Top Mandap Designs & Ideas For a Picture Perfect Wedding!

Mandap Designs on Your Mind? Check out our Top 5 Out of The World Mandap Ideas!

Getting married? You can’t miss these Top 5 Out of the World Mandap Designs & Ideas! 

Who doesn’t want a fairytale romantic wedding? But where’s the time to sit through hundreds of brainstorming sessions with your wedding decor artist… Here’s our Shortcut –  Our Top 5 Mandap Designs & Ideas to get it Picture Perfect Pretty!

 5. Pretty Pastel Mandap Designs!

pastel mandap designs

Pretty in Pastel!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain & Company

If pastels are your wedding theme, your mandap must be in sync too! Use soft soothing colours like baby pink, yellow, light orange or champagne. You can opt for neutral materials like jute or other basic fabrics and doll it up with fresh flowers & drapes.

Mandap Designs

Muted Beauty!

Decor Courtesy: MPIRE

Also keep in mind that light effect around your mandap is soft and subtle for a stunning effect at night.

4. Vintage Style Mandap Designs!

If your wedding theme is rustic, vintage charm – these mandap designs are perfect for you!

Mandap Designs

All of Nature’s Glory!

Decor Courtesy: Design House Decor

Vintage Mandap Designs

Vintage Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Pick contemporary colours and shades like green, peach, nude, white. All you need is a minimalist mandap design and a subtle colour palette to get your sophisticated mandap look right.

 3. The Royal Mandap

If you have a Royal wedding theme, this regal mandap design fits perfectly in! Skip the mainstream floral decor idea and go for a sixteenth century pillar style setup for your Mandap.

Floral Mandap Design!

Royally Greek!

Cover Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Design Company

Royal Mandap Designs

Royal Glory!

Picture Courtesy: Signature by Aashima

Think a splash of colours, silk drapes, classic flower strings and pillars to add to the royal look. Got a nice old world chandelier? Hang it right there!

2. A Flowery Fairytale Mandap – Yes Please!

floral Mandap Designs

Fairytale Floral!

Lovely Decor by: Pomegranate

Your fairytale wedding isn’t complete without that magical mandap where you take your vows. While most mandaps have flowery decor, not everything looks as ethereal and magical as this one!

Flower Mandap Designs

Floral Bliss!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

Imagine, a ceiling full of your favorite exotic flowers,  oozing fragrance and charm – we louuuuve!

 1. Blissfull Beach Mandap Design!

A Mandap standing elegantly between the infinity pool and the deep blue sea? If your venue provides you the option of a pool or a beach mandap, you couldn’t ask for more! The already-divine-look does not need much more than a nice fresh flower decor.

Beach Mandap Designs

Beachy Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Shutterdown

If it’s a day wedding – teem the pool with rich, vibrant floating flowers and if its a night wedding – some floating candles are all you need!

Mandap Designs

Picture Courtesy: The Lightsmiths

These amazing designs and ideas are enough to create get your guests going gaga and create beautiful memories for life! Kick out the confusion, go ahead and choose among these gorgeous mandap designs for your picture perfect wedding.

Got married in a stunning mandap? Or seen something prettier somewhere? Share your own ideas & pics with us now!

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