Must Have Engagement Pics – Top Poses that you Just Can’t Miss!

Engagement Photography Ideas

Getting hitched? Don’t Miss out on getting captured in some of these Gorgeous Must Have Engagement Pics! 

Who wouldn’t want to capture every moment, every emotion, and every expression of new love!

But since that isn’t really possible, we give you the next best option – our list of Must Have Engagement Pics!

Must Have Engagement Pics – #1 The Proposal!

engagement pics
Marry Me?

Picture Courtesy: Nishith Dayal Photography

Without doubt, the first expression of your love is the most special one! If you’re planning a romantic proposal for your sweeter half (you must, you really must!) – why not add a candid photographer to the plans and make sure he captures every li’l moment!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Setting Kar Li

Picture Courtesy: Cool Bluez Photography

If you’re going for an arranged marriage and you’re going to propose to her in front of friends and family – don’t miss out on capturing the look of pure joy on her face as you pop the question!

#2 Ring it On!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Love Takes you Places!

Picture Courtesy:  WeddingNama

There are of course a thousand ways to put the ring on her finger… But if you love adventure, romance and her – what’s better than an underwater proposal!😍

Engagement Photography Ideas
The Ring with a view!

Picture Courtesy: Recall Pictures

Whether you choose to go underwater romantic or floating entry on grand stage – make sure this moment is preserved for eternity!

#3 Classic Couple Portrait!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Royally in Love!

Picture Courtesy: Rahul Jagani Photography

Love adds color to your life… so we simply can’t stress this enough! Make sure you capture your love in atleast one good classic and eternal couple portrait that can be put up on your walls❤

Engagement Photography Ideas
Our Kinda Love!

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

Whether its a royal pose at a regal backdrop or a candid shot capturing just the two of you and your warmth – choose your style and get it clicked pronto!

#4 Status Update!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Just Engaged!

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

Oh yes! In this era of social media updates – the status update shot is a must do!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Fun way to flash your Status Update!

Picture Courtesy: Cool Bluez Photography

A simple ‘We are Hitched’ shout out to announce to the world that you’ve hit gold and you’re no more single! 😜

#5 Save-the-Date

Engagement Photography Ideas
We’re Coming Together Soon!

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

And of course, don’t forget those cute ‘Save the Date’ reminders you’ll be sending your friends and family over whatsapp groups and other social media!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Our journey!

Picture Courtesy: Pixel Army

To announce the beginning of your new journey in your own personalized style – this is one of the post engagement pics you just can’t miss!

#6 The First Kiss!

Engagement Photography Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

That first kiss = an adrenaline rush = pure magic!😘

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Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Saga

Make sure your forever moment just after you’ve exchanged rings is framed beautifully!

#7 The First Dance!

engagement pics
Two to Tango!

Picture Courtesy: nisharavji

You both agreed to spend your lives together… So there’ll be dancing and partying n crazy shenanigans all around!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Twirling into togetherness!

Picture Courtesy: Next Shutter Studio

Whether you’ve got two left feet or own the dance floor, its time to capture the your first hop, skip and twirl as a couple on frame! 💞

#8 Jump in Joy Moments!

engagement pics
Paint the Town Red!

Picture Courtesy: Happyframes photography

Now that you’re engaged, its time bring out the colors of love and paint the town!

engagement pics
On Top of the World!

Picture Courtesy: Location by Photo Paradise, Click by DelhiVelvet

Be the crazy fun couple that’s just too happy too be together, forget it all n just jump up in joy!

#9 The Gotcha ‘Surprise Kiss’ Shot!

Engagement Photography Ideas
A Perfectly Scandalous!

Picture Courtesy: A Knotty Tale

Now this one’s our all time favourite… Make sure your photographer is hiding somewhere nearby when you land a surprise kiss on your unsuspecting sweetheart! 😜

Engagement Photography Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Studio Roopkala

Your best bet is to plan with your photographer to get your ‘O Teri Moment’ captured effortlessly during the pre wedding shoot!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Just like That

Picture Courtesy: Anupam Agarwal Photography

#10 Yummy Moments!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Love on the Top!

Picture Courtesy: Picture Perfect India

That wow engagement cake and the fun cake cutting moments surely have a place in your album!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Bitten by Love!

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

But more importantly, don’t forget to click a few yummy poses with the irresistible dessert! 😋

For more Couple Photography ideas, check our blog Ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas this Wedding Season!

#11 Family Frames!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Unconditional Love

Picture Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

Honestly, your family is possibly even more excited about your engagement pics than you are! Don’t miss capturing these special memories with your nearies and dearies 😍

Engagement Photography Ideas
Its time to Pamper Me sisters!

Picture Courtesy: Beginnings for you

#12 Mast Moments!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Whos the Boss?

Picture Courtesy: The Candid Theory

Add elements of your personal life – interests, hobbies and passions in a fun way to some of your couple clicks.

Engagement Photography Ideas
We’re talking Weights!

Picture Courtesy:  The Cheesecake Project

These clicks end up being unique and so much fun when you look back at them 10-20 yrs down the line! 😝

#13 Team Bride!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Bride Squad!

Picture Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

Trust us, you’ll not be able to survive your wedding madness without your crazy yet dependable squad of bridesmaids!

Engagement Photography Ideas

Picture Courtesy: Flgroe Studios

So these special women in your life deserve a li’l show of louuuve and a few fab clicks!👯

#14 The Ultimate Romantic Shot!

Engagement Photography Ideas
Love & its highs!

Picture Courtesy: Dylan M Howell Photography

And of course, your album isn’t complete without an ultimate OTT super romantic shot! Climb mountains, cross rivers and find the perfect spot for your perfect click!😘

Engagement Photography Ideas
Love Captured !!!

Picture Courtesy: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Cover Picture Courtesy: Shreyas J Shankar Photography

Facebook Cover Picture Courtesy: The Photo Diary

With this list of Must Have Poses – you’re all set to make tons of memories that’ll last forever! Which is your favourite? Let us know in comments below!👇

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