Stunning Mandap Decor Ideas for the Indoor Wedding!

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Getting married indoors & all those beautiful outdoor decor ideas leaving you lost? We bring you some of the best incredible Indoor Mandap Decor Ideas for the wedding of your dreams!Can’t find enough Indoor Mandap Decor Ideas? Here’s a best of the lot using right lights, colors and props! So get set go…

Indoor Mandap Decor Ideas – #1 Floral Fab!

Indoor Mandap Decor
Floral Lush!!!

Picture Courtesy: Elegant Affairs

Pretty pastels look heavenly on a delicate greek style iron frame… So choose your flowers and colors as per the decor theme!

Indoor Mandap Decor
Elegant Floral Grace!!!

Picture Courtesy: Elusive Dreams

While these red and white roses with crystal ball hangings create just the romantic look!😘 👌🏻

Indoor Mandap Decor
Floral Hangings!!!

Picture Courtesy:  Elusive Dreams

Floral hangings among green pillars and soft lights lend a magical touch to your forever moments!

#2 Classic Drapes & Curtains!

Indoor Mandap Decor
Pretty Pink!!!

Picture Courtesy: AV wedding stylist 

A classic trick to soften the indoor pillar look is adding beautiful curtains and drapes – bunched together with lovely fresh flowers!

Indoor Mandap Decor
Drapes Decoded!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

But if you’re going with carvings on mandap pillars – why hide them! Just soften the tone with a crown of flowers and a scallop of color coded drapes!

#3 Charismatic Chandeliers!

Indoor Mandap Decor
Chandelier Chic!!!

Picture Courtesy: Elegant Affairs

Flowers and drapes are everywhere, but nothing – read NOTHING adds to the sophistication index of an indoor mandap like glittering, shimmering chandeliers!

Indoor Mandap Decor
Illumination of Lights!!!

Picture Courtesy: Elegant Affairs

No matter what your color scheme or theme – the radiance and class added by delicate chandeliers to your decor is unmatched!

#4 Pastel & Peach!

Indoor Mandap Decor
Pretty Peach!!!

Picture Courtesy: Elegant Affairs

A dreamy Indoor Mandap theme is pretty pastel and peach! Add on color coded drapes, flowers, hangings, golden seating and crystal vases and the final effect is just soooooooooo wow!😍

Indoor Mandap Decor
Gardens of Heaven!!!

Picture Courtesy: Design House Decor

How divine is this combination of white orchid hangings, baby pink roses, white chairs and candles and a shining silver pyre!

#5 Regal Mandap!

Indoor Mandap Decor
The Traditional look!

Picture Courtesy: Vedika Events

Love classic? Think old Indian temple and palace style carved pillars and dome! Neat floral malas add just the rich heritage look and work great for your wedding pictures👌🏻

Indoor Mandap Decor
Spiritual Bliss!

Picture Courtesy: Elegant Affairs

Hate OTT? Add a touch of classic divinity to your mandap decor with simple lines, minimal decor but stunning gold Deity sculptures for an eternal timeless look!

#6 Winsome Whites!

mandap decor
Jasmine Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Rani Pink Love

White jasmine strings are the ultimate statement in wedding decor! This multi layered white curtain mandap designed by Rani Pink Love is simply out of this world! We louuuuve 😘👌🏻

Indoor Mandap Decor
Hypnotic White!!!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

If floral drapes are not your thing, go with an all white backdrop with a hint of greens and a glow of warm yellow lights… Festive yet classy!

There you go! Like, share and save your favourite indoor mandap decor idea with your fiance and your decor artist… And do let us know if which one you’re going with!

Cover Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

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