Makeup Artist Princy Reveals what Makes her Brides Glow!

Makeup Artist Princy Reveals what Makes her Brides Glow!

Not every bride looks the same! If you’re looking for the perfect Wedding Makeup Artist for your Big Day, look around and do your research before you book.

We’re talking to expert MUA Princy from Hyderabad, a hot favourite among brides and here she shares her own story along with the latest wedding makeup trends, tips, clicks & slips!

What inspired you to become a professional in the world of makeup?

wedding makeup artist

The Glow of Love!

All through my college years, I would grab opportunities to try makeup on my friends, it was something I loved doing! It sparkled my creativity. I was always excited when given a chance and there was always something new to learn from different faces.

wedding makeup artist

Glitter & Glow!

Even today, I believe in learning everyday. Learning and enjoying my work are my biggest motivators.

When it comes to makeup – Are there any favourite Colors of the Season?

wedding makeup artist


Oh Yes! The makeup colors for this winter wedding season are navy blue, copper shimmering gold with smoky black eyes. Spring brides can wear warm colours like peach, golden, brown.

wedding makeup artist

Pure & Pristine!

If you’re going to be a Summer bride – choose soft neutrals and pastel tones.  Autumn or fall brides should select colours with golden undertones like camel, beige, orange, gold.

What’s do you love more – summer weddings or winter weddings?

wedding makeup artist

Peach Glow!

I love winter weddings because the weather compliments the complexion of a bride – no heat or sweat to worry about! And the natural blush and over all glow of freshness on her face makes her look even more beautiful with or without makeup on!

What’s your most important ‘3 months to go’ beauty tip for brides to be?

I think its most important that brides-to-be start following a skincare and a fitness routine – cleansing, toning and moisturizing every single day and night are a must!

makeup artist

Glow of love!

It is also important to shortlist your hair and makeup looks for the entire wedding week.

And we know how important those late night phone calls are 😉 But please, oh please – schedule your sleep well, so you look well rested and fresh and don’t end up with dark circles 2 weeks before the wedding!

How can brides take better care of their hair before the D Day?

wedding makeup artist

Black & Beautiful!

First of all, if you have any hair problems – split ends, or dandruff or hairfall – please get it treated. Its high time you start taking care of your crown!

wedding makeup artist

Doll ’em up!

Secondly, those good old warm oil massages followed by a steamed towel/turban therapy provides the much needed nourishment deep down to your hair roots – so catch hold of your mum, sis or daadi and get it done atleast twice a week!

If you’re a workaholic with no time for anything else, take a break once a month for a deep hair conditioning or hair spa session at your parlour – that’s your only respite!

How do you handle the makeup for day brides vis-à-vis night brides?

For daytime makeup, less is more! I usually hold off heavy eyeliner and heavy contouring and opt for natural mink false lashes and focus on the skin’s natural glow.

wedding makeup artist

Soft Beauty!

A night, its perfect to bring on the glamour and drama. The bolder the better! If you’re up for it, go for heavy false lashes with sexy black lined cat eyes to add the right finish to your picture perfect highlighting and contouring.

wedding makeup artist

Mystery of a bride!

What are the latest colors you’re seeing on brides other than traditional red & gold?

wedding makeup artist

Golden Moments!

Peach, plum, beige, black and white are a lot in trend these days!

Which is your all time favourite look – cocktail or wedding day?

wedding makeup artist

D Day Divine!

Definitely the wedding look, because it’s the D day you’ve been waiting for! Your inner beauty truly reflects on your face on that day.

What are the most common mistakes people make while booking a wedding makeup artist?

makeup artist

All Set!

Skipping a trial with your wedding makeup artist is the biggest mistake you can possibly make!

Also, unless you book your makeup artist well in advance, the best professionals might get booked on your dates and you’ll end up being disappointed later!

When brides show up for their wedding makeup – what is that one thing they must carry?

wedding makeup artist

Pretty Smile!

Your precious smile and peace of mind! I try make sure my brides are relaxed and calm because I think your smile and happiness are the only things that makes you look charismatic and really glow on your Wedding Day!

All Pictures Courtesy: Adrin Seueira, Makeup by Princy

Thanks Princy for chatting with us and sharing these beauty tips and tricks for brides-to-be. We’re all for inner beauty and the glow of love, but a picture perfect makeup never hurts a bride! If you want to talk to Princy or Book her for your Big day, contact her on +91 8978786755

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