Must Have Couple Poses You Just Can’t Miss!

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Getting married? Scroll down to check out some Must Have Couple Poses for Indian Weddings – Top 10 Ideas you just can’t miss!

Must Have Couple Poses #10 – The Classic Portrait!

Must Have Couple Poses
Royally in Love!

Picture Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Indian Wedding Blog
Yuvi & Hazel Keech cut a Grand Portrait!

Picture Courtesy: JJ Valaya Official

Do what you want, but don’t miss creating your once in a lifetime Grand Couple Portrait – The Classic Shot that goes on your wall forever!

Must Have Couple Poses #9 – The Game of Love!

Must Have Couple Poses
Can’t Quit Playing Games!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

Must Have Couple Poses
Guess Who’s Winning!

Picture Courtesy: Photobooth9

Sundar Susheel bahu? Go take a hike! 😛

It’s your day, & you must be enjoying every bit of it! Think of something you two totally love – a hobby, a pet, a movie poster or a just a goofy moment like this Tug of War – and add it to your wedding album!

Must Have Couple Poses #8 – ‘Tenu Leke Main Jawanga’ Shot!

Must Have Couple Poses
The Highs of Love!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

Must Have Couple Poses
Let’s Get Going!!!

Picture Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography

This shot captures the pure ecstatic joy of bringing her home, in true blue Hindi movie style! 👌

Must Have Couple Poses #7 – The Jump up in Joy Shot!

Must Have Couple Poses
Touching the Heavens!

Picture Courtesy: ABCi Studios

Must Have Couple Poses
Getting out Our Crazy!!!

Picture Courtesy: ShutterDown

This Jumping in Joy shot simply injects a super fun element to your wedding album. 1,2,3…. Go!

Must Have Couple Poses #6 – The Stolen Moments Shot!

Indian Wedding Blog

Picture Courtesy: Lin & Jirsa

Must Have Couple Poses
Can’t Wait to be Yours!

Picture Courtesy: Shades

In the madness of the wedding hoopla around you, its tough to find your own personal moments. But it’s time to stop and smell the roses!  😘

Must Have Couple Poses #5 – The Sindoor Moment!

Couple Pic Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Couple Pic Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked

In this one moment you transform from “Miss” to “Mrs”! Every good photographer is on the lookout for this precious blink-it-and-you-miss-it shot, so all you need to do is be calm, happy and show some love. Enough to preserve this precious moment forever!

Must Have Couple Poses #4 – Just Married!

Indian Wedding Blog
Jusssssst Married!

Picture Courtesy: Shades

Indian Wedding Blog
Classic Moment!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Right after your pheras when you are just married and step out of the mandap as “Husband & Wife” – is a nice sweet moment to be captured for life. Your beautiful mandap provides the perfect backdrop to this stunning shot!

Must Have Couple Poses #3 – The Couple Swag!

Indian Wedding Blog
Check out Their Swag!

Picture Courtesy: Happyframes

Indian Wedding Blog
& that’s how its done!

Picture Courtesy: DelhiVelvet

There’s nothing more in trend right now than a wedding couple oozing SWAG. So, put on your kaala chasmas and go click, click, click!

Must Have Couple Poses #2 – The Twirl!

Must Have Couple Poses
Happily Yours!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Story

 Must Have Couple Poses
Royally in Love!

Picture Courtesy: WeddingNama

It’s the perfect time to be love-struck and feel like all you wanna do is just twirl around with your love… So just do it! And get a few good shots clicked while you’re at it 🙂

Must Have Couple Poses #1 – The First Kiss!

Must Have Couple Poses
The First Kiss!

Picture Courtesy: Knotty Affair

Must Have Couple Poses
Pretty Pink Love!

Picture Courtesy: Shades

Hasn’t that romantic First Kiss from your fav rom-com always played on your mind?!! Now is the time to get it shot – up, close & personal!

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Featured Image Courtesy: Rimi sen photography

Featured Image Courtesy: Amita.S Photography

We at ZoWed have done the job of selecting the best poses you need in your wedding album – now all you need to do is smile, have fun and save these precious memories forever!

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