Pre Wedding Poses- Poses & Ideas that’ll make you go Wowwwww!

Pre Wedding Poses

If you want a couple shoot that is more than just pretty outfits and cliched poses, here are some handpicked Pre wedding poses that you’ll fall in love with!

Willing to experiment and explore exciting ideas? These cute pre wedding poses are all you need to get set go!

Up, Up and Away!

Pre wedding Poses
Let’s Fly Away!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Story

These poses are perfect for all you quirky couples who want a fun element in their pictures. Show them to your photographer and ask them to make use of smart camera tricks and genius editing for awesome results!

Pre wedding Poses
Let’s Go For a Spin!

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

While they’re sure to be a hit on your Insta and whatsapp groups, these are also going to bring a smile to your face every time you see them… even years later :p

You Light Up My World!

Pre wedding Poses
Spark Between Us!

Picture Courtesy: Barad Studio

Fairy lights are not just for weddings or Christmas decor, they’re the cutest way of creating a spark in your prewedding pictures! Add on your sizzling chemistry and some cosy snuggles and you’re sure to get some pictures worth framing.

Pre Wedding Poses
Getting Cosy

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Who knew wrapping fairy lights around yourself would be so romantic 😉. Let your romance shine on like the warmth of these lights!

Get a Vrooooom, you Guys!

Pre Wedding Poses
Love Ride

Picture Courtesy: Dipak studios

If you both love zooming around, then why not add your passion to your pictures! Add a li’l speed and adrenaline rush to your pre wedding pictures by getting on a bike or a rock solid ATV.

Pre Wedding Poses
Let’s Go!

Picture Courtesy: DelhiVelvet

Imagine a classic jeep, wide open roads, the wind in your hair and love in the air… magical, isn’t it! Discuss with your photographer to help you create this beautiful canvas.

Kitchen Tales!

Pre Wedding Poses
Cooking up some Loouve

Picture Courtesy: Monks In Happiness

If you both follow the ‘live to eat’ motto then this is just the thing for your pre wedding shoot. Get posing in your kitchen or enjoying your favourite food together!

Pre wedding Poses
Love Bite

Picture Courtesy: Design Aqua Studio

And why just pose, when you can actually cook up a storm! Let your partner explore his culinary skills and get down and dirty to create some fun moments together 😜

Let’s Dive Right In!

Pre Wedding poses
Floating Together

Picture Courtesy: Design Aqua

Feeling adventurous? Romancing or even proposing under water is such a great idea… it just doesn’t get old! 😉.

Pre Wedding Poses
Deep in Love

Picture Courtesy: Stillemotional

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Get your Quirk On!

Pre wedding poses
Hold On!

Picture Courtesy: Nitin Arora Photography

How about adding a bit of laughter to your album 😋. When you’re done with the mushy ones, its a must to add a few fun poses that bring out the humor of your relationship – bowled over and caught!

Pre Wedding Poses
Strength of Love

Picture Courtesy: Hars Photography

Fitness freak couple? Test it out 😉😉 This looks like the ideal pose for you two!

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The ‘Yes’ Moment!

Pre Wedding Poses
She Said Yes!

Picture Courtesy: Tirath Shergill

Want to create the ultimate proposal for your partner? Imagine that perfect setting of lights, candles and flowers in a warm and cozy spot 😍 And remember to get your candid photographer to hide somewhere in the backdrop to capture the exact moment when she says ‘Yes’!

Pre Wedding Poses
The Perfect Proposal

Picture Courtesy: Jesse Legg

Have your photographer recce the spot in advance and let him know exactly when and where you are planning to pop the question so he’s go the best possible angle covered!!

Water and Love!

Pre Wedding poses
Falling in Love

Picture Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Sometimes, all you need is to identify the perfect spot in the lap of nature to create a stunning backdrop. Think of a beautiful waterfall gushing in the background and you and your loved one romancing in front.

Pre Wedding poses
Knee Deep in love

Picture Courtesy: Naman Verma 

Or plan a quick getaway and head on over to the beach to get some romantic shots! The sea breeze, brown sand and lapping waves create a perfect setting for those refreshing shots.

Mountains and Snow!

Pre Wedding Poses
Red Hot Love

Picture Courtesy: Weddings by Knotty Days

Once you’ve reached up the high lofty mountains, all you need is to dress up like Hollywood stars and bring on some smoldering chemistry in the rolling fields of snow!

Pre Wedding Poses
Let it snow!

Picture Courtesy: My Visual Artistry

How about sharing the warmth with li’l snowy critters on snow capped mountains, under the falling white flakes… Only love, love and love all around!

Pre Wedding Poses

Picture Courtesy: Vintage Films Photography

Love the feel but don’t have time to head up there? Get some fun and candid ‘in the snow’ moments captured by creating faux snow in the comfort of your warm and cosy room!

Mohabbatein and Fall!

Pre Wedding poses
Come Closer

Picture Courtesy: Ami Photo Video

What comes to your mind when we say autumn? Of course those warm brown hues, a li’l chill in the air and perfect time to get cozy with your sweetiepie.

Pre Wedding Poses
Love is in the Air

Picture Courtesy: Knotty Days

Stealing some precious kisses among falling autumn leaves gives us the perfect ‘Mohabbatein’ vibes! 😍

Furry kinda Feeling!

Pre Wedding Poses
Best Mates

Photo Courtesy : Geeshan Bandara

How can you leave your adorably furry friends behind! They’ll help you announce your love to the world in those cute ‘save the date’ poses.

Pre Wedding Poses
I Do Three

Picture Courtesy: The Storyteller

And when your partnership involves a three-way deal with you furry friend, you just have to include them in your love agreement!

The Whole Gang!

Pre Wedding Poses
Friends are Forever

Picture Courtesy: Infinite Memories

Friends are family, after all! So plan ahead and get you entire clan in matching outfits and have a blast posing away together.

From India,with love!

Pre Wedding Poses
Gateway of Love

Picture Courtesy: Picsurely

You can’t go wrong with iconic monuments to lend a classy evergreen finish to your romantic pictures!

Pre Wedding Poses
An Ode to Love

Picture Courtesy: Piyush Bedi Photography

Choose from the many forts and ancient palaces to the Gateway or other iconic Indian monuments.. And of course, nothing beats professing your love at the iconic Taj Mahal ❤

Pre Wedding Poses
Under the Open Skies

Picture Courtesy: Studio Beunique

Or head northwards to Kashmir, Leh – Ladakh and pick a beautiful backdrop or a heavenly shikara ride on the serene Dal Lake!

Pack your Bags!

Pre Wedding Poses
Je t’aime

Picture Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan

Ready to splurge a little? Head over straight to the city of looouuuuve and let the Eiffel Tower stand testimony to your love!

Pre Wedding Poses
Under the Tree of Love

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

Want something more personal than the cliched London, Paris, New York? Discover this grand castle at the less explored Tbilisi, Georgia. Who knew posing under a tree could be so wowwwwww!

Pre Wedding Poses

Picture Courtesy: Plush Affairs

Or head East to the beautiful tropical Bali. Isn’t this shot at the Gates of Heaven, sealed with a kiss – nothing short of magic!

Love what you saw? Start planning now and select your perfect mix of pre wedding poses, location and idea for a memorable dose of romance and fun.

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