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royal wedding invitation

Bored looking at same old typical wedding invitation designs? Move on & check out some gorgeous themes and designs with Expressing Ideas!

Who wouldn’t want their wedding invitation to be a reflection of their personality?

We’re talking to Masumi Dhawan of Expressing Ideas – our favourite one stop branding & designs studio that helps you brides & grooms find your perfect match!

Wedding invitation
Rustic Charm!

Please tell our readers more about Expressing Ideas

At Expressing Ideas, we speak the language of design, through colors and concepts ranging from laser cuts, white, pastels, florals and vintage!

Floral Wedding invitation
Heavenly Designs!

With an experience of over 4 years in the design field, Masumi is a designer who isn’t afraid to experiment and lays emphasis on expressions as the core of her designs.

I believe that our wedding invitation designs should be able to convey your passion and vision and touch a million hearts!

We love your work! How did you get into the business of Wedding Invitations?

royal wedding invitation
Colors of Life!

While Logos & Branding was always our forte, we felt the market had a gap in wedding invitations too.
Personalized & customized invites is what we wanted to introduce by focusing on every idea or story into a uniquely expressed design.

So a moment in time gets etched for eternity.

Tell us about some of your latest innovations and ideas in wedding invites!

Wedding invitation
Custom Invites

We are looking at more theme based and couple story based invites this season! Each invite should reflect the couple in some way or the other. Wooden boxed invitations is also something we are looking forward to this season.

What’s was your favourite wedding invitation design from last year? 

royal wedding invite
Royal Elegance!

Laser cuts and our Kraft paper box invites did very well last year.

2018 seems all about pastels and florals to us! What are the latest trends you foresee in wedding invitations for the upcoming wedding season?

Florals have been there for a while and we don’t see them going away anytime soon! The colors might move from pastel to a much brighter tone, but not extremely vibrant as well.

Customized wedding invites
Cutest Us!

This year, we are focusing on creating location (venue) based invites along with prints and patterns. Customized illustrations and everything personalized is what we are focusing on!

Are you still seeing the craze among brides for laser cuts and boxed invites? What makes them so special?

Laser cut invitations
Pretty Pink!

Yes, definitely! Brides love the delicacy of the laser cuts and how classic they look, especially in our pastel tones. Boxed Invites are perfect form of gifting something along the invite, it always makes sense to incorporate a box with the invite when you are considering gifting your closed and loved ones something along with the invitation.

Tell us about the most interesting wedding invitation you’ve ever designed!

Beach theme invitation
Beach Buzz!

Khakhi box, jute detailing, intricate shell work, personalized tag – all of this screams BEACH wedding!
Designing and experimenting with this specific invitation was so much fun, we loved every minute detail we did for them and would definitely do this over again!

How do you help a client decide which theme to go with? 

We usually interact with the couple, love to hear their story, of course if they would like to have that included in their invite in some form.

wedding invitation design
Party People!

We make sure we understand what crowd they are catering to and what style the prefer in terms of modern, Indian, beachy, etc so we come up with consolidated set of ideas/moodboards for them to see which style they should go for!

Are you also into e-invites and e-cards for weddings?

royal wedding invitation
Royal Blue!

Yes we do both.

So if our readers wish to design their wedding cards with you, how to go about it?

Wedding Invite in Mumbai
Go Floral!

While you imagine what you want, we ideate and design it for you! Get in touch with us over call on +91 9833212192  or email ( anytime during the week and we’ll be able to design the best for them!

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