Trust these DIY Decor Ideas To Rock your Intimate Wedding!

diy decor ideas

Intimate weddings are expected to rule for the coming wedding seasons, but you can’t let it be boring and dull! Here are some DIY Decor Ideas to make it memorable without going OTT…

Looking out for some DIY decor ideas to raise the bar at your home wedding? Check these droolworthy ideas now and look out for all the stuff you’ll need to set these up!

DIY Decor Ideas – #1 Trunks & Crates

DIY decor ideas
Pastel Love

Picture Courtesy – Decor by Sajdhaj

Trunks and crates are not just easily available around the house, but are so versatile too. These easy-to-style boxes can amp up your entrances and corners and give you a perfect photobooth for clicks.

trunk decoration
Sunshine In It

Picture Courtesy – Big Bash Entertainment

If you’re going with a pastel palette – colour your boxes in pastel hues and floral patterns. Want a colour pop theme? Paint them in some bright colours and add knick knacks like flowers, ladders and vases to set up your corner.

mehendi decor
Crave for Crates!

Picture Courtesy – Photo Kitch

Colorful crates can be used to doll up any corner nice and bright! Paint them in a single shade or go multi-colored for a brighter vibe.

DIY Decor ideas
Genda Phool!

Picture Courtesy – FNP Gardens

Stack them or make interesting designs against the wall. Throw in some pots, lamps and flowers and your photo corner is good as ready!

#2 Just Hanging Around!

Home Decoration

Picture Courtesy – Tanvi and Co.

Whether your function is on the terrace, in the backyard or uses your open verandah, hangings are a delightful way to doll up open spaces.

mehendi decoration
Origami It!

Picture Courtesy – Shaadi Squad

For a bright and colourful brunch or mehendi, you can ditch flowers for cute and easy DIY parande, tassels, gota and origami hangings. 

Home decoration
Hoops and Loops

Picture Courtesy – Kankoo Thaapa

These embroidery frames with pictures are another great idea to personalize your decor.

indian wedding blog
Hanging Vines

Picture Courtesy – VPLAN Unlimited

If you want something more pastel, earthy and chic, think glass bottles, jars, white faux flowers and jute strings.

Indian wedding blog
Multi Hued

Picture Courtesy – Amrit Sher Bakers

#3 Hit That Quirky Note

diy decor ideas
Rustic Art

Picture Courtesy – FNP Gardens

If you’re someone who’s heart smiles at desi Indian knick knacks, your mehendi or haldi function must have some shudh desi quirky elements.

diy decor ideas
Creativity At its Best

Picture Courtesy – Altair Decor

Get together a bunch of pots, pans, locally sourced kettles, cutting chai glasses with stands, kulhars and old discarded tyres to get started with your DIY decor ideas!

mehendi decoration
Earthy Decor

Picture Courtesy – Altair Decor

Hang hand painted kettles among bells and flower strings, fill up your glasses and kulhars with colorful flowers and place them artistically. For a dollop of bling, use gota to cover all handles.

home decoration
Pots and Pickles

Picture Courtesy – Purple Tree Events

If you’re short of time, you don’t even have to go hunting for decor elements everywhere – look around and use things like earthy pickle jars, glass bangles, old paper kites and more.

diy decor ideas
Kite Runner!

Picture Courtesy –Amrit Sher Bakers

How cute is a bangle chandelier or a floral rangoli with brightly painted tyres as the center piece!

indian wedding blog
Bole Chudiyan!

Picture Courtesy – Panodrama Events

The trick is to match your colors with your theme and you’re all set to rock your decor.

home decoration
Creative Charm

Picture Courtesy – FNP Gardens

DIY Decor Ideas – #4 Photobooths Galore!

diy decor ideas
Rajasthani Vibes

Picture Courtesy – Fireflies Decor

Eye-catching photo-booths are a must to make your parties a hit!

Pool Of Colours

Picture Courtesy – Abhinav Bhagat Events, Going Bananas Photography

Don’t you love how colorfully painted bottles in bright colors can give you a party perfect backdrop!

home decoration
Umbrella Galore

Picture Courtesy – Your Wedding Crafters

Going for a pastel theme? Get it right with a bunch of pastel hued Oriental umbrellas!

#5 Intimate Wedding? Go Mini!

diy decor ideas
Mini Love

Picture Courtesy – The Doli Diary

Oversized installations to welcome guests have always been a wedding decor staple. But now that you’re going with a mini wedding, think mini “welcome” sculptures too!

indian wedding blog
Golden Charm

Picture Courtesy – Altair Decor

These miniature elephants and camels in metals and flowers are giving out such cutesy vibes 🙂

mehendi decoration
Mini Green World

Picture Courtesy – Vivaah Makers

Use them as table decor pieces or as props in a corner. They exude warmth and creativity and add such a charming detail to your wedding decor.

DIY Decor Ideas – #6 Memory Corner

diy decor ideas
Down The Memory Lane

Picture Courtesy – Panodrama Events

With lesser guests around, your intimate or home wedding can be so much more personal and meaningful! Set up a “memories corner” at the venue and let the guests write their blessings for you..

diy decor ideas
Jenga Corner

Picture Courtesy – Panodrama Events

Want to make it more fun? Stack up a giant Jenga game with the cutest idea – let guests write their notes for you two and stack it back.

Beware – the one who topples it down has to perform a fun task! 😉

#7 Tepee Seating

diy decor ideas
Pastel Vibes

Picture Courtesy – Marriage Colours

If you’re looking for unique outdoor seating ideas, a tepee is perfect to add a unique and fresh vibe to your party.

mehendi decoration
Garden Tents

Picture Courtesy – Andevi Weddings

These low seating tepees are a hit everywhere from mehendi parties to sundowners.

diy decor ideas
Colour Bomb

Picture Courtesy – Shyamalee Thevar Events

Throw in some colorful cushions, flowers or ribbons and your party area looks insta-ready!

#8 String Lights

indian wedding blog
String Light Dinner

Picture Courtesy – Goddess By Nature Bridal

Your dreamy, sparkling wedding plans are just one step away with easy-to-assemble string lights! Whether you’re going for a simple round table setting in the building courtyard or an evening sangeet in the garden, string lights can add that magical touch to it. 

indian wedding blog
Lawn Party

Picture Courtesy – Aash Studio

They can easily elevate any party’s evening decor, whether it’s the entrance gallery or an idyllic low seating area.

#9 Cushions & Dupattas

diy decor ideas
Serene and Gorgeous

Picture Courtesy – Flowers by Edgar

There are so many great decor elements around us that sometimes we look past them without realizing their versatility as decor props! 

home decoration
Wrap Them Up

Picture Courtesy – Prashe Decor

Your good old fluffy cushions can create the perfect ambiance from pastel to regal in no time! And dupattas and decor have been entwined together since ages…

diy decor ideas

Picture Courtesy – Vivaah Wedding Decor Stylist

Hang them around in different styles to achieve the perfect photobooth or a beautiful backdrop.

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DIY Decor Ideas – #10 Lit Up

If you are planning an evening function, candles and lamps are your bff! Nothing compares to the romantic glow or rustic charm these props create.

diy decor ideas
Rustic Charm

Picture Courtesy – Shaadi Squad

Just get some antique lamps and hang them above wooden tables and fill up the corner with flowers, cushions and candles and voila – its a magical night!

home decoration
The Guiding Light

Picture Courtesy – Altair Decor

Lanterns placed artfully on entrance steps are another great idea. And this gorgeous acrylic trunk filled with flowers and candles is a delight for all senses!

diy decor ideas
Candle Lit Glow

Picture Courtesy – Altair Decor

#11 Green Mandap

diy decor ideas
All Things Green

Picture Courtesy – Gaatha by Priyanshu Bhargava

If you want to walk the talk when it comes to sustainable weddings, these dreamy green mandaps are setting major goals.

diy decor ideas
The Eco Friendly Vibes

Picture Courtesy – The Wedding Planning Company

Made out of twigs, bamboo, leaves, flowers, lamps, baskets and everything natural, its a green way to go about your wedding decor!

Aren’t these stunning decor ideas all you need to start planning your dream wedding… So what are you waiting for? Get, set, go!

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