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Wedding Planner New Delhi

You’re dreaming of your fairytale wedding coming true since ages… Here we’re talking to Delhi wedding planner Designer Events Inc. who reveal how dreams can become reality!

From the stunning mandap and the breathtaking entryway to the colorful photo-booths and the regal dinner tables – everything needs to be perfect, isn’t it! How does it really happen? Delhi wedding planner Designer Events Inc is here to show and tell…

How and when did wedding planning happen for you?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Tying Knots

After attending a chaotic wedding in 2014, we realized that a wedding must be the most stress-free and memorable event for not only the bride and groom but also their families. Designer Events Inc. has been planning weddings ever since then! We’re a boutique wedding planning firm and live by the philosophy that people might forget you – but will never forget how you made them feel!

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Blooming in White

Our team was built by our founders – Kaveri Vij and Akshay Chopra (both from hospitality background) and we understand that magic lies in small details. Apart from them, our associate wedding planners and wedding designers work to create stories that reflect each couples’ personality and style at their wedding.

How has the Indian wedding industry changed over the last 5 years? And what changes are here to stay?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Wine & Dine

The wedding market has gone through a 360 degree transformation in the last 5 years!

  • Personalization is key today. Five years ago, every wedding had a similar mood and look; now every wedding is unique in its own way!
  • The decision making has moved from the parents of the bride and groom to the bride and groom themselves.
Wedding Planner New Delhi
The Wedding Day
  • The average spend on a wedding has seen a tasteful transition – from spending mindlessly to spending on essentials which add more value.
  • The competition in the market has also evolved and emerged stronger and specialized in different fields.

Where do you get your design inspirations from?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Floral Beauty

Inspirations come from everywhere. An open mind is a canvas for emerging inspirations.  An inquisitive soul is a land of imagination! From prints to fabrics, household items to props, coffee shops to fashion, movies to Pinterest, its all about adapting different elements into the wedding decor in new and different ways.

Which decor elements or wedding themes are expected to be in trend this wedding season?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Make your way

Wedding trends change from season to season. Greens are very much in vogue these days, we have seen it from Virat and Anushka’s Reception stage to Priyanka and Nick’s Photo Ops. Foliage can be used as backdrops, photo booths, in centerpieces or in lounge hangings.

Wedding Planner New Delhi
A Feast to Eyes

Apart from greens, using Indian elements like wicker baskets or handwoven durries in the decor is also trending. Also, promoting our country’s local artisans and their creative products would be a trend this season, and a way for wedding designers to give back to society.

Wedding Planner New Delhi
For a Happily Ever After

A lot of couples are moving towards tropical weddings this season. It means using a lot of tropical greens and multi-colored flowers and tropical props like coconuts, flamingos and fruits.

As Delhi wedding planners, what are the most important aspect you focus on during a wedding?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
A Pastel Affair

From a wedding planning perspective, we feel it is extremely crucial to understand what the bride and groom actually want on their day. We start giving them ideas after understanding their vision and planning while keeping a check on the budget.

Wedding Planner New Delhi

The other most important part is to make the bride and groom comfortable with our team, we want to be their best friends and not just planners. A personalized professional approach is what we focus on. Paying attention to the smallest detail like what is the Pandit Ji wearing at the Mandap can also be important!

What are the hottest wedding destinations this season?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Vintage Vibe

Hottest wedding destinations right now are Turkey, Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Cambodia, Seychelles,  Sri Lanka, Andaman, Kochi, Alibaug, Khajuraho and Jaisalmer.

What should a person keep in mind while choosing their wedding venue?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Hues of Pastel

We would like to answer this question in two words – The Restrictions a venue gets along with it. A five-star hotel gives us a luxury venue but can have restrictions on alcohol timing, music playing timing, confetti blasts, rose petal shower or cold pyros. The next factor can be the taste of food and the flexibility a venue gets along with it.

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Heavenly Bliss

Additionally,  it’s extremely important to decide venue depending on whether its a destination wedding or just a single wedding event. A destination wedding venue property must have different options for the various events.

Can’t decide your Wedding Destiation? Here’s our list of Most Heavenly Spots in India!

Top Wedding Destinations in India to get hitched-Decoded!

What extra do you need to take care of when planning a destination wedding?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Everything Pristine

Destination weddings come with additional factors like logistics. Not all cities in India have airports. If you’re planning to take vendors along with you, then you also have to take care of their accommodation, food and logistics (which might work out more expensive!)

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Genda Phool

The hidden costs in a destination wedding should not be overlooked – licenses, any special permissions, last minute requirements and local transport. If you are doing an international destination – be sure of Indian food being served at the property. Lastly, your planner should always have some local support to reduce the logistic costs.

How should one plan their wedding – Budget, location or theme first?

Wedding Planner New Delhi

The budget must always be the first thing that the family and the couple sit down and discuss. The budget will help in making key decisions like location, look and feel of the wedding and how many events to have. It is imperative to allocate a budget to every aspect of the wedding to keep a constant check.

What are the things the brides and grooms should keep in mind when selecting a wedding planner?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Mr & Mrs

The only advise we like to give brides and grooms while hiring a wedding planner is that first connection you feel strongly with. However cliche this might sound, comfort level tops the list while hiring your planners.

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Glitz & Glittery

They are going to be like your family for 6 – 12 months, you don’t want to hire someone you can’t get along with! Another thing to keep in mind is flexibility – you cannot have planners not adapting the change of thoughts to achieve the final vision of the bride and groom.

People often get confused by wedding planners v/s decor artists. How would you explain that?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Swing On

The reason why guests get confused between wedding planners and decor artists is that they feel that the end of the day it’s a wedding and both of them are a part of the overall wedding. However, wedding planners plan and execute the overall aspects of a wedding but a decor designer will only design and execute the decor part of the wedding events.

Wedding Planner New Delhi

However, a wedding planner has a lot of scope of work ranging from booking venues, to RSVP, managing guests, planning every event etc and a lot more.

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Your ‘Top Three Tips’ for a couple getting married in a few months?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
All Lit up

Our top three tips for couples getting married in the next few months would be:

  1. Hire a planner (if you already haven’t hired one!) so that you can be stress free
  2. Make sure all your vendors are booked and they know your likes and dislikes and start shopping ASAP.
  3. Always know what you don’t want at your wedding. For example, certain makeup looks, certain entertainment artist or a particular decor style.

Have you ever faced any last minute crisis as wedding planners? How did you overcome it?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Array of Flowers

Weddings always come with last-minute additions, changes and crises. But that’s what makes the whole process fun and full of new adventures. We like to call it Wedding Planner Zero Hour.

Wedding Planner New Delhi
Quite Colorful

In a wedding that we had planned in December 2018, the bride’s designer lehenga for her mehendi was delivered to her un-ironed and full of wrinkles. Since the lehenga was delivered at midnight, the option of getting it ironed professionally was not a possibility!

Wedding Planner New Delhi

After trying different ways to iron the lehenga, we came back to the traditional ways to ironing it with a steam iron and the cloth technique. It did take us 3 hours to iron the entire lehenga but the bride’s smile in the morning made all the hard work worth it!

Your funniest or most memorable incident from a wedding?

Wedding Planner New Delhi
For the Cuppa lovers

In one of the weddings in 2018, the groom went up to change after the pheras, but only once he reached his room he figured that he has forgotten to get his tie, pocket square, belt and shoes that he was to wear with his reception attire. r 30 minutes our entire team went hunting for things that would match with his suit.

Wedding Planner New Delhi

While the guests were eagerly waiting to welcome the bride and groom, here we were running pillar to post to find his necessities! It was one of the funniest and jaw wrecking experiences we have encountered till date.

Wasn’t it great fun chatting to team Designer Events Inc! We’re sure their ideas and tips will helpyou plan your wedding better too 🙂

All Pictures Courtesy: Designer Events Inc 

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