Supercool Bridesmaids Photoshoot of Kirti & her Gang - That's how it's done!!!

Supercool Bridesmaids Photoshoot of Kirti & her Gang – That’s how it’s done!!!

If you or your besties are getting married soon, you can’t miss being clicked together in an epic Bridesmaids Photoshoot… Check out how Kriti & her gang got lucky!

Every bride & her gang of girls dreams of a Bridesmaids Photoshoot before she get’s married!

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Let’s Shooooooot!

So ZoWed & our 4 fabulous partners granted the wish with our Free “Hug, Pout, Click” Photoshoot!

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

A Gift from Above!

Bridesmaids Photoshoot Giveaway – Who Got Lucky?

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Pretty Winners!!!

ZoWed was giving away an Unbelievably Awesome Photoshoot for 1 Bride & her 4 lucky Bridesmaids… So Kriti and her besties particpated in this awesome contest and got lucky!

They walked away with –

  • Kickass Photography by India’s leading photographer Rajesh Digital
  • In fab designerwear for all by Delhi fashion label Asmairaa
  • With ubercool Styling by Team ZoWed
  • And ultimate Makeup by renowned MUA Shruti Sharma
  • At the surreal & fabulous Picture Destination in New Delhi

They Won the ZoWed Photoshoot Giveaway! What Next?

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Lovely Bride-to-be in Red!

Kriti and her 4 lucky friends won the ZoWed Photoshoot contest! She lives in Delhi while her friends live in Lucknow. Once the dates were finalised, they made their plans and flew down to New Delhi in January ’17 for the epic photoshoot!

All this while, ZoWed’s Delhi associates and giveaway partners started getting things ready for our lucky bunch of girls!

Catch a Glimpse of their Supercool Bridesmaids Photoshoot!

Finally the Big day is here and the lovely girls reach Picture Destination for the shoot.

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Check Us Out!

They dress up in beautiful outfits by fashion label Asmairaa as expert makeup artist Shruti Sharma and ZoWed’s stylists gets them all dolled up for the shoot.

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

All Ready to Pout!

… and then the cameras of leading photographer Rajesh Digital go click, click, click!!!

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Coool Gang!

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Status Check!

Kirti & her bridesmaids got their bridesmaids photoshoot done in two different styles –

The traditional Indian Bride look…

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

All Smiles!

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Girls going gaga!

and the Trendy Brideswag look…

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Holy Smoke! 😉

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Dangerous Divas!

The gang of girls spent the day laughing and enjoying, getting clicked and being dolled up by India’s top wedding professionals.What more could you ask for!

Don’t you louuuve their fab pics!!! Which of these poses will you get clicked with your besties? Let us know in comments below…

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