Favourite Wedding Photographer of the Month – Aviraj Saluja!

Favourite Wedding Photographer

On your Special Day – it’s not about posing for pictures… it’s about capturing what you are! This is what our Favourite Wedding Photographer Aviraj Saluja believes in…

What makes Aviraj Saluja our Favourite Wedding Photographer of the Month? Let’s find out…

1.  Why & How did you choose Wedding Photography?

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Lovely Couple. Beautiful Portrait!

After 5 years of working as a markfeting professional, I finally found something that I thought I was good at and that I really enjoyed doing. And that was my new found love – Wedding Photography!

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Team Blue!
Favourite Wedding Photographer
The First Dance!!!

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2. How did you discover your love for Candid Wedding Photography?

Candid Wedding Photography
Together Forever!

“I can’t call myself a candid wedding photographer – I’m just a wedding photographer!”

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Haldi !!!!

I started shooting weddings because this is how I believe weddings need to be shot – natural, elegant and non-intrusive.

Candid Wedding Photography
Hand in Hand!

3. You’re our Favourite Wedding Photographer! But what’s your favourite wedding destination?

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Cheers to a New Beginning!!

I have shot weddings and events in 7 countries – from Bali to Italy – but I don’t think any other place gives you the kind of variety you get in India!

Wedding Photographer In Mumbai
Love… Deep as the Oceans!

My favourite wedding destinations in India and abroad are Goa and Italy – it gives me a great excuse to plan a short holiday after the wedding!

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Together Finally! <3

4. How difficult is it to get people to pose just the way you want?

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Laugh Your Heart Out!
The key is to make your subjects comfortable! 
Wedding Photographers in Mumbai
Beautiful Bride!!!

Most brides and grooms don’t have experience being photographed, so my job is to be a friend.. make them comfortable and make sure they’re not feeling conscious or nervous… The rest takes care of itself!

Wedding Photography Poses
Safa, Kaala Chashma & Click!

5. Who’s your Favourite Couple from 2016?

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Love & Chemistry!

I’m very lucky to work with clients with whom I get along very well!

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Forever Yours!
Wedding Photographer In Mumbai
Let Eyes do the Talking!

It is very important to me that we share a good vibe. My favourite clients are those who trust me fully and allow me to do the best of what I do.

Wedding Photographer In Mumbai
Royally Ready!

6. Which is your All time Favourite Wedding?

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Mehndi, Love & Blush!

We shot the wedding Anika Dhawan Gupta, the founder of Rani Pink. She was the sweetest, happiest bride and being a fellow creative from the wedding industry, she understood the space and time we require to do a good job…

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Beautiful Bride!

It was also our first time making a wedding film so I will always be indebted to her for trusting us with that!

Wedding Photographer In Mumbai
Pastel Love!!

What’s amazing is that her wedding photos brought a lot of attention to her amazing decor work and in turn got us a lot of visibility too. It was a win-win all around!

7. What’s been your Most Memorable Moment while Shooting?

Favourite Wedding Photographer

At Aayushi and Smaran’s reception party, we surprised them with an edit of their wedding film. They were so happy with the film and the surprise that Smaran couldn’t hold back his emotions, repeatedly thanking and hugging me!

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Varmala Moment!

It was a very gratifying and fulfilling experience & gives us so much encouragement to keep doing what we do.

8. Any Funny Moments while Shooting?

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Kala Chashma Couple!!

The first time I was shooting a Tamil-Brahmin wedding and started shooting at 6 am – So I had obviously not had any breakfast yet…

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Wedding Rituals

I saw a big bowl of laddoos and quickly popped one in my mouth only to realize that they were not laddoos but turmeric rice balls which weren’t meant to be eaten!

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Always and Forever!

It tasted horrible and I spat it out right away – but it was the most embarrassed I’ve ever felt!

9. What’s your Must Have Bridal pose?

Wedding Photographer Mumbai
All Set!

There are lots of ways to do creative bridal poses…

Favourite Wedding Photographer
Bridal Poise!
Favourite Wedding Photographer
Classic Beauty!

I think it’s essential that the shot highlights her beauty in a simple, timeless manner!

10. What’s with your Love Affair with Symmetry?

Wedding Photographer In Mumbai
Sizzling Symmetry!

Friends usually refer to me as Aviraj Symmetrical Saluja!

Wedding Photographers in Mumbai
Pure Love!
Favourite Wedding Photographer
Coloured in Love!! <3

I love playing with lines and shapes. I always make sure I’ve got my lines and angles spot on when I’m composing a posed shot.

11. How do you balance work and personal life with so much of travelling?

Wedding Photographer In Mumbai
Love is in The Air!
It’s always tricky, especially for wedding industry professionals who have no social life for a good 4-5 months at a stretch every year!
Wedding Photographer In Mumbai
The Best Place in the World!
I try to keep the balance by taking a few days off to travel with my wife at every opportunity I get!

All Pictures Courtesy: Feather Tree By Aviraj

Check out more of Aviraj’s great work on his Portfolio. Who’s your favourite wedding photographer? Share your own wedding memories and photography experiences!

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