Ultimate Prewedding Poses & Ideas that you need to SEE right NOW!

Prewedding Poses

Looking for some inspiration for your pre-wedding shoot? Here’s our collection of the best handpicked prewedding poses and ideas that you’ll love!

Its not easy facing the camera with bae unless you know what kind of final pictures you’re looking for! Our collection of the best prewedding poses we’ve seen recently is here to help you out…

Prewedding Poses #1 – Dreamy Drama!

Who doesn’t dream of a romantic prewedding shoot with ‘out of this world’ pictures?

prewedding poses
Into the Blues

Picture Courtesy : Divine Mantra

It calls for choosing the right outdoor location with your photographer and matching it with the right outfits and expressions!

prewedding poses
Love In The Red Dream

Picture Courtesy – EM Photography

From beaches to mountains to deserts to canyons, there’s so much to choose from.

prewedding poses
Only Love
Picture Courtesy – Sunny Dhiman Photography

#2 Up, close & personal

When you look back at your pictures years later, nothing warms you up more than your chemistry in them…

prewedding poses
Hug Me Tight
Picture Courtesy – Hitched & Clicked

While the backdrop, outfits and props can add special effects to your picture story..

Prewedding Poses
Our Adventures
Picture Courtesy – Weddings by KK

Sometimes, all you need is, to be your real selves and share some candid moments together!

Prewedding Poses
Cozy and Happy
Picture Courtesy – Reflections Studio

#3 Let’s get some Adventure in!

If you’re an out n out adventure loving couple, your pics call for an adrenaline rush too!

Prewedding Poses
Love Ride
Picture Courtesy – Amrit Photography

From posing on your passion to channeling your raw chemistry, its time to think different and make it click!

Prewedding Poses
Let’s Cozy Up
Picture Courtesy – Divine Method Photo

#4 Falling in love

If you like lighthearted happy pictures, this one’s for you – why not show a pictoral version of actually ‘falling in love’!

Prewedding Poses
Take Me In Your Arms
Picture Courtesy – Studio Kelly Photography

Trust me, you’ll end up enjoying while posing for this shot so much that it’ll become your all time favourite!

Prewedding Poses
Love Is In The Air
Picture Courtesy – Dipak Studios

#5 Being Candid

Then again, if you love being yourselves, rather than following any dramatic theme, why not get shot at it? Just snuggling in to catch a romcom on Netflix is enough!

Prewedding poses
Netflix & Chill
Picture Courtesy – Ankita Imagery

Or channeling some cuteness while you pump each other’s fitness routine. No matter what you love doing together, as long as you’ve got each other’s backs -that’s what counts! :p

Prewedding poses
Always On Top
Picture Courtesy – Kirandeep Photography

#6 Soaked in Love!

When you’re in love, you end up doing the silliest, craziest and most fun things together. Don’t you?

Indian Wedding Blog
Bubbles & Cuddles
Picture Courtesy – Photo Kitch

From blowing bubbles to soaking in some… if you love being soaked in sillyness together – go get it framed!

Indian Wedding Blog
Crazy In Love
Picture Courtesy – Gautam Khullar Photography

#7 Cooking Themed

Now, this one’s for all you foodie couples who not just love eating ’em, but also love rustling up some dishes together!

Indian Wedding Blog
Brewing Love
Picture Courtesy – Anamika Anand Photography

And when you two are in the kitchen together, some yummy poses are bound to pop up ❤

Indian Wedding Blog
Chocolaty Love
Picture Courtesy – Knotty Affair

#8 Waves of Love

If you’re heading outdoors for a pre wedding shoot, a waterbody is a great idea.

Indian Wedding Blog
Love Sails
Picture Courtesy – Shutterdown Photography

A lake, river, seaside or even a local pond can serve as the most beautiful backdrop!

Indian Wedding Blog
Perfect Moment
Picture Courtesy – Maharshi Patel

From romantic pictures to fun cheerful shots to intensely cosy ones, when there’s water around – there’s tons of options to choose from!

Indian Wedding Blog
We Promise!
Picture Courtesy – Studio Kelly Photography

#9 Wistful Waterfalls

When it comes to prewedding poses and backdrops, our absolute favorite is waterfalls!

Indian Wedding Blog
Falling In Love
Picture Courtesy – Dream Box Creations

The natural beauty, raw force of water and sheer chemistry that you can channel in a waterfall shot is soooooo beautiful-that it calls for an irresistible photo op!

Prewedding Poses

Picture Courtesy – Banga Studios

#10 Underwater Love

While underwater prewedding shoots have been around since sometime now, it only keeps getting crazier, wilder and more adventurous!

Prewedding Poses
Head Over Heels in Love
Picture Courtesy – Joan Carol Photography

The thrill of stealing a kiss and a shot at such crazy corners is what gives these pictures their edge, don’t you think so?

Prewedding Poses
Sinking Deep In Love
Picture Courtesy – Wedding Nama

#11 Love is Life is fun!

Prewedding Poses
All Crazy and Cranky
Picture Courtesy – The Wedding Story

You can’t get through life without a bit of fun and laughter, so why should your pre-wedding shoot be boring?

Prewedding Poses
Rolling Away
Picture Courtesy – Knotty Affair

No matter what your theme or location, its important to have fun on the shoot. And make sure your photographer is ready to capture while you’re at it!

#12 Drone shots

Love is intense, no matter which way you look at it… But then, a li’l bit of perspective always helps!

indian wedding Blog
Love On The Beach
Picture Courtesy – Wedding Nama

There’s no denying the drama and special effects of a well planned drone shot, so if you’re game – go for it!

Indian wedding Blog
Let’s Sail Together
Picture Courtesy – Shutterdown Photography

It need not always be an exotic outdoor location to create a stunning picture. All you need is a bit of creative thinking!

indian wedding Blog
Let’s Sail Together
Picture Courtesy – Weddings By Shooting Stars

#13 Go Hilly & Chilly

Spending on a destination pre-wedding shoot? We’d suggest aiming for nothing less than the snowy mountains.

Indian Wedding Blog
Snowy And Cozy

Picture Courtesy – Dream Weavers Photography

And if you’ve got that extra chutzpah, why not try something more adventurous like Leh Ladakh or even go chasing the coveted Northern lights!

Indian Wedding Blog
Love In An Unknown Land

Picture Courtesy – The Explorester

All in all, let go of your qualms, have fun and enjoy your time together. Your pictures are bound to come out nicer than ever!

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