Personalized Gifts for Brides & Grooms – The 10 Super Stylish Items You Must Have!

personalized gift ideas

There are things every wedding has. And then there are some super special Personalized Gifts for Brides & Grooms – things your ‘Wedding Must have’!

And if you’re a bridesmaid – we’ve got some nifty gifting ideas right here 🙂

So, here’s our own list of top 10 super personalized gifts for brides and grooms & all your special guests!

#10 The Dazzling Dulhania!

personalized gift ideas
That Cute Dulhania Sash!

Sash Courtesy: L’art 

Whether it’s your mehndi or haldi – a sash that says ‘Bride’ is just the perfect accessory to feel like a princess. This pretty pink & gold ‘Dulhania’ sash & the supercute accesories are just purrrfect!

personalized gift ideas
Bride to Be!

Acessories Courtesy:  Design Tuk Tuk

# 9 Personalized Accessory Art!

indian wedding blog
Supercool Mom of the Bride nails!

Picture Courtesy: Imprint Studio

Imagine your pretty guests flashing away personalized nail art that gives off the coolest vibes – from a portrait of the bride to anything else on your mind – we louuve!

personalized gift ideas
Your Super Heroes!

Cuffs Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

There’s nothing like being surrounded by your own bunch of Superhero grooms squad – so help them flash it!

#8 Crazzzzy Hangover Kits!

personalized gift ideas
Your ‘Get Sober’ Buddy!

Kits Courtesy:  Design Tuk Tuk

So your guests are there to party away like crazy… but they’ve gotto get up and get ready for the festivities next day! Help them get sober quickly, in style…

personalized gift ideas
Match Made!

Match Boxes Courtesy:  Design Tuk Tuk

Another in-room personalized cutie is this personalized match box that your guests will love taking home to get their sparks going!

#7 Besties Alert – Picture Perfect!

personalized gift ideas
Guzzle up Girls!

Bottles Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Splurge on your BFF’s for being so helpful & cheerful and keeping you sane through the madness of it all – gift them this special drinks hamper to help her help you survive each crazy day at the wedding! ❤️🍾

Personalized Gifts for Brides
Personalized Magic Mirror!

Magic Mirror!

Picture Courtesy: Artsy Design Company

What’s an accessory that’s great to look at, and helps to look better? Your own personalized hand mirror! Get it to say ‘Pretty Bride’ and feel like a queen. Or get it made to say ‘Beautiful Bestie’ and gift your BFFs before the wedding!

#6 Bridechilla Dressing Gown!

Personalized Gifts for Brides
Beautiful Bride!

Picture Courtesy: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

You’ll spend hours getting ready on your D Day. And what better than a sexy silky dressing gown custom-made for you – the bride!

There’s nothing quite as comfortable nor as stylish as strutting around in your own personalized dressing gown and feeling lighter than air 🙂

#5 Personalized Gifts for Brides & Groom – Cute Little Notepads!

Personalized Gifts for Brides
Bride & Groom Notepads!

Picture Courtesy: Design Tuk Tuk

Sure, we live in the world of emails and WhatsApp, but those great ideas and the many wedding ‘to do’ lists that you’ll be making and crossing off – are easier handwritten on your personalized Bride & Groom notepads.

Get yours made with cute little nothings at the bottom, or with your name and a tagline to describe your personality. Simple. Cute. Super useful! 

#4 Bride & Groom Mobile Covers!

personalized gift ideas
Talking Style!

Covers Courtesy: Gift Globe

They’re in louuuve & they’re going to be constantly yapping on their phones – so why not gift them these cute Bride & Groom mobile covers!

#3 Personalized Gifts for Brides & Grooms – Super Cute Couple Badges!

Personalized Gifts for Brides
The Cute Couple Badges!

Picture Courtesy: Going Bananas Photography  Badges Courtesy: Design Tuk Tuk

So its your wedding & you two must stand out from the crowd? Think cute little “Bride” & “Groom” badges that announce your special status to the whole wide world!

Funky, colorful & funny – this is one badge you’ll love to flaunt :p

#2 Cocktail Crackers!

personalized gift ideas
Say Cheers!

Glasses Courtesy: L’art 

Come cocktail night and your favourite couple’s got to toast to each other in style! And what’s cuter than these dressed up glasses going clink-clink!

personalized gift ideas
Happy Hours!

Coasters Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Or add a personal touch with funny quotes on your party drink coasters for light table chatter 😉

#1 Yummy Couple!

personalized gift ideas
Yummy Couple!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Show off your inner Superheros in this supercute Cocktail Wedding Cake! 

Personalized Gifts for Brides Grooms
Yummy Honeymoon!

Picture Courtesy: Signature Cakes by Shweta

Or think beyond the wedding, when all the madness is over and you’re all set for your honeymoon? Make it special and take off in style by cutting this cute customized ‘Couple on Honeymoon’ cake!

Only issue is – its too cute to cut it and eat it too 😉

You’ve got yourself something personalized & cute for your wedding too? Drop us a comment below & let us know!!!

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