Gorgeously breathtaking Mandap Decor Ideas for Your Fairytale Wedding!

A fairytale wedding calls for a breathtaking setup. And your pheras are absoultely the heart of it all! So here’s our selection of ultimate breathtaking mandap decor ideas that you just can’t do without.

Your mandap is where you both will be starting your new journey, by taking those sacred wedding vows. Don’t leave it to chance, cos here are some seriously awe inspiring mandap decor ideas to save, love and share with your decor artist!

Holy Matrimony in a Temple style mandap!

Mandap Decor
The Divine Touch!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadisquad

Choosing a real temple style structure or getting a custom one built is the perfect way of going back to the divine. Temple style arched roofs and grand pillars create the desired grand structural effect.

Mandap Decor
The Wedding Bells!!

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto

From this simple floral mandap with tons of temple bells going clink-clank, to more ornate structures – the choice is endless.

Mandap Decor
Mystically Stunning Mandap!

Picture Courtesy: Dream Diaries

Adorned with minimal floral decor and boosted up with stunning lighting, they look truly magical for a night wedding!

Floating Mandap

Mandap Decor
Floating Wedding Vows

Picture Courtesy: twdindia

Whether your wedding venue has a huge swimming pool or a large water body, a floating mandap is one of the most romantic mandap decor ideas that you can try looking at.

Mandap Decor
Fairytale Mandap

Picture Courtesy: Afreen Wedding Services

Erected on a stage or platform in the middle of the water – it creates gorgeous photo ops with the whole reflection in the water effect!

Mandap Decor
Resplendent in Red!

Picture Courtesy: Slice of Life

If yours is a day wedding, think of floating flowers, petals and fountains and if you’re having night pheras you could look at floating diyas, candles, and light effects to add to the beauty of the mandap.

Pretty Poolside Mandap

Mandap Decor
Poolside Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Élan Events By Nipunika

If your destination doesn’t allow for a floating mandap but has a pool, don’t despair! The poolside mandap is another great option that gives you that water effect without actually building it on the water body.

Mandap Decor

Picture Courtesy: Panodrama Events

Wedding venues and hotels sometimes have a beautiful longish water fountain area set in the middle of a garden space – these too can serve as beautiful spots to erect your wedding mandap, all you need is a li’l out of the box thinking!

Mandap Decor

Picture Courtesy: twdindia

Doll them up with flower petals, fresh flower hangings and matching drapes to create a heavenly and romantic setting for your wedding pheras.

#4 Vintage Rustic

Mandap Decor
Go Vintage!

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto

If you love everything fairytale romantic and oozing a quaint vintage charm – these ‘back to nature’ mandap decor designs with twirling vines and precious flowers create just the magical setting you can dream of!

Mandap Decor
Get Rustic!!

Picture Courtesy: Artfoto Studios

A minimal structure lavishly adorned with rustic intertwining floral branches, create a dreamy surreal setting to say ‘I do’!

Stunning Drapes

Mandap Decor
Lavender Love!

Picture Courtesy: Gurleenmpuri

Drapes might be there since decades, but their romantic elegant charm never ceases to impress! Think of different drape settings – from striking central bunch drape with a floral bouquet or chandelier in the middle to soft pillared drapes creating an ‘under the open skies’ feel.

Mandap Decor
Peach Pastels!!!

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

No matter which shapes of mandap or color of drapes you choose, make it exquisite with the right choice or color coded fresh flowers to complete the dreamland effect.

Mandap Decor
Mellow in Yellow!!!

Picture Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Pretty Pastels!

Mandap Decor
Eye-Pleasing Pastel Mandap!!!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings
Since ages we’ve seen the same old reds, greens and yellows dominating the decor at Indian weddings. Now when brides are opting for pastels in everything from their choice of lehenga to make-up, its time to re-do the color scheme of your mandap in pretty pastels too!

Mandap Decor
Simple & Serene!

Picture Courtesy: PlushAffairs

Combine pastel drapes, flowers or prints with muted textures like jute or rose gold metal frames for an eye-pleasing summery vibe.

Mandap Decor
Hues of Pastel!

Picture Courtesy: JD Arts

Isn’t this combination of pastel drapes, pink flowers, pink Ganesha, pink and white seating and pale pink stage simply refreshing!

Mandap Decor
Pastel Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

Floral Overdose!

Mandap Decor
Hanging Flowers!!

Picture Courtesy: Lightworkx

Hold your breath…. Cos this a beauty!!! Call it floral overdose if you may, but it is as pleasing to the eyes as it’ll be fragrantly divine to sit under this for your pheras.

Mandap Decor
Floral Bouquet!!

Picture Courtesy: twdindia

Simply put, there’s no such thing as ‘too much flowers’! So choose your favorites and let them hang, twine, sway or float around your mandap for the most beautiful moments of your wedding.

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Glistening Chandeliers

Mandap Decor
Light Up!

Picture Courtesy: Roshan Studios

Gorgeous and grand sparkling chandeliers are timeless and classy and work as well with indoor mandaps as they do with outdoor ones.

Mandap Decor
Glittering Chandeliers

Picture Courtesy: Delhivelvet

Pair them with a bunch of tastefully placed candelabras and you’ll end up creating a royal effect without much effort!

Heavenly Beach Mandap

Mandap Decor
Bright Sunshine!

Picture Courtesy: Cam-Catches

If you’re going for a beach wedding, a beach mandap is a MUST do! The beauty of a beach mandap is in keeping it open and airy, so it lets you gaze into the faraway horizon through the sheer drapes and minimal structure.

Mandap Decor
Shining in Orange!!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

Imagine hearing the waves as your background music and witnessing a beachside sunset as you say your vows or take the pheras!

Mandap Decor
Close to Nature

Picture Courtesy: Team DWP Studios by Dwayne Watkins

And if your mandap can be set up right in the middle of the waters, there’s nothing quite as dreamy and romantic as that, is there?!

Grand Arches & Pillars

Mandap Decor
Pillars of Wedding Celebrations!

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

While every mandap is essentially supported on pillars, there are some where the grand arch or Greek pillars take center-stage!

Mandap Decor
Love in the Air!

Picture Courtesy: Designer Events Inc

Doll up your pillars and arches with vines, flowers, chandeliers or drapes and create the most breathtaking setting you can imagine.

Mandap Decor
Metal Beauty!

Picture Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

Go Regal!

Mandap Decor
A touch of Royalty!!!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Junction

As they say, when in doubt – go regal! Think of grand castle style structures built to provide the most stunning backdrop to your ‘just married’ pictures.

Mandap Decor
The Regal Look!

Picture Courtesy: deo studios

Whether you’re going with classic red and gold or rose gold and white, the sheer grandeur and majestic appeal of a regal structure as your wedding mandap has a timeless appeal.

Gorgeous White

Mandap Decor
Whimsical White!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

If yours is an essentially white wedding or you’re going with pure pastels, a gorgeous white mandap can be quite the icing on your cake!

Mandap Decor
Peaceful Vows & Mandap Décor

Picture Courtesy: preminievents

Pair it with contrast color flower arrangements or complement it with pastel flowers and green leaf decor for a more subtle effect – the choice is yours. The results, as you can see are totally worth it!

All we’ll say is, with such stunning surreal mandap decor ideas to choose from, why leave the epitome of your beautiful wedding ceremony to chance!

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