Hindu Wedding Dates 2019 - A snapshot of the Best Muhurats thsi Year!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2019 – A handy Snapshot of the Best Muhurats this Year!

Planning to get married soon? The first thing you need is the perfect ‘Wedding Date’ so you can look for available venue options and start planning. So we’re bringing you the Best Hindu Wedding Dates or Muhurats lined up in 2019!

It’s not easy finding the right wedding dates – you need to look at the Hindu calendar for shubh muhurats, then match with weekends, season, venue availability and more! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with the best hindu wedding dates for 2019!

Hindu Wedding Dates 2019 – Jump Start with January!

Hindu Wedding Dates

The first set of dates this year are 17th-18th Jan, just preceding the 19th-20th weekend. So if you’re planning a destination wedding, it gives you and your guests a couple of days to celebrate beyond the wedding and maybe add on a short getaway near the wedding destination.

Hindu Wedding Dates

Love takes a swing

Picture Courtesy: Memoirz

January is generally a great month for destination weddings in Rajasthan, Hyderabad or beach destinations like Goa, Kovalam or anywhere in the Kerala backwaters. The great weather let’s you explore the outdoors and sport layered outfits like tuxedos, suits, lehengas, drapes, layered Indianwear and other dressy outfits with ease.

Hindu Wedding Dates

The Bride & her Tribe!

Picture Courtesy: Radhika Pandit Photography

The next set of dates in January are 23rd-25th-26th and 29th. If you’re based in Kolkata or anywhere in West Bengal, both 23rd and 26th (though sadly a Saturday!) are holidays so they would work as great dates for both you and most of your local guests.

Wedding dates in February 2019

Hindu Wedding Dates

February is a great month for weddings this year with almost 10 shubh muhurats to flaunt! Of these, 9th-10th and 23rd-24th being weekends are the top favourites. 9th itself is special as it is Vasant Panchami, which is considered specially auspicious almost all across India.

Hindu Wedding Dates

Gold Divas!

Picture Courtesy: Rohit Nagwekar

Another date that love birds would’ve wanted to see was 14th, but the closest muhurat to that is 15th (Friday). Don’t despair, you can plan a romantic open air dinner or date night for yourselves or even for your wedding guests on Valentine’s Day night as a run up to your wedding on 15th!

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February again is a good month for most beach wedding destinations in India or abroad as it is neither too hot nor cold. A few hill stations like Darjeeling, Ooty,  Mussourie also start seeing weddings as summer is beginning to approach and the weather here isn’t too cold in February.

Let’s March on to March 2019

Hindu Wedding Dates

March is the last month before the winter wedding season this year when you can still go for a beach wedding or a desert wedding cos its not crazy hot yet. Other fabulous destinations like the hills of Himachal, Shimla- Kullu -Manali or even Kashmir are better suited for weddings this month.

Hindu Wedding Dates

Wintery Love

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While 2nd and 9th March are Saturdays, other Hindu wedding dates are spread over the weekdays and more suitable for an in-town wedding than a destination wedding.

Wedding Dates in April 2019

Hindu Wedding Dates

April is undoubtedly one of the best months to get married this year with 10 auspicious dates and relatively decent weather throughout. And the Good Friday – Easter Monday long weekend gives you 3 date options of 19-20-22nd so you can easily plan a destination wedding that won’t hurt your guests’ work schedules!

Hindu Wedding Dates


Picture Courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan

All hill stations like Shimla, Mussourie or  Kashmir are great destination wedding options for you as summer has begun almost everywhere else and these can work as a great summer break and vacation for entire the wedding party. If you’re located down south or west – think of nearby cool spots like Mahabaleswar, Ooty, Munnar in Kerala or Coorg near Bangalore for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Hindu Wedding Dates


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CATCH – The only catch here is that general elections are expected to be held across various states and locations between April & May 2019 – so before you book a venue, try to make sure it is election free on your wedding date!

Hey days in May!

Hindu Wedding Dates

If you must get married in the summer, May is full of Wedding dates to choose from. Nothing other than an indoor wedding works in this crazy hot month and you can choose from the host of Wedding banquets and good hotels and resorts in every city.

Hindu Wedding Dates

Sheer Bliss

Picture Courtesy: Gurmeet Photography

If you love outdoors, find out if you can keep some functions out in the open (by the poolside or in a transparent ac tent!) in the evening or nights. But the best option is to go for an intimate wedding in a hill station rather than sweating it out!

While 1st may is a holiday its not a muhurat, but 2nd May is and its a Friday too. So that gives you the option to eke out a longish weekend wedding. For an in-city affair, 12th and 19th are Sundays, so lap them up before all the good venues get sold out!

June 2019

Hindu Wedding Dates

June again is a crazy hot month and if you’re planning to get married now, think indoors or Hill stations. This June is full of Wedding dates and 8th-9th and 15th-16th are weekends that you can grab now before all good wedding venues get booked!

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Wedding Dates in July 2019

Hindu Wedding Dates

6th-7th of July are the last dates you can get married on before the 3 month ‘no Hindu wedding sava’ period of August – September – October, till the winter wedding season begins again in November.

Hindu Wedding Dates


Picture Courtesy: Taj Studio

Being the only wedding weekend in the monsoon season, they offer you the one chance for a romantic intimate monsoon wedding this year. Think of fun pool parties, or rain dance parties as the reason to choose these dates and go indoors for all other functions and wedding events.

No Wedding Dates in August, September, October!

Like Every other year, there are no hindu wedding dates in the months of August, September and October this year either.

Wedding Muhurats in November 2019

Hindu Wedding Dates

After the three month long gap, everyone will be excited for the winter wedding season and this November is full of weekend wedding dates. 9th-10th, 23rd-24th and 30th are all weekends, giving you great options to plan lots of events in the run up to the big day.

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Plus, the weather in November is always great almost all across India, so you and your guests can actually dress up and enjoy the outdoor ceremonies. Think of fairy lights and twinkling evening decor to add magical charm to your wedding festivities.

Hindu Wedding Dates


Picture: Karen Tran Events

Once again, if you’re a beach lover like us, you can venture for a romantic beach wedding on November cos the waters will be just perfect for your guests to enjoy. Add on a beachside sundowner to the event lineup and you’ve got yourself a memorable wedding that everyone will cherish!

Hindu Wedding Dates

Workout Done Right

Picture Courtesy: dotdusk studio

Hindu Wedding Dates in December 2019

Hindu Wedding Dates

Just like last year, December of 2019 again disappoints with just 4 hindu wedding dates and none of which fall on a weekend! But of course, nothing beats the winter weather and it is perfect for weddings, whether you’re thinking of heavy outfits, royal food or endless partying.

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And if you’re thinking of destination weddings, take a hint from our last year celebrity weddings and tie the knot in Jodhpur, Udaipur or head on to southern Europe for the most romantic wedding of your dreams!

Hindu Wedding Dates

There you go… That’s the entire year 2019 sorted for you in terms of best Hindu wedding dates, weekend and destination wedding suggestions and more! So what are you waiting for? Pin this Calendar and share it with your sweetheart and family to start the planning 🙂

Cover Picture Courtesy: Wedding Day by Atul

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