi favor.

#5 Fragrant Candles!

Mehendi Favors
Pretty pink Fragrances!

Picture Courtesy: Vplan Unlimited

Honestly, we’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t love these hanging candles! Aren’t these cute little fragrant candles the perfect gift to spread the joy of your wedding ❤

Mehendi Favors
Earthy Chic!

Picture Courtesy: The Color Plate

Or if your taste is more earthy chic – these déco candles are the giveaway that your guests will cherish for years!

#6 Goodie Jars & Bottles!

Mehendi Favors
Bottle Bud’s!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Since glass bottles and jars are the latest trend in town – get your custom bottles made and fill ’em up with almost anything from vodka to perfumes, essence to body mists!

Mehendi Favors
Health & Tasty!

Picture Courtesy: House of Design

And if you prefer something more traditional like dry fruits – do us a favor and experiment with different flavors in such cute tin jars!

#7 Mehendi Themed Wooden Artifacts!

Mehendi Favors
Paisley Love!

Picture Courtesy: K’reate by Roshni

These cute li’l hand painted Mehendi themed Tilak Boxes are sooooo apt for your mehendi gifts, aren’t they!

Mehendi Favors
Boxes Galore!

Picture Courtesy: K’reate by Roshni

From trinklet boxes to bedside wooden trays and coasters – these are not just useful gift ideas but budget friendly too!

#9 Jooti Love!

Mehendi gifts
Jooti Love!

Picture Courtesy: Pastels and Pop

Women & footwear – that’s another story!!! So who can say no to such cute colorful jootis and mojris as mehendi favors 😍

Mehendi Favors
Perfect jooti stand!!!

Picture Courtesy: Rani Pink Love

All you need to do is put a jooti corner at your mehendi venue and watch them go gaga! Pastel or colorfully vibrant – there’s something for everyone.

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#10 Pure Potted Love!

Mehendi Favors
Go Green!!!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Go green and let your guests remember you forever with these cute li’l potted plants as take home gifts!

Mehendi Favors
Classic Elegance!

Picture Courtesy: Altair

Make your mehendi the most vibrant, fun-filled function these gorgeous gift and favor ideas! Let us know what you love most in comments below

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Gifts & Favors – Top 10 Unique Mehendi Favors!

  1. Amisha Lohar says:

    I like your ideas of for mehendi favors. I like most of the items but the jooti, I like the most. We have tried most of the items from the list but never tried jooti. So I’ll add it to my list and surely share with my clients. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Sheetal says:

    Well said colorful bangles are not only the option you have! There are tons of Mehendi favors other than bangles, and brides love those latest Mehendi favors.

    #7 Mehendi Themed Wooden Artifacts is an outstanding gift!

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