Fabulous Groom Entry Ideas You Just Can't Miss for your Wedding!

Fabulous Groom Entry Ideas that will Make him go Wooohoooo!!!

Gone are the days when the bride was the only center of attention. We bring you some fabulous Groom Entry Ideas that’ll make your guests go ‘wow’!

Ditch those booooooring walk-ins and checkout our Supercool Groom Entry Ideas!

The Adventurous Groom Entry!

Groom Entry Ideas

Gung Ho!

Picture Courtesy: PhotoTantra

Now this a big bad ATV, all dolled up with pretty fresh flowers for the perfect Beach Destination Wedding Entry! We Louuuuve 😍

The Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Indian Wedding Blog

The Royal Entry!

Picture Courtesy: Tamarind Events

Say the words “Indian Wedding” to an firangi and they start imagining a groom on an elephant! What better than a royally decorated elephant to make a Grand entry at your wedding.

Go Secret Service with a “Secret” Groom Entry Idea!

Groom Entry Ideas

The Surprise Groom Entry!! 😉

Picture Courtesy: LMP Gallery

Imagine a grand old Indian truck stops by the entrance & the Groom & his Baraatis spill out – catching the bride brigade by surprise! When the truck unloads the coolest baraat to the beat of the dhols – all guests and your beautiful bride are sure to be left ‘awesTRUCK’!

The Royal Groom Entry – Vintage Car & Boat!

Indian Wedding Blog

Big Bang Baraatis!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

We louuuuve how this vintage car with a ‘Moooch’ gives a magnificently modern Royal look! And if there’s a lake or any water around your venue – bring along your excited baraatis in a beautifully decked-up boat to add the punch to your pie!

The Bond Style Entry Idea!

Groom Entry Ideas

The Man & His Machine!

Picture Courtesy: Israni Photography

Which man isn’t obsessed with his luxury cars? Well, don’t get over it – bring it right to your entrance. Nothing sassier than crashing into your wedding wearing a designer sherwani and vroooming in your favorite red hotshot luxurious car!

Segway Coool!

Indian Wedding Blog

Groom Swag !!!

Picture Courtesy: Karan Singh Grover

Take a tip or two from Karan Singh Grover as he zoooooooms into his wedding with Lady Love Bipasha Basu on this custom made Segway!

Your Good Old Prince Charming!

Groom Entry Ideas

The Prince Charming !!

Picture Courtesy: MnM Photography

The good old ghodi never goes out of style! To add to your style quotient, try matching the ghodi to your outfit- think white ghodi & white sherwani or a Black Beauty for your black suit!

Roll On In!

Indian Wedding Blog

Roll in it!

Picture Courtesy: Two Fireflies – One Camera

Now this one’s left us open mouthed!!! The Bride & his groom rolling in on the guests in a huge zorbing ball… Get, set, go!

The Groom & his Biker Gang!

Groom Entry Ideas

The Biker’s Way !!!!

Picture Courtesy: DreamWeavers

Cover Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Memories &  Israni Photography

We love how the groom, his gang and even his mama-chachas vrooom in together on their bikes, safa in place. The bikers on a mission to go get the girl!

Just take a pick from these Fab Groom Entry Ideas & make your appearance an unforgettable one! Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in comments below!

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