Favourite Wedding Photographer of the Month – The Cheesecake Project!

It’s not easy selecting your wedding photographer… So here’s our Favourite Wedding Photographer of the Month to help you find the best among the rest!

True Blue Love!

Behind the Scenes!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

Favourite Wedding Photographer this Month – The Cheesecake Project!

The Cheesecake Project is undoubtedly our Favourite Wedding Photographer right now. What makes them unique and stand out from the sea of photographers around?

Let’s find out in this exclusive, delightful conversation with the cheerful, bright and lovely Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta behind the lens of The Cheesecake Project.

1. What made you choose Photography?

I have been shooting since college, that’s 8-9 years! I love freezing and preserving memories, no matter how mundane they are. Even a Railway Station scene might attract me and I’ll stop to capture it. I think that’s what led me to photography!

Love just Happens!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

2. So you’re our Favourite Wedding Photographer this month! How did you discover your love for Candid Wedding Photography?

Beautiful Bride. Beautiful Moment!

Sharing Moments – Sharing Lives!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

“I never really planned to get into candid wedding photography! I was working for TV shows back then and word started spreading among my friends, colleagues, classmates… they asked me to click pictures for their sister’s or brother’s weddings and it somehow came out naturally!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

The fact that a bride and I often have deep conversations where we talk our hearts out… someone let’s me into her personal space, narrates how she fell in love, cries, gets back her composure and wants me by her side to capture her most vulnerable moments – this means a lot to me!

A Good Photograph should make you Relive that Moment – That’s Photography!” Says Stuti

3. How hard is it to get a Person to Pose just the way you Want?

Truly, Madly, Deeply!

I never want my couples to pose – except 2 instances. First, when it is a formal picture that’ll go up on a wall. So then it must be an elegant and poised picture. Something even their kids and grandchildren will see!

Classic Love!

Second, when I see a great frame – like a stream of light entering a room or sunlight filtering in through the leaves. That’s like fine art photography with clouds moving or boats sailing behind – they are worth putting an effort into!

Love is Magical!

Sun Shines on our Love!

To check out more of their fabulous work visit their profile: The Cheesecake Project & connect with them for your wedding!

4. What’s your Favourite Couple Photography Pose?

Freshly in Love!

The Forbidden Kiss!


It actually depends on your chemistry!

I only request someone to pose when I know them. I had once asked a bride if she would like to twirl because it would’ve looked amazing with her outfit. But she declined because she wasn’t comfortable.

The Classic Twirl!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

So any pose in which you feel free, comfortable and can be yourself is the best for you!

5. Which was your Favourite Wedding in 2016?

Pretty Pink Gang Of Girls!


English Roses!

 Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

It’s very difficult to name one because everyone has been so kind and lovely to me!

6. What’s your Most Memorable Moment while shooting?

The Moment is here!!

The “Vidai”

A Moment Captured Forever!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

The Vidai Moment!

Earlier this year we were shooting the Vidai of a wedding and it was 3 in the morning and freezing cold. The mother of the bride suddenly just broke down – all her face showed was the sudden realization and pain of letting go.”

The Mother Daughter Bond!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

At another vidai, Uncle and Aunty who had been so subtle and dignified all through the wedding just broke down watching their princess leave. At that moment I couldn’t click any more pictures. It felt so wrong and unfair to evade their privacy!

7. Which is your Must Have Bridal Pose?

Delicate Bridal Feet!

Pretty in Pink!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

I definitely think it needs to be a very honest picture… One shot taken in great light. I would like the bride just to be there, be herself, yet maintaining the poise.

For More Wedding Photography Poses – Check out Our Blog

Must Have Clicks for your Dream Album!


Golden Glow. Golden Bride!

8. Your husband is a celebrated filmmaker, how did you meet and what keeps you going?

The Exuberant Stuti!

He was doing music with Shantanu Moitra back then and I had to complete shooting a segment. I asked him to go out of the studio and he very humbly and politely followed. He came back an hour later and I was having mouth watering street food. He came to me and we just started talking!

After a couple of months, it felt that he is the one and everything just fell into place!

Ishq Wala Love!

 Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

9. Your Top 3 Tips for To-be Married couples!

You, Me & Love!

1) Know your dates and book your photographer beforehand – keeping your budget in mind!

2) If you like a photographer, speak to him before your wedding shoot starts so that he/she gets to know you. If possible meet your photographer.

When Eyes do the Talking!

3) Go for the Pre-wedding shoot! Whether you are the Kala chashma kind or the shy ones, you should get used to the camera and also the person holding it.

Now you know why we love Stuti? It’s not just her wedding photography skills that make your jaws drop, but that she leaves an indelible mark in your heart! Love, luck & cheers to our very First Favourite Wedding Photographer of the Month!

Who’s your favourite? Share your own wedding memories and photographer experiences!

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