Pre-wedding shoot in Leh Ladakh – Everything you need to Know!

prewedding in Leh

The definitive guide to your pre-wedding shoot in Leh Ladakh! Here’s everything you need to know, from travel to hotels to best photoshoot spots…

Thinking of planning for a heavenly pre-wedding shoot in Leh Ladakh? But can’t quite decide how to go ahead with it? Are you wondering…

  • Where?
  • How to get there?
  • Where to stay?

WORRY NOT. We’ve got your back!

First things First

prewedding in Leh

Picture Courtesy: Naman Verma 

Leh Ladakh are among the most sought after destinations for couples who not just want a surreal photoshoot, but also want to experience the adventure and thrill associated with it!

So, get your facts right before you hop on to get your dream pre-wedding photoshoot.

The Nitty- Gritty: how to reach Leh?

leh prewedding
Let’s go!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Krafter 

Leh isn’t the easiest place to travel to. But let that not stop you as we bring a complete guide which covers all the routes to reach your dream location.

By air – To reach Leh by air, you will have to find yourself either in Delhi or Srinagar first and catch a 1-1.5 hr direct flight. However there are no flights flying in and out of Leh post noon, so plan accordingly to start early and make the most of your day there.

Leh Ladakh photoshoot

Picture Courtesy: Sunny Dhiman Photography

The best part about taking a flight? If you’re lucky, you’ll catch some spectacular views of the Himalayas from the flight.

By road – On the contrary, you can also reach Leh through public transport or avail bike tours from Manali. This lets you experience Leh Ladakh completely unfiltered!

prewdding in leh ladakh
What a Rush!

Picture Courtesy: Daniel Vertiz

By train & bus – The closest railway station is Jammu Tawi, located at a distance of approximately 708 km from Leh. In order to reach Leh, you can take a train to Jammu Tawi and then make your onward journey to Leh by taxi/bus to reach in around 15 hours.

Where to stay in Leh Ladakh?

Prewedding in Leh

Picture Courtesy: Abhimanyu Singh Dayal

Getting a nice hotel in this high altitude destination is not really a tough nut to crack! In fact, you can choose from a surprising mix of budget friendly and luxurious options in Leh ladakh. Luxury does come with a price tag, but hotels like: Lha Ri sa Resort by Welcomheritage, The Zen , The Grand Dragon in the cities of Leh ladakh are great options to choose from.

Prewedding in Leh
Sheer LOVE

Picture Courtesy: leeande_lvphotography

Want something hatke? Luxury cottages and tent like accommodation at the Pangong and Nubra Sarai and the unique glamping concept TIH Chalet Seabuckthorn will make your far-fetched romantic-adventure dreams come true.

Where to get your “Oh-so-Bollywood” style Photoshoot in Leh?

prewedding in leh ladakh
Ishq Hua

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Treasure

Pangong  Lake (Tso)

Only 160kms away from Leh, you can witness the most mesmerizing blue colour of Pangong Lake in all its pristine beauty. Remember that last scene from 3 Idiots where Kareens Kapoor finally gets together with Amir Khan? Yes, exactly that beautiful lake is the perfect backdrop for all your photo cravings!

leh ladakh prewedding

Picture Courtesy: Infinite Memories

While, it’s a tad bit tricky to get drone permits at the Pangong Lake; don’t lose hope yet! There are three other equally mesmerizing lakes where you can avail your drone permits for that intense bird eye shot – Tso Moriri Lake, Tso Kar Lake, Stat Tso and Lang Tso .

Nubra Valley

leh prewedding

Picture Courtesy: leeande_lvphotography

You cross over the Khardung la (famous for being the highest motorable road in the world) to enter the Nubra Valley from Leh. Painted in palettes of brown, grey, white and golden, the landscape can become your favourite spot for pictures with your bae, especially at sunset.

Magnetic Hills

It is the only cyclops hill in India with anti-gravitational visual effects. Here you can experience and capture mysterious anti-gravity action in your pictures and videos.

Monasteries and Local Highlights

prewedding in ladakh
Colours of Love

Picture Courtesy: Mayank Gor Films 

The Shanti Stupa in Leh is a major attraction for couples who wish to add on a pop of colour to their pictures against the backdrop of the mountains. If you want to climb up to the stupa, do it at sunrise or sunset. Also, avoid climbing up the Shanti Stupa on your first day itself!

Then there’s the Leh Palace on the other side of stupa. The bylanes of the Leh market with their museum-like stores are an interesting place to walk and get shot candidly.

Travel between the destinations in Leh Ladakh

photoshoot in Leh

Picture Courtesy: Naman Verma 

Leh to Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is located at a distance of about 100 kilometers from Leh takes approximately 5 hrs. The main road access to Nubra Valley is over the mighty Khardungla Pass which is open throughout the year. You can easily avail public transport or share cabs or hire your own SUV and head to Nubra.

Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake

The most commonly used route to travel to Pangong is via the Khardungla Pass. Yes, you heard me right; it is the same route you would have taken to travel back from Nubra to Leh. It is usually advised that you travel back to Leh from Nubra and then head to Pangong the next day which is another 8 to 10 hours long journey.

prewedding shoot in leh ladakh
Find Me

Picture Courtesy: Kodo Clicker

Leh to Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is at a distance of about 27kms from Leh towards Kargil, on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar Highway and takes arund 40 mins to reach via road.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Leh

prewedding shoot in leh ladakh
Be Mine

Picture Courtesy: Rushabh Sanghvi

  • Altitude acclimatization – Give your body complete rest and let it get used to the reduced oxygen levels in Ladakh. The ideal case scenario would be to take a day of rest. Even if your visit to Ladakh is a short one, plan at least a day of complete rest (not stepping out of your hotel/guesthouse/homestay)
  • You are advised to carry an oxygen cylinder whenever you are travelling to any place which is at a higher altitude.
  • Travel in and around Leh is expensive, so you are advised to book your conveyance beforehand.
  • Tourists are required to obtain a Protect Area Permit for visiting restricted areas including Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, Pangong Tso Lake, Dhahanu and Nubra Valley. You can obtain these permits through registered travel agencies. While travelling, it’s advisable to carry six copies of the permit as these are required to be submitted at the checking points.
Leh prewedding

Picture Courtesy: Bhram Production

Take it slow. Deliberate small steps. Smell the flowers. Take in the views. Walk at a snail’s pace. (No seriously, climbing a single flight of stairs can have you gasping for air due to low oxygen levels!) Luckily, there’s no train to catch here and you can take all the time in the world!

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