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Bride and Bridesmaids – Our Top 10 Must Have Clicks with Your BFF’s!

You just can’t survive the Big Day without your gang of girls – sisters, friends, cousins, bhabhis et all… Check out our “Must Have” Bride and Bridesmaids pics for those super clicks with your super girls!

10. Bride and Bridesmaids – The Whole Gang!

Bride and Bridesmaids

Let’s Catch our last Beauty Sleep Girls!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

Your Wedding is a celebration of your ‘Forever Love’ alright, but it’s your Bride and Bridesmaids bond that’s stronger still! How???? They’re the one who stood by you through every scary, funny or gossipy moment in life!

Bride and Bridesmaids

Beauties in Blue!

Picture Courtesy: Feather Tree By Aviraj

9. The Getting Ready Shot!


Always ready to Go Down for You! 😉

Picture Courtesy:Studio RDP

A pic that gives a big “Thanks” to all your helping beauties… No matter how many professional MUA you hire, you can’t take a step ahead sans their help!

Bride and Bridesmaids

A Friend In Need… Is one who holds your Feet!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

Hot New Photoshoot Idea!!!

And check out this Supercool Bridesmaids shoot of Tanya & her gang @Thailand has got us going wohooooo! 😘
Share with the besties you MUST do this with! 👯

  • bridesmaids photoshootSuperhot Gang!
  • Superhot bridesmaids photoshootSupercool Gang!
  • besties photoshootWho's the Boss!
  • Beach bridesmaids photoshootYay!!!!
  • Dressing Gown bridesmaids photoshootGetting Ready!
  • Supercool bridesmaids photoshootLet's Drive!
  • Beach bridesmaids photoshootSassy Sisters!
  • Poolside bridesmaids photoshootLet's Dive!
  • bridesmaids photoshootAre you Ready!

Fab clicks by Infinite Memories
Lehenga by Niket Mishra Couture
Shoot Locations – Pattaya & Bangkok

8. The Cool Colour Coded Girls!

Bride and Bridesmaids

Pretty in Pink!

Picture Courtesy: Vipin Photography

Select your favourite theme color & get them color coded crazy for a bunch of super cool pics!


Picture Courtesy: Shyamal & Bhumika

7. The Status Update Shot!

Bride and Bridesmaids

Status Flash!

Picture Courtesy: Amish Photogarphy

Some chalkboards and colourful chalks are all you need to show the world – your friendship status, your relationship status or more!


Picture Courtesy: Feather Tree By Aviraj

6. Who’s Next??

Bride and Bridesmaids kaleere click

That Lucky Bridesmaid!!

Picture Courtesy: Picture Art Company

Right from your mehendi, your girls are desperately waiting for that Kaleera moment to find out who’s next! This calls for a perfectly fun capture.

Bride and Bridesmaids Kaleere

The Lovely Bridemaids & The Ringing Kaleere!

Picture Courtesy : The Cheesecake Project

5. Let’s Dance & Twirl our Hearts Out!

Bride and Bridesmaids

Can’t Stop Dancing!

Picture Courtesy: Avinash Dhoundiyal Photography

Play your fav music & dance your hearts out… Or get pretty and twirling.. Or just pose like Dancing Divas!

Bride and Bridesmaids photo ideas

Let’s Twirl Away!

Picture Courtesy: Dhanika

Bride and Bridesmaids photo shots

Purbsha and her team Go Wow!

4. The Jija-Saalis Fun Click!

Bride and Bridesmaids - fun with groom

One for All and All for One!!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

Your Mr. Right is taking you away… and they won’t let you go… A tug of war shot or a “He’s Mine!” shot is sure to keep your whole bunch giggling whenever you catch up!

Bride and bridesmaids - Fun with Groom

She’s Ours!!

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

3. Sisters Before Misters!

Bride and Bridesmaids - Loving Sisters

Partner In Crime!

Picture Courtesy : Dipak Studios

You really can’t afford to upset your sis even in the slightest way 😉 This one shot is dedicated to all those years you’ve spent kissing, fighting, bitching, hugging, and making up with each other!

Bride and Bridesmaids - Lovely Sisters

Sisters in Style!

Picture Courtesy: Vipin Photography

2. Hey you Bride and Bridesmaids – Turn on the SWAG!!!

Bride and Bridesmaids

Pretty Mehendi & Prettier Girls!!

Picture Courtesy: Fotowalle

Bride and Bridesmiads - Bride Swag

Pout Partners!!

Picture Courtesy: Candid Wedding Stories

Bride and Bridesmaids picture ideas

We’ve Got Your Back!

Picture Courtesy: DelhiVelvet

When it comes to swag – none can match you and your squad’s level. All you need are your sexy pair of shades and your favourite BFF to go pout, pout, click!!!

1. The Forbidden Kiss Shot!

The “Forbidden Kiss” shot with your groom is one you just can’t miss! It’s as much fun getting it clicked as viewing it together later!

Bride and Bridesmaids Kiss shot

We Aren’t Watching!

Picture Courtesy: LightBucket Productions

Bride and Bridesmaids Kissing shot

Nobody Knows You Better!

Picture Courtesy : Jayesh Khaturia Photogarphy

And here’s a bridesmaids shoot we’re totally crushing over – Prerna & her Super Cute & Naughty Besties shot at Grand Hyatt Mumbai 

  • BridesmaidsUp, up & Away!
  • BridesmaidsGirly Gossip!
  • BridesmaidsYayyyyyyy!
  • BridesmaidsLife without friends? naaah!
  • BridesmaidsJust Lazing Around!
  • BridesmaidsGirly Gang!

Gallery Pictures Courtesy: Israni Photography

Cover picture courtesy : Infinite Memories

Now that you’ve seen our Top 10 Bride and Bridesmaids Click Ideas – pick your favourite shots, share with your BFF’s and get clicking!

Did something better on your wedding or got a better picture idea with your gang? Don’t be silent – share with us in comments below!

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