Skincare Routine for Brides-to-Be… Get going NOW!

Bride-to-be soon and still looking for a skincare routine? Well then, let us be your bae!

For skin as soft as your heart, follow our simple 7 step skincare routine to look the best on you big day!

A Skincare routine for Brides to Be!

Most of you have heard the three step skincare mantra: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. What most of you might not know is how to go about them and what steps to add for specific skin types or skin problems… So we’re here to guide you!

#1 – Cleansing it Good!

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Yes, you wash your face first thing in the morning. But a good skincare routine is about how and with what you cleanse your face at night, just before you hit bed!

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If you regularly wear make-up, its important you double cleanse every night. First, wash your face with an oil or balm based cleanser to get off the dirt, grime and makeup. Next,  use a light gel based cleanser to deep cleanse and prep your skin for everything good to follow!

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Yes, we recommend an oil or balm based cleanser even if you have oily skin – but that’s only for the step 1 and on days when you have makeup on.

Don’t forget, in the mornings, use only a light cleanser or go back to the good old home made cleansers – doodh-besan, bread-milk, turmeric-honey – not only are these immensely nourishing and deeply cleansing, they also leave you with a soft supple glowing skin!

#2 – Tone it Away!

skincare routine for winter brides
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We often forget how important a toner is to maintain the healthy glow and balance of our complexion. A natural toner like rose water works great on almost all skin types!

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Just sprinkle it on some cotton wool and lightly dab all over your face every time after you cleanse.

#3 Exfoliating Right!

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Given the levels of pollution around us, we recommend exfoliating your skin at least twice every week to cleanse away all the dead skin cells and accumulating grime that could clog your pores.

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Before heading to bed every Wednesday and Sunday, gently massage your face using an exfoliant like an apricot or walnut scrub or your homemade scrub like a concoction of coconut oil and sugar granules. You’re sure to uncover softer fresher skin every time you scrub away!

#4 Bring on the Moisturizer!

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The most important step of any skincare routine is moisturizing – it is your secret weapon to infuse your skin with all the hydration it needs to keep glowing!

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If you have an oily skin, we suggest going for a non-comedogenic moisturizer – one that doesn’t block your pores. Or, try a light aloe vera serum instead. But its a must to moisturize every single night as that’s when our skin regenerates and revitalizes itself naturally.

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And especially if you sleep in an air-conditioned room every night, cos that AC simply saps away all your natural oils!

# 5 Tea Tree Oils!

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Got super dry dehydrated skin? Add a natural oil to your daily nighttime routine – yes you heard it right -oil! Cos that’s what skincare experts all over the world recommend to take care of deep rooted dryness and avoid those fine lines from showing up years before you dread!

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Fond of hot showers in winters? Well, try keeping it warm as these hot showers will take away much of your skin’s natural oils. To replenish, grease your palms with a few drops of tea tree oils after the shower and rub all over to make up for the loss!

# 6 Hello Hydrating Serum!

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Constantly sitting in AC rooms or travelling all over the city? Then hydrating serums with active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid are a must have!

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Carry it around wherever you go and just dab on your face 2 -3 times a day. It not just provides more nourishment than your moisturizer, it also works as a great skin refresher. And if you’ve got extra dry skin, add a layer of serum underneath your moisturizer to pump up the hydration!

#7 Overnight Masks!

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Don’t have the time to pamper you skin everyday? Layer on an overnight mask to defy time. These masks work even while you sleep and provide extra hydration to your skin… so you wake up looking and feeling – wow!

If you’re a bride-to-be, this skincare routine is just what you need to get set go! If there’s anything else you would like us to talk about, you know the comments box below is waiting for your questions👇👇 Before signing off, just a small tip – you’re Born Beautiful… so smile away & stay gorgeous!

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