DIY Mehendi Décor Ideas to Get your Mehendi Party Going!

Mehendi party at home or in your garden & you don’t want to shell out a bomb? Check out these supercool DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas for a perfectly fun n happening mehendi!Fun, quirky and colorful DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas for a most memorable mehendi party!

DIY  Mehendi Decor Ideas – #1 Color Pop with Cushions!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Cushions Comfort!

Picture Courtesy: Abhinav Bhagat events

Who wants boring chairs when you can replace them with bright & colorful cushions. Plop up those dewans or sofas with vibrant cozy cushions in bright attractive prints!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Think Royal!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

Use simple elegant furniture and flowers to doll up your space. Make it neat and bright.😍

#2 Bangle Art– The Circles of Life!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

For the love of bangles!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

Another colorful creative idea is Bangle décor! Your mom’s old colorful glass bangles or a few dozen bright pieces with ghungroos from a wholesale market are good to go. Hang them from strings or at the ends of your flower hangings🌼🌺

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Bangles that Blows of Blues

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

Hang family photographs at the end of bangle chains or make a fun-filled photo booth corner with drapes and bangle hangings! And who doesn’t love bangles, so you can use them as a perfect mehendi gifts and favors for your wedding guests.🎁

#3 Sasuraal Genda Phool!!!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Outdoor Setting with Genda Phool

Picture Courtesy: Abhit Jhanji Photography

Indoor or outdoor, Genda Phool is your mehendi decor ‘Must have’. If it’s outdoor, you can use a tree or light poles for hangers. Use marigold curtains to make a special seating for the bride😍

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Glory to Gorgeous Genda Flowers

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

Indoors, you can use curtain rods, windows or doors as your hanging aids.

DIY mehendi decor

Say ‘Mehendiiiiii’!

Picture Courtesy:  Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary

Make your own Mehendi photobooth with a genda mala curtain, giant cartwheels and colorful pots overflowing with colorful malas!👌🏻

#4 Dazzling Dupattas & Drapes!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Colorful hugs & kisses!

Picture Courtesy: Preach Art

Colorful Dupattas are your perfect DIY Mehendi decor idea! Flowy colorful dupattas, single or multi-colored, with or without mirror work 🙂

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Bright & Fragrant!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

Gather the drapes around your outdoor  tent’s poles for a perfect effect or hang from the ceiling and curtain rods indoors.

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Yellow & Wow!

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto

Sometimes single color drapes or curtains can lend the perfectly stylish look – all you need is a bunch of flower hangings at the right places!

#5 Diyas & Lanterns – Light up your Life!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Reflections of Life!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

If its an evening party, nothing works better than beautifully placed diyas and lanterns – quick, easy and magical!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Lit up!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

Outdoors? Hang your lanterns or tea lights from trees for the perfect photo op!

#6 Oh ‘Sooooo cute’ Origami Art!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Fly High!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Remember those paper boats you made when you were small? Now’s the time to get all the kiddies in your house to work – give them colorful origami paper and get your simple bright hangings ready!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Pretty Paper Hearts!

Picture Courtesy: Shaadi Squad

Whether it is an indoor setting or an outdoor poolside Mehendi party, origami flamboyantly fits all. 👌🏻

#7 Puppets or Katputlis!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Dolled up!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

There’s something immensely charming and rustic about puppets and katputlis and they totally light up your Mehendi decor.

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Dancing Puppets!

Picture Courtesy: Aviraj Saluja

Hang them from trees outdoors or hang them from ceilings indoors!

#8 Vibrant Umbrellas!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Flowery Umbrellas!

Picture Courtesy: F5 Weddings

Colorful umbrellas are a perfect mehendi prop and gift too! Use them as an entrance theme or hang them from a brightly dolled up tree.

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

It’s Raining Umbrellas!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

Get those colourful thread and mirror work umbrellas from Rajasthan or just bright printed ones and add variety to your Mehendi decor!

Mehendi decor ideas

Under my Umbrella!

Picture Courtesy: Shyamalee Thevar, Naman Verma, Vogue Luxury Weddings, Adivy Tiwari

And we can’t stop swooning over this lovely floral umbrella by Shyamalee Thevar!😍

#9 Vintage Decor Inspiration!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Vintage Charm!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

Do you love everything vintage and rustic? If yes, fashion up a corner with brightly painted old trunks and lots of pots and pans filled with flowers, bangles, candles, et all!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Pickle up!

Picture Courtesy: Devika Narain and Company

We louuuve how decor artist Devika Narain uses old pickle jars filled with fresh flowers as charming centerpieces! Perfect DIY mehendi decor idea👌

#10 Sounds of Bells!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Love Tunes!

Picture Courtesy: Avnish dhoundiyal photoegraphy

Create these beautiful chiming bell strings with genda malas at your entrance or around the bride’s special seating!😘

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Ringing of the Bells!!!

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto

Or doll up your open windows with flowers on the sill and bells hanging above… so every wind brings in lovely chimes with it!

#11 Bohemian Style Mehendi Décor!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

Go Boho Chic!

Picture Courtesy: Atisuto

White theme? A perfect mehendi décor idea is dangling dream catchers and white feather strings from trees. Use white furniture or cover up your woodens with white cloth and add colorful elements in shades of pastels and green!

DIY Mehendi Decor Ideas

White Chic!

Picture Courtesy: Altair

Think of cute table pieces in white – like candles in golden stands and these lovely Ferris wheels that set the table talk rolling!

#12 Swing Away!

The Princess on her Throne!

Cover Picture Courtesy: Inderjeet Gill Photography

… And don’t forget a special seating for the pretty bride – it’s your day! You can easily doll up an indoor or outdoor jhoola with fresh flowers for a Royal seat and great photo op 🙂

Diy Mehendi Decor

Swing away!

Doesn’t bride Purbsha look lovely as she swings away on this simply decorated jhoola with her bae!

Cover Picture Courtesy:Matt & Ivy Photography

A little planning and these nifty ideas are all you need to get your Mehendi decor right! Budget friendly and easy to personalize – these great inspirations are enough to set your party rocking 😍 What’s your favourite? Share with us in comments below!

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