Get your Wedding Album right with Tips & Insights from Wedding Photographer Clickography!

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You can’t take chances with your wedding album, can you? To help you get yours right, we spoke to wedding photographer Bharat of  Clickography, and here’s everything he revealed…

Only someone from behind the lens can tell you what to do and what not to do when you’re posing for your wedding pictures. So here’s wedding photographer Bharat Prajapati from team Clickography sharing his owns insights, tips and ideas!

What do you love most about being a Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographer
Amidst The Nature

A wedding happens once in a lifetime, and every wedding is unique – with its own set of emotions, colours, people and frames which can’t be replicated. 

Couple poses
Beside You Forever

To be able to preserve it like it happened, is something that connects with me! For me, its a way to capture your most precious memories for life.

Your favourite wedding couple from 2019?

Its difficult to choose any one!

Couple poses
In All Of Your Heartbeats

But going by public response, Mitesh and Kavitha’s wedding shot at Della Resort near Lonavala was quite popular recently.

bride portrait
That Bridal Glow

Three mistakes couples make that spoil their wedding pictures?

wedding photographer
Cutesy Love

Not giving your wedding photographer enough time to capture you two as a couple! Usually there’s very little time between any two rituals and with everyone rushing, its difficult to create a masterpiece.

couple poses
Hitched Together

Getting your couple shoot done after the reception, when you’re tired and your expressions and emotions reveal it on the frame!

bride portrait
The Bathtub deets

Not keeping things ready! If we sit down to clear a bridal room (usually quite messy) when we start clicking ‘Getting Ready’ pictures, precious time is lost. Its important to anticipate and plan these things in advance.

wedding photographer
Brush It Off

Couple poses and bridal portrait poses that really work?

couple poses
Fixing The Most Important

While it depends on every couple, royal poses never fail. 

wedding photographer
Royal it Is!

A lot also depends on your attire and ambiance but ultimately its your personality that makes a portrait shine!

Wedding photographer
Give Me All The News

An outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding – Which gets you better pictures?

wedding photographer
Take Me Away

It’s always fun and challenging to play with natural light, and I’m sure most wedding photographers would prefer an outdoor wedding.


bridal portrait
Mirror Mirror On The Wall

In indoor weddings we make up by using external light sources, and somewhere personally I find it as a bit of a disadvantage.

How difficult is it to get couples to pose the way you want? 3 things that can help?


wedding photographer

Wedding or pre-wedding, it’s important to bond with a couple prior to their shoot. For better posing, we

  • Try to give them demo of the poses!
couple poses
Ride With Me
  • Modify the poses according to your chemistry and comfort level.
  • Suggest you do not copy some one else’s poses blindly!

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Wedding Day Couple Poses that You Just Can’t Miss!

A lot of couples are opting for cinematic film style videos these days. As a wedding photographer how do you go about the theme, song selection and execution for that?

couple poses
Reflecting Art

Cinematic films give a glimpse of your whole wedding in just a few minutes, which you can easily share with everyone even on social media.

wedding photographer
Upside Down

For selecting pre-production things like theme, songs etc, we conduct a client meeting and share preferences. Based on their tastes, they help us choose what they like.


wedding photographer
Into The Nature

Then our team creates the story line, and based on that the shoot is executed. This saves client’s time too and helps us get all the desired clips.

What 3 props would you suggest couples MUST carry with them to a pre-wedding destination shoot?

bridal portrait
Its Chai Time

For pre-weddings, we ourselves try to carry the desired props after discussing client tastes and preferences.  We tell our couples to carry 4 to 5 outfits and matching accessories for each set.

Top 5 things a person MUST ask the wedding photographer before they book?

wedding photographer
We Are One
  • Discuss standard cost and package details and any customization that you need
  • Is your core team going to shoot or are you calling any freelancers?
  • What uniqueness will you bring to our wedding film?
  • Will you provide us raw data of our wedding?
  • If there’s permits required for drones or locations – who will get them?


couple poses
Stand By Your Side

These are just a few! But its important to have an agreement with all terms and conditions mentioned clearly to help avoid nasty situations in future. 

In this world impacted by corona virus, how and when does a couple getting married in December get their pre-wedding done?

wedding photographer
The Sea, The Mountains and US

Some couples have always dreamt of having a destination pre-wedding shoot. But in this crisis, we suggest hunting for lesser known nearby locations!

wedding photographer
I have Your Back

We as a team, try to create your film without the location hampering it too much.

We’re sure these tips and ideas from wedding photographer Clickography will go a long way to help you to create magic in your wedding album when the time comes. Till then, relax and stay safe!

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