Ultimate Korean Skincare Routine Decoded for Brides to Be!

korean skincare routine

Bride to Be & still not on the Super effective Korean Skincare Routine? Check out this step by step guide to get glowing for your Big Day!

Engaged and all excited for your big day? A perfect skincare routine is a must right now… Worry not, ZoWed skincare experts & Rashi Mehra of Alanna Naturally Beautiful decode the mystic Korean Skincare Routine for you!

Korean Skincare Routine

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The Korean Skincare Routine – Step by Step!

1 Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is simple, really – just clean your face twice!

Korean Skincare Routine
Stunner Skin!

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Especially those days when you have makeup on – the first step is to remove excess makeup, dirt and grime using an oil based cleanser.

And the second step is to deep cleanse your skin to get rid of dead cells.

Korean Skincare Routine
Deep Cleanse with Activated Charcoal!

We love how the Activated Charcoal Soap by Alanna Naturally Beautiful goes deep inside and gets your skin ready for all the goodies to follow!

2 Exfoliate

Use gold old natural scrubs and exfoliation to uncover fresh, soft skin underneath. Once a week or twice a month is good enough for that fresh bride look!

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Natural Scrubs!

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Think haldi-besan-yogurt or try Alanna Naturally Beautiful‘s Almond Scrub to nourish, mildly exfoliate and remove tan.

3 Tone

Toning helps your skin regain its delicate pH balance. After you’ve washed your face with various cleansers and exfoliated, it is often stripped of its natural oils and loses its usual balance.

Korean Skincare Routine
Tone it Up!

A good toner like Alanna Naturally Beautiful‘s Rose Mist has grapeseed oil, and it’s Lavender & Mint Mist has jojoba extracts to help your skin regain its softness, and instantly refreshes it back to life!

4 Use an Essence & Serum

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Louuuve Kishwer Merchant’s Fresh Bride Glow!

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This is the most mysterious step of the Korean Skincare Routine.

An essence is almost like a watery serum – so you can use a concentrated essence and a moisturizing serum to rejuvenate your skin and plump it up from inside out!

5 Face Mask

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The SWAG Mask!

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No bride-to-be can do without her share of face masks. Imagine all those funny moments walking around with multani mitti on your face!

Korean Skincare Routine
Alanna Golden Glow Mask!

We love how Alanna Naturally Beautiful‘s Golden Glow Mask and Glow Miracle Mask leave your skin bright, soft and hydrated with every use and correct skin pigmentation and patchiness.

6 Under Eye Gel

Oh the stresses of love, new family, trousseau shopping, late night calls, unachieveable 8 hours of beauty sleep… and trying to look fresh and radiant through it all! 😱

Korean Skincare Routine
Grab some Shut Eye!

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But you can’t make it to your wedding day with puffy eyes and dark circles…

Korean Skincare Routine
Overnight Miracles – Alanna Naturally Beautiful’s Night Miracle Serum & Under Eye Gel!

So go for an under eye gel with essential natural oils and aloe vera extracts that energizes the delicate skin under your eyes, corrects puffiness and fights dark circles.

7  Moisturize

If you’re aiming for super soft silky skin on your wedding day – there’s just no alternative to moisturizing! Dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, moisturizing is a must.

Korean Skincare Routine
Moisturise & Protect with Alanna Naturally Beautiful’s Refreshing Day Cream with SPF!

Choose the right moisturizer – day cream during the day and a hydrating face serum at night.

8 Sun Protect!

The Korean Skincare Routine is not just about loving and replenishing your skin, but also about protecting it from free radical damage from sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Cover up!

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Whether you hop out for a shopping marathon or a quick jog in the park – don’t forget to lather on a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Bridal Skincare in a Nutshell!

Korean Skincare Routine
That Lovely Glow!

Jewellery by Raabta by Rahul Make up by Pooja Sonik Hair and Makeup

In these Prewedding days, everyone around you will be full of advice – but trust us, this Korean Skincare Routine is your best bet for glowing skin on your wedding day.💆

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And don’t forget how clear glowing skin is all you need on those non-makeup days – think haldi, or that fresh ‘morning after look’ on the morning after! 😉 😍💕

Do check out the entire beauty & skincare range by Alanna Naturally Beautiful on their website. What skincare routine do you follow? Any products you just can’t live without – do share your favourites in comments below!

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