MUST SAVE Bridal Portrait Ideas for Every Bride’s Wedding Album!

Bridal Portrait

No wedding album is complete without the most stunning bridal portrait shots. Worry not, we bring you the lowdown – from classy and evergreen to chic and trendy, the whole gamut of beautiful poses you MUST TRY!

If your own or your bestie’s wedding is around the corner, you can’t do without going through our collection of ultimate bridal portrait ideas and wedding poses. Have a look and get inspired!

Bridal Portrait Ideas #1 – The Royal Princess!

Bridal Portraits
All Set

Picture Courtesy: weddingdaybyatul_

The traditional bridal portrait, evergreen, classy and oozing royal charm – its a must to get this shot done at your wedding!

Bridal Portraits
Those Eyes!

Picture Courtesy: Rolling Canvas Presentations

From capturing the bride in all her wedding finery to the thousands of emotions essayed in her poignant expressions, its a beauty worth framing.

Bridal Portraits
The Bridal Composure

Picture Courtesy: romaganeshphotography

Typically captured in a seated position with a royal chair, jhoola or mirror as the royal accessory, it is keepsake for a lifetime!

#2 The Glow!

Bridal Portraits
The Bridal Glow

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

Love has its own glow, doesn’t it! Hence a gorgeous close up portrait, during or right after you get ready as a bride is a must.

Bridal Portraits

Picture Courtesy: Rahuljaganiphotography 

That hint of a smile, the final wait for your Prince Charming and the satisfaction of looking like what you’ve always dreamed of – that is what’ll reflect on your face in this lovely picture.

#3 The Black & White Beauty

Bridal Portraits
The Retro Touch

Picture Courtesy: morviimages

No matter how colorful the world around you, the beauty of black and white bridal portraits is matchless!

Bridal Portraits
Keep Calm!

Picture Courtesy: Dream Diaries 

The elegance, charm and timeless appeal of these pictures will leave you spellbound even decades later.

Bridal Portraits
That Smile though!

Picture Courtesy: morviimages

None but the most expert wedding photographers can capture those flickers of emotions on their lenses – and when they do it so beautifully, its nothing short of pure art!

#4 The Bride in her Veil!

Bridal Portraits
The Beauty behind

Picture Courtesy: plushaffairs

The exquisiteness of a ghoonghat as a bridal accessory is unrivaled! From classic to flirty peek-a-boo to sheer beauty – a bride in a veil portrait can capture the many moods of a modern bride beautifully.

Bridal Portraits
Peek a Boo!

Picture Courtesy: studiokellyphotography

Think of the many glances only you and your soulmate will exchange through this sheer veil – and make sure to ask your wedding photographer to capture those moments in his pictures.

#5 The Jewellery Shot!

Bridal Portraits

Picture Courtesy: Oragraphy

After you’ve spent so much time, effort and money into choosing your perfect wedding jewellery, it’ll be crazy not to capture its grand beauty on a close up frame!

Bridal Portraits
The Gorgeous Nath

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography

Bold, stunning and beautiful – this bridal portrait should capture the dazzling elegance of your ‘all set’ moment.

#6 The Up Shot

Bridal Portraits
The Overhead Shot

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

The overhead shot gives your photographer a creative angle to capture your bridal elegance in a remarkable ‘hatke’ way – quite different from your regular wedding photographs.

Bridal Portraits
Radiant in Red

Picture Courtesy: Banga Studios

From close ups to full profile to one with your sweetheart, there are a thousand ways to take good up-shots, so do some research and select your favourite.

#7 The Bridal Swag!

Bridal Portraits
SHE Definitely Has It!

Picture Courtesy: anoopphotog

Which bride of today doesn’t want her real candid self to show up in her wedding album in some bold pictures – think drink in hand, reflectors on or relaxing in your casual shorts & choli just before donning that heavy lehenga!

Bridal Portraits
The Rockstar Bride

Picture Courtesy: pictureperfectindia

Its your wedding and you must rock every moment of it in your own personal style. So put your ‘I don’t care what people think’ attitude in place and get it captured in style!

#8 The Back Shot

Bridal Portraits
The Traditional Back Shot!

Picture Courtesy: Roma Ganesh Photography 

The back shot is a wonderful way to capture sexy cholis, stunning hairdos and your flawless back.

Bridal Portraits
Sexy is Back!

Picture Courtesy: amitasuraajphoto

Add your partner to the equation, and you’ve got yourself a simmering winner!

#9 Bride in a Bathtub!

Bridal Portraits
Cos I’m happy & I know it!

Picture Courtesy: infinite_memories

If you’re a regular on Instagram, you couldn’t have missed these epic ‘bride in bathtub’ shots that are such a rage and actually quite fun!

Bridal Portraits
Can’t keep Calm!

Picture Courtesy: Dream Diaries

You must be a bridechilla at heart and willing to go experimental! Then all that you need is a grand bathtub, some creative angles and a host of emotions and expressions.

Bridal Portraits
Golden Capture!

Picture Courtesy: whatknotin

Think creative and out of the tub 😜. Add your bridetribe and some fun props to make the most of this supercool shot.

#10 The Quintessential Twirling Bride!

Bridal Portraits
Twirling away!

Picture Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

No wedding album is complete without the timeless twirling bride portrait.

Bridal Portraits
That Precious Moment after the Wedding

Picture Courtesy: Preach Art 

And what could be better than adding your partner in this dream shot!

Bridal Portraits
The FUN Swirl

Picture Courtesy: The Royal Affair 

If you wan’t to add a li’l cutesy charm, simply swirl n twirl like nobody’s watching and show-off your bridal lehenga in this fabulous picture.

#11 The Haldi Moments!

Bridal Portraits
All Set to Glow

Picture Courtesy: the_story_weavers 

Your traditional haldi ceremony is really a symbolic way of adding to your bridal glow and beauty – so why not bask in all that love!

Bridal Portraits
Happy Memories

Picture Courtesy: filmmystory

But today, haldi is all about fun and masti. No matter how much you hate the mess and the thought of cleaning it all up, its best to let go and simply enjoy this ceremony like a yellow holi!

Bridal Portraits
Haldi Madness!

Picture Courtesy: MahimaBhatiaPhotography 

And if you’re game, add some jazz to your crazy haldi moments with fun, humorous pictures that’ll always make you smile!

#12 Mehendi Shot

Bridal Portraits
Sweet Mehendi Memories

Picture Courtesy: Pruneindia 

Your beautiful bridal mehendi deserves a special place in your wedding album.

Bridal Portraits
The Mehendi Status Update!

Picture Courtesy: the_story_weavers 

So dress up with those fresh flower accessories, get your friends together and add picture perfect props to create memorable mehendi portraits.

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#13 The Bridal Lehenga Shot

Bridal Portraits
Lehenga Love!

Picture Courtesy: clicksunlimitedphotography

While brides in lehengas and lehengas on hangers are the usual photo-ops, it’s time to think different and show-off your wedding lehenga in some bold creative portraits that are all about you!

Bridal Portraits
Can’t Wait!

Picture Courtesy: jatinmalikcouture

Don’t these creative bridal portraits add immense character to your wedding album? If you’re game, ask your wedding photographer to try something unusual and get ready to create a personal masterpiece!

#14 The Beautiful Bride Entry

Bridal Portraits
Grandma & Grand Daughter!

Picture Courtesy: ivyweddings

The one last walk, as a ‘Miss’ before you turn to ‘Mrs’ is worth capturing in all its glory!

Bridal Portraits
With all Her Veeres

Picture Courtesy: flgroestudios 

Your bridal entry to your varmala or mandap with your mum, friends, brothers or family is a precious moment that no photographer will miss really.

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#15 Bride and her Bridesmaids

Bridal Portraits

Picture Courtesy: plushaffairs 

The special bond with your bride tribe, who are your lifeline before and after your wedding, CAN NOT be missed on camera!

Bridal Portraits
Crazy Gang!

Picture Courtesy: pksuriworldwidestudios

They know you better than anyone else. They know the real you. And there’s no better time to capture this bond than at your wedding. So go all out – from beautiful, soulful pictures to crazy candid ones and just make sure each of them gets a copy when the final pictures come in.

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#16 The Bride & her Parents!

Bridal Portraits
Papa’s in Love!!!

Picture Courtesy: theweddingsalad

Amidst the wedding chaos, sometimes, precious intimate moments with family members are rushed, hushed and missed. So, make sure you tell your photographer what you definitely need!

Bridal Portraits
Father-Daughter Moment!!!

Picture Courtesy: namanverma

A moment with your father, who is usually busy attending to the wedding guests, or one with your mum as you both get ready is something you’ll end up cherishing for life.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

This day, her small baby is all set to start her new journey. One click, as she ensures everything is perfect for her little one. And we know, this will leave us all with a teary eye.

Bridal Portraits
Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Picture Courtesy: weddingnama

#17 A Bride & her Pet Love!

Bridal Portraits
The Cutest Cuddle!

Picture Courtesy: aaamovies

Isn’t your pet pooch the closest pal who’s stood by your side forever! At no cost, can you ignore this bond from being captured on your big day.

Bridal Portraits
Twinning Pets

Picture Courtesy: colorblindproduction

Cover Picture Courtesy: Knotty Affair

From twinning pets to twinning with your pets, there’s a thousand ways to enjoy your precious moments before you say goodbye. Make sure your wedding photographer is around to capture that one last kiss, one last cuddle and hug, before you step into your new world!

If you’ve got a Pet you love to the moon and back, here are a few poses you MUST TRY out!

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There… we’ve given you the most exhaustive list of bridal portrait ideas ever – so save this article and share it with your to-be married besties to create a wedding album worth copying!

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