Latest Sabyasachi Collection Udaipur Collection 2017

The Latest Sabyasachi Collection – ‘Udaipur’ Collection makes you go wow!!!

Have you checked out the Latest Sabyasachi Collection yet? His 2017 Bridal collection has got us Royally smitten!!! Get ready to get floored now…

The Udaipur Collection is the Latest Sabyasachi Collection – check out this ultimate line up of wow pieces and inspirations for any bride to be!

Sabyasachi Latest Collection

Rich Red Royals!

He calls his ‘Mharo Gulabi’ line a ballad in pink! And then he brings in the blue blooded royals to match the traditional pink, tomato red & gold!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Royally Styled!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Ruby & Blue!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

The Royal Colours of Udaipur!


Literally meaning a puzzle – each colour fits in perfectly to make a vibrant mosaic of colorful hues!

Indian Wedding Blog

Colourful Paheli!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Royal Blue & Muted Gold!

Indian Wedding Blog

Rich Rajasthani Pink!

English Influence in the Latest Sabyasachi Collection!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Wow Floral on English Pastels!

The next line in the Latest Sabyasachi Collection is hugely inspired by the English & European blooms – lilies, violets, asters, tulips from Holland and aims to bring home the fresh fragrance of Anaïs Anaïs!

Indian Wedding Blog

Porcelain Queen!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Fragile Beauty!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Eternal Sunshine!

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English Garden Blooms!

Indian Wedding Blog!

English Rose!

These English inspired florals are actually called “Rani Sahiba ke Pardesi Phool”!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

True Blue Royal!

And we love how the Udiapuri mosaic tiles provide the borders to these floral lehengas!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Gorgeous Saree with Cape!

This beautiful saree with cape is nothing less exquisite than porcelian etched in fine silver!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Gold & Ivory!

This entire collection features the finest embellishments in zardosi, tilla & naaqshi!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

The Men in Gold!

Whether you’re the Bride or one of the lucky bridesmaids – you simply can’t do without a lea from Sabya’s latest Udaipur Collection!

The Signature Pieces from The Latest Sabyasachi Collection – Udaipur!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Signature Lehenga!

And we’ve saved the best for now. The stunning signature lehenga from ace couturier Sabyasachi’s Udaipur Collection.

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Ivory Maiden!

It features royal ivory base on which you see shades of rubies paler than the morning sky and veiled phiroza blue like a fog covered lake!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

The Signature – Ivory, Pale Ruby & Phiroza Blue!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

The Men Complement the Lady!

His men’s collection uses florals on the same color palette – ivory, palest ruby, and a fog veiled phiroza blue!

Vibrant Gulal!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Gulal – The Colours of Holi!

This vibrant ‘Gulal’ line imbibes all the rich vibrant hues of holi & gulal – a riot of colours!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Blue Beauty!

Indian Wedding Blog

Festive Colours!

Indian Wedding Blog

Flower holi!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

The Men in Gulal!

Sheesh Mahal!

Indian Wedding Blog

Glimmer & Shine!

The Sheesh Mahal line of Sabya’s Collection glimmers and shimmers like the Sheesh Mahal indeed!

Indian Wedding Blog

Lines & Shimmer!

Pretty and mesmerizing – this collection is perfect for the delicate bride look!

The Benaras Gharana!

Indian Wedding Blog

Beautiful Brocade!

This line is full of evergreen Benarasi weaves brought together in new fascinating ways!

Latest Sabyasachi Collection

Benarasi Brides & Grooms!

Indian Wedding Blog

The Men in Benarasi!

The Benarasi line has such subtle pieces that every groom can find a sherwani of his choice in this classic collection!

Left breathless? We are too! The sheer genius of the Latest Sabysachi Collection is in its play of colors and florals – just what you want at your wedding!

All Pictures Courtesy: sabyasachiofficial

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