Pre Wedding Shoot Destination - Charismatic Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh!

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination – Charismatic Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh!

Romantic photoshoot on your mind? We bring you the ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Destination – Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh!

Manisha and Vinay packed their bags and took off for Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh – The Ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Destination!

Sonmarg -The Golden Meadows!

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination

Forever Together!

The picturesque greenery of Sonmarg with a backdrop of snowy peaks and clear blue skies makes it a truly romantic Pre Wedding Shoot Destination!

Zero Point Sonmarg – Romancing the Snow!

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If you want to experience snow even in summer, you need to travel 35 kms from Sonmarg beyond the Zozilla pass along the National Highway to reach the ultimate snowclad location called Zero Point!

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Say Snoooooow!!!

Amidst the snow-capped mountains, & the chilling temperatures Kriti Photo  perfectly captured Manisha & Vinay’s love and the stunning beauty on their lens.

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination

Snowy Scene!

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination – The Classic Dal Lake!

Pre Wedding Shoot destination

Floating Away!

Nothing beats the vintage charm of sailing together in the beautiful wooden shikaras on the forever beautiful Dal Lake!

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That look in your Eyes!

The cute couple didn’t miss the chance to strike the iconic Titanic pose on board a beautiful shikara on a sunny Dal Lake… stuff YRF movies are made of!

Pre-Wedding shoot destination

My Hearts Will Go On and on!

On Way to Ladakh…

Nilesh & Adesh Desai of Kriti Photo say, “The road trip from Srinagar to Ladakh… was just unforgettable! We chose many different places for shoots in between the trip.”

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Those open Skies!

On the way we stopped and borrowed a bike from a complete stranger. Then Manisha learnt riding the bike on the spot to finally create these wonderful shots!

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Love goes Vrooooom!

Interestingly, the bike owner was happy to have his bike featured in a movie and sat through the shoot patiently! :p

Breathtaking Beauty – Pangong Lake!

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination

You, Me & Everything beyond!

The stunning Panong Lake is situated at a height of 14,270 feet and is actually on the Line of Control between India and China!

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination

Twirling Away!

Manisha looks lovely in red as she twirls away by the surreal Pangong Tso. The breathtaking beauty of the lake not just provides the perfect backdrop but leaves you enamored for perfectly romantic moments to be captured!

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination

Beauty is in the Eyes!

The view of the Pangong lake was beyond imagination! – Suyash Chhabra of Filmy the Production

Pre Wedding Shoot Destination

Ready for Eternity!

To experience this beauty and capture memories of a lifetime, Manisha, Vinay and Filmy the Production team underwent everything… from low oxygen levels to tough terrains a landslide and missed flights!

Pre-Wedding shoot destination

But when they look back and see the fabulous pictures and memories created… they are ready to do it all over again!

We’re in love with these exotic locations in the breathtaking valleys, mountains and lakes of charismatic Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh! How about you? Leave your comments below!

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