Fabulous Bride Entry Ideas for every bride-to-be - Check these OUT!

Fabulous Bride Entry Ideas for every bride-to-be – Classic, Traditional or Ubercool!

Bride Entry ideas have taken a 360 degree turn over the last couple of years. From classic phoolon ki chadar to car entries and uber cool bride baraats, hit these dhamakedaar entry ideas that are worth copying!

Ever since you’ve been a little girl you’ve dreamt of your wedding and how it’d be the grandest affair of all… So now that you’re actually planning your D day, don’t miss out on these trending bride entry ideas!

Bride Entry Ideas – #1 With your Bride Gang!

Bride entry ideas

Your Pillars of Life

Picture Courtesy – Floral Art by Srishti

You think you can do without your gang on your D day? So what better than making a stylish entry with them by your side… Giggles, laughter and emotional roller coaster, it’s an all in one package!

bridesmaid poses

Flower Shower

Picture Courtesy – Sam and Ekta

And of course, your color coded #teambride can dress to complement your outfit. Isn’t this perfectly captured scene a keeper!

bridesmaid poses

Your Entourage

Picture Courtesy – Reels and Frames

Do plan and practice your synchronized entry with your gang. Trust us, it’ll floooooor the guests and make them go click, click!

#2 Naach Basanti

Bride entry ideas

Girls Like To Swing

Picture Courtesy – Cult Clickers

If you can’t keep that ‘dance ka keeda’ tucked up inside, choose some rocking Punjabi tracks and groove to the beats as you make your entry. Let the world know you aren’t the stereotypical ‘sundar – susheel’ bahu material 😉

dancing bride

Owning It

Picture Courtesy – Happy Frames

Wedding lehenga too heavy to dance in? What are your macho men for! Let them assist as you dance down the aisle to your hand-picked tracks.

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#3 Classic Phoolon Ki Chadar

Bride entry ideas

Brothers For Life

Picture Courtesy – Event Gurus

Even with all the trending bride entry ideas around, the phoolon ki chadar wali entry still remain a top favorite for brides. Why? Cos walking down with your brothers holding that beautiful floral chaadar for you is sheer sibling goals!

indian wedding blog

Leading The Way

Picture Courtesy – Gautam Khullar Photography

And sometimes with that grand setup and that gorgeous lehenga and stunning jewellery all vying for attention, all you need is a classic entry with your special ones by your side.

#4 Bride Entry Ideas to Vrooomm in!

Bride entry ideas

Lambergini Chalaye Jaane Oo

Picture Courtesy – Design Aqua Studio

Ready to ditch the traditional? Vrooming in with full swag in a Lamborghini or another sports car with the DJ playing the right track, is everything you need to make your entry one of a kind!

Indian Wedding blog

White and Retro

Picture Courtesy – Beginnings For You

Love everything quirky n retro? How adorable is this bride making an entry in her decorated white Ambassador car! We louuuve <3

bride entry ideas

Piggy Back!

Picture Courtesy – Picture Perfect India

Getting married in a resort? Take it up a notch and get your bridal golf cart all dolled up to make this sweeeeet piggy back entry!

#5 A Superstar Entry!

Bride entry ideas

The Horseback Bride

Picture Courtesy – Akanksha Bhalla

Stars come in clusters, but superstars? They ride in solo! Why wait for the prince charming to come riding on his white horse when you can do it yourself and see the expression on their faces… Priceless idea, isn’t it! 😉

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Picture Courtesy – Red Veds

Or imagine riding down that driveway with your own bride baraat on bikes… Eyes, cameras, hearts – everything’s on you!

#6 The Jai-Veeru Style!

Bride entry ideas

Arrive In Style

Picture Courtesy – Picture Perfect India

Arriving with your groom in a modern take of the classic Jai-Veeru ride is quite an idea. If you can arrange for a dolled up ATV, that’s what they’ll call a ‘bang on’ entry!

indian wedding blog

Banno Ka Swagger

Picture Courtesy – Moondust Designs gs

Or let’s get quirky… A colourful auto-rickshaw decorated for you two to kick-start your journey with a vroooooom!

#7 Small Packages, Big Smiles!

Bride entry ideas

Lets Get Childish

Picture Courtesy – Busy Bee Studio

Can’t do without your li’l niece or nephew? Then your little munchkin is the perfect companion to make your bride entry cuter by miles!

Bride entry ideas

Twinning and Winning

Picture Courtesy – Shutterdown Photography

P.S. – If you can pull it off, twinning with the little one adds so much charm to your already stunning wedding pictures!

#8 Father–Daughter Duo!

Bride entry ideas

Coolest Best Man

Picture Courtesy – Studio RDP

Someone’s rightly said “There’s no love like a father’s love for his daughter!” So hold on to your original superhero and make the most emotional journey on your special day together 🙂

indian wedding blog

So Dreamy

Picture Courtesy – Dipak Studios

Isn’t this father-daughter entry with that supercute floral umbrella just melting your heart!

Bride Entry Ideas – #9 Palki

Bride entry ideas

Classic Palki

Picture Courtesy – Nomi Ansari

A simple palki held up by your siblings is a perfect bride entry idea. But if you want something grander, don’t despair, palkis and carriages come in all shapes and sizes…

Indian wedding blog

Royal Bride

Picture Courtesy – Dipak Studios

How dreamy is this Goddess Lakshmi style entry? The extravagant, giant lotus shaped palki decorated with flowers and candles is simply wow! 

#10 The LOVE Tunnel

bridesmaid Poses

The Tunnel Of Love

Picture Courtesy – Movieing Moments

Bring alive your childhood memories of playing ‘oranges n lemons’ with this simple yet gorgeous bride entry idea with your squad making your tunnel!

Oranges n Lemons!

Picture Courtesy – Oragraphy

Bride Entry Ideas – #11 Boat Entry

bride entry ideas

Sailing beauty

Picture Courtesy – Picture Perfect India

If your wedding is by the waters, a mesmerizing boat entry is what it calls for! 

indian wedding blog

Princess Sailing in

Picture Courtesy – Destination Photographers

This sailing entry is just sooooo magical with the misty ambiance and the flower decked boat – we love!

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